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Volvo XC70 Brake Questions

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 8,323
edited April 2014 in Volvo
Discuss braking issues with the XC70 here.

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  • can anyone help me? i have a 2000 xc70 that needs a abs sensor. the dealership wants $1100 to fix. how difficult is this replacement and where can i get a good deal on a new sensor?
  • goldrichgoldrich Posts: 7
    I'm curious of other experience with using other than volvo brake pads..
    whether using other than volvo geninue parts for brake pads will cause the brakes to squeal?

    the reason i ask is because i have a very convenient service station to my home. they can replace my front ceramic pads with akekabo.

    when i called the service station that specializes in volvo they said don't use anything but volvo pads otherwise the brakes will squeal.
  • goldrichgoldrich Posts: 7
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