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Chevrolet Tracker Rusted Crossmember Subframe



  • jredderjredder Posts: 11
    after getting your post i submitted a follow up complaint to nhtsa. has anyone heard of any updates?
  • adicleadicle Posts: 6
    After reading these posts, I went under my 2000 Tracker to check out the crossmember. Expecting the worst, I was surprised that the crossmember was fine. After a closer look, I noticed that there were 4 drill holes in the member that allowed the moisture to escape. The rusted pictures posted on previous messages do not have the same drill holes as mine did. Looks like someone on the assembly line walked away for a smoke break and neglected to drill in the proper holes. Why else would Trackers from the same year have different crossmembers?
  • 06/04/2007 Just dropped my 99 tracker off at the frame shop to be fixed, Guy says he will call in the am with price. Will let you guys know what problems I run into. We can all also go to to voice your complaints
  • 25 bucks from the junkyard, dealer wanted $350. Frame guy will install for $350
  • ksannerksanner Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 4dr/4wd Chevy Tracker. I purchased it in November of 2006 from a Chevy dealer. I also purchased the Value Guard protection plan. I was told that the Tracker had just had new rotors installed and that it was a solid car. In June of this year, I took it to a GM certified garage (not the dealer that I purchased from though) for a steering was tight...very hard to turn the steering wheel. They told me it was the rack, which was covered by the extended warranty. They ordered the part and repaired it, said it was in excellent working condition. The second I got in the car to drive it, I was convinced that nothing was done to it. Took it back to the garage, and was told it was the intermediate steering shaft. Not covered. But, I'm a single mom of three and needed the vehicle, so I paid for the repair. Yesterday I took the car to a local Ford Garage for the inspection. Imagine my surprise when they told me it would never pass inspection because the sub frame was rusted through! Apparently, I have been driving my kids around in an unsafe vehicle! inspection runs out in two weeks, I can't afford the repair, have to continue making the payments on the Tracker, and thus can't afford another vehicle. And...on a side note, the rotors that I was told were brand new turned out to be one used rotor replacement, and the brakes on the front were two different sizes! I feel totally ripped off by the dealer that sold me the car less than a year ago and again ripped off by the repair garage who HAD to have seen that subframe when replacing the rack and steering shaft and didn't have the decency to tell me! That would have at least given me more time to figure out what I'm going to drive! What the heck is up with Chevy!! :mad:
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Unbelievable! Have you mentioned the rotor issue to the dealer?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • ksannerksanner Posts: 2
    I intend to. This all just came up on Saturday. I feel so cheated by these people cause apparently I am a stupid woman! I just am figuring I'm not gonna get anything but personal satisfaction by telling them off.
  • jredderjredder Posts: 11
    Make sure you write a complaint on the NHTSA website. be very detailed with names and everything. mention your childrens safety. you can go back and check the status of the complaint. several people including myself have made this same complaint with no avail. but hopefully someday it will matter. i'm sorry for your situation...
  • This entire conversation is interesting. I have a 2000 chevy tracker that i purchased used 5 years ago with only about 20,000 miles on it. I have just been down to Georgia after driving from my home in Vermont to drop my daughter off at college. While in the local Wal Mart parking lot I was taking a sharp turn when i noticed the wheel was rubbing on somthing. I looked under the front end and the cross member where the steering aframe was attatched was rusted completely off. Overall this has been a very reliable vehicle. This will be the first major repair other than just regular maintainance.

    I just happened across this site while looking for parts to repair this problem. Right now my tracker is in Georgia while i am headed back home to be at work on Wednesday. I am certainly glad i noticed this while in a parking lot rather than driving down the road at 65 mph!!
  • as a follow up to my response.... I just got the bill for repair of my tracker. While replacing the subframe which really isnt that big a job they had problems getting the lower control arm off. Subsiquently they had to replace that along with the sway bar links (I knew this was an issue already) give it all an alighnment total bill comes to $1548.23 I am keeping the parts and bill hopefully the NTSB will realize this is really a hazard and make GM recall.
  • I actually had my 1999 Tracker Crossmember replaced for free by GM last week. There is a resolution pending.
  • How did you get GM to fix it? How did you know about a pending resolution?
  • I complained to GM, got an estimate from a dealer just like they wanted me to only to get a denial from someone in Detroit who said I had nowhere else to appeal it to. I looked at the paperwork for the Engineering investigation posted on the NHTSA site and searched for email addresses, they got right back to me and were pretty interested in my situation.
    They usually won't let any investigation go beyond a year without a resolution, the year is almost up.
    I got a call from GM a couple of weeks ago saying they reconsidered and would like to fix my Tracker. They replaced the crossmember and all of the bolts that tie it to the frame, aligned the vehicle and got it back to me in one day. I have a 1999 that is in pretty good shape except for the crossmember.
    The service manager couldn't believe they covered it, I took it to the same dealer that did my original estimate that got denied.
  • GM Canada is refusing to pay for my part because there is no recall on it YET, but they said hold onto the bill just in case we get enough calls.
    We have a 2001 Chev Tracker, was driving the other day, heard a clunk in the front right, lost steering, could have been KILLED if on the hwy! took it to the closest shop.. surprise surprise, no recall on the front subframe ..ended up costing me $640 bucks. The shop was shocked because underneath it is in excellent condition, still paint etc, the ONLY rusted out part is right around the weld on this subframe.
    I have no problem paying for parts that wear out, rust out etc, but DEFECTIVE parts and a Dangerous one at that, should MOST DEFINITELY be covered by GM!!!!!!!
    completely cheesed off, is my fourth GM, might be my last if this doesn't fix itself :mad: ..
  • adicleadicle Posts: 6
    Just received a letter from Chevrolet stating the problems with the Crossmember and to bring it to your nearest dealer for inspection and possible replacement. Looks like all the reports finally made them do something proactive. Congratulations everyone.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    I got the letter also, even though i no longer own 1999 TRACKER. i now have a 2004 tracker zr-2. But anyways they didnt label it a recall in my letter. They titled it a Special cover 06186. Inspection and replacement at NO cost. I just got rid of my 99 tracker this year it had 91,000 miles on it and had NO rust there at all. In my letter that claimed this is an issue from 1999-2004. I dont remember hearing anything about later model trackers having this issue? like 02-04 models. I guess i should wait for a letter to arrive for my other tracker too then... lol
    I hope everyone that spent hard earned money having this fixed gets every penny back!
  • jredderjredder Posts: 11
    Did those who got the letter get it by contacting GM or by submitting a complaint through NHTSA?
  • yes folks, we are getting our money back!! I contacted Transport Canada recalls and defects (excellent service!) who dealt with it very quickly and efficiently.. they came, took the part/tagged it, took pictures underneath, etc and sent it to Ottawa... he said you just never know, this might be the one that tips the scales, and sure enough, I guess it was. Got a call a week ago, he said take your receipts and go to GM :)

    One government service that actually works (unlike a few others we won't mention) :)
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    I got the letter and i never had the problem and never contacted anyone. Hell i think i was even the 3rd or 4th owner of that 1999 i sold this jan. They must have tracked the VIN number and just started mailing out letters.
  • i have read alot about the same problem i am having in frustration. i called GM they told me i was over the mileage for this so called safety notice. i don't understand why they won't except responsibility for this and just pay fro the repairs for their mistake.
  • Dont understand? All you have to do is follow the money. If it cost 850 dollars each to fix and they sold about 175 thousand Trackers in just 2000 alone. They wont do a full recall untill the NHTS board makes them. I have been checking the NHTS site and there still has not been a recall in the US. I dont know about canada. It has been sent to an engineering study which is the final step to forcing a recall. I think GM is just trying to make themselves look better by sending the letters. Acording to my dealer on friday November 2nd there still was not a official recall on my 2000 tracker two door.
  • so are you saying these letters are a scam and they will just deny all claims? i'm sending back my letter with the requested information, i guess i'll see what happens...
  • Just got back from the dealer and they said my Tracker QUALIFIES for the crossmember replacement. They ordered the part and should be in next week. Looks like Chevy is following up on all these complainrs.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    "so are you saying these letters are a scam and they will just deny all claims? i'm sending back my letter with the requested information, i guess i'll see what happens... "

    If i remember correctly in the letter ive gotten your tracker can Not exceed 150,000 miles in order for them to replace it. That doesnt sound too unfair to me. Think about it. 150,000 miles.. how long should they cover it? if you didnt have failure by then it shouldnt be on them, if yours fails later. I wish everyone could get theirs replaced. But GM has to draw some sort of line as too whats covered. ya know. If you have a 1999 tracker with 275,000 miles and it then fails i think you got more than the expected life from their product... just my opinion.
  • Well even though my Tracker is still in Georgia and I am here in Vermont i have just got a call from the dealer down there telling me that they have finally received notice that my tracker "Qualifies for special coverage" I should get atleast part of my 2800 dollars i paid to get it fixed i guess
  • the letters are for real, it is a legit recall-type thing now... I had to submit my original receipt and now just wait for head office to pay the local dealer, then I get my money back... just over $600 so looking forward to that for sure, hopefully it doesn't take forever or get 'lost' :)
    Squeaky wheel gets the oil, but in all fairness, it was a flaw and a potentially dangerous one at that...the guy said they were rusting from the inside out.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    Did your letters say it covered from 1999 to 2004 models? I used to own a 1999 tracker 2door. I got my letter over a month ago. But i also own a 2004 chevy tracker Zr-2 V-6. I havent gotten a letter for that model, even though my letter for my 99 tracker mentioned it covered all years of the tracker when it was last redesigned.
  • I have the letter here, it is for 1999-2004, and it is up to 240,000 kms. The guy also said that it doesn't matter if you sell it to someone else etc, if you paid to have that work done and have the receipt, with GM or with another shop (as I did, I had to pull into the first shop I could find!) they will still pay for it, but you have to submit your receipts before Jan 31, 2009 apparently.
  • Would someone be willing to send me a copy of your letter. Remove any identifying information. My son's 2002 Tracker has this problem and I have just left it with the dealer. GM hasn't sent out a service bulletin on this in Canada and I need some additional ammunition just in case they get sticky.
  • I dont have the letter anymore. I got it after i had the repair and paid for it. I do however have a phone number you can call. Have your information ready before you call. VIN number etc...... If you qualify they will mail you the paperwork to get your repair or refund for the work done. I have sent my information in but have not as of yet received payment from Chevrolet. I sent it in back at the end of November.

    the Phone number you can call is 1-800-222-1020

    Call this number and follow the prompts. This is considered "Special Coverage" and not a warrentee or recall.however follow the prompts for warrentee service. they will determine if your vehicle is qualified.

    If you do have the same problem as all of us seem to be having and they dont cover your tracker i would strongly urge you to keep all the receipts and information you get from your repair shop. If they extend the coverage to your model later it will save you alot of trouble.
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