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Nissan 300ZX Transmission Problems



  • edannedann Posts: 2
    can any one help me with a 1987 300zx turbo my booster gauge reads - 600 to
    -7oo mmhg at idle . should it not be at 0 and then go to + or - after acceleration .
    I suspect my turbo pooched because I don`t have that good of acceleration . my timing belt is new and my timing is to spec. this is my first turbo charge car was expecting more power at take off then I get . Only had car for a little over a mouth , so I not to fermilure with turbos
  • The auto trans has 2nd and reverse sharing the same clutch plate. Needs to be rebuilt. 2nd gear takes a beating in stop 'n' go driving and seems to wear out, affecting reverse. You might consider buying a lifetime warranty for a few hundred $ more, saves many $$$ if it happens again in a few years.
  • while i am driving my third gear slips and it will catch but then it slips again. once it is done slipping the car decides to stay in 2nd gear. this is on my 1990 nissan 300zx automatic transmission. i was wondering if anyone knew what i should exactly do? thanks
  • 1992 300zx tranny problem sounds similar to some of the other post. It doesn't go into third gear. It's a automatic that want go into the overdrive mood and just wines like a dog. Can anyone give me any suggestion on whats' wrong and how too get it fixed and let me know what the repairs will cost me. Thanks
  • I have a 1989 300zx. I bought this car new and it has been a jewel until now. When the outside temperature gets over 40 degrees and over 50 mph. The transmition will cycle back and fourth. If the outside tempeture is below 4o degrees there is no changing of the gears. When this cycle takes place,tyhe tachometer will go to 5000. This takes place for a minute or so. Then will cycle to overdrive. As soon as I start up a small grade it will cycle back to 3rd or even 2nd.I though that the tourque converter was the the problem.but a transmition specialist said no. Yet, he also could not find a answer. It did nothing this winter, but as the weather warmed up. Back to the same old problem. Thanxs "lostcause"
  • fbenbowfbenbow Posts: 1
    what year(s) transmission fits 1990 300zx 2+2
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    My car is a 1988 Nissan 300 ZX 2+2, V6 (naturally aspirated), 5-speed manual, 198,640 miles. It has been well maintained and never driven in an abusive way. Problem: According to my mechanic and another one I've consulted, the throwout bearing has gone out. Upon doing a quick Google search I found the following description of the symptoms I've noticed...

    "You depress the clutch pedal and hear a loud grinding, rattling, whirling noise. You ease off the clutch pedal, and the noise starts to dissipate."

    The main difference is my car makes the grinding, whirring noise (more or less; and sometimes more, sometimes less) when the clutch is released and the car is moving rather than when it's depressed. Would this still describe a bad throwout bearing?

    Of course 198,640 miles is a lot of miles, but I thought that manual transmissions usually last considerably longer if they're driven with care. Is mine the exception?

    I replaced the original clutch at about 160,000 miles. The engine runs as though its got a lot of life left, and burns virtually no oil.

    Although I'm going to dispose of this car, I'd welcome the comments of those who've had experience with manual transmissions that have failed because this puzzles me. I know that most automatics don't make it to 200,000 miles, but I expected a manual to live longer.
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