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    It looks like you've already started taking some action with the BBB, which would preclude me from looking into this situation further with you. However, I had wanted to express my apologies that you are facing these concerns with your CTS and wish you the best as you work through the repair process.

    All the best,
    GM Customer Service
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    I have a 2005 CTS 3.6l with 57k miles. The engine started knocking and eventually died and would not start. Talked to GM Customer Service who asked me to have it diagnosed by a dealer. I did that. The dealer told me I could do two things, change the timing chain and hope the engine works or replace the engine altogether incase its a spun bearing.

    I changed the oil myself on the car with Mobile 1 synthetic every 3,000 miles. It burned oil like crazy as well as coolant. I added oil and coolant almost every week and had to check them both daily.

    I bought the car with 35k miles on it and put 22k miles on it. I still owe $12k on it and its just sits in my driveway. A co-worker picks me up everyday.

    GM Customer Service said in order to determine if they can help me out, they would need the dealer to completely tear down the engine. The dealer quoted me at $8,000 to do this. I laughed. If I went that route and GM decided not to pay for it, I'd be out $8,000 and would still need to have the engine fixed. Why would I do that when I can buy a used Saturn Vue engine for $1,000 and put it in the car with a little work. BUT I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO DO THIS!!!! Everyone Facebook how terrible GM is handling this and everyone on Earth will know about it. I am thoroughly P.O.'d with the purchased of my Cadillac. I'd do anything to go back and buy the Camry that I passed on.

    Thanks, GM, for the financial hardship and terrible choices with regards to the engine's repair.
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    I finally dumped the CTS for a 2012 Subaru. I ended up eating about $5000, but to not having to worry about it leaving me stranded and having another $7000 repair bill was well worth it. The used engine that I had put in it started showing the same signs of going bad like the first one did at around 80,000 miles so it was time. The funny part is that 5 days after I traded the car, the dealer that I traded it to was struck by a hail storm that destroyed the car. This is a good thing because I was afraid that they would re-sell it and someone else would be going through the same thing we all have gone through. I fell bad for the dealer but that's what insurance is for.
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    It's truly sad to read what GM's customers have had to put up with. It's like GM forgot how to build a reliable engine. The irony is that the new GM has replaced all of its old tech OHV V6's with these 3.0 and 3.6 liter engines. I own two GM vehicles; one is a 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix with the 3100 OHV V6. I bought this car last year for $3k and it had 125k miles. This car is not used a lot and it sits for 2 or 3 months at a time without being used. Starts up on the first crank all the time and burns no oil. My other vehicle is a 2007 Chevy Uplander with the 3900 OHV V6. It has 71k miles and burns no oil between oil changes. GM has shown it can build reliable engines; it's time that they start building them right again.
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    Are these engines being manufactured in China? Could that possibly explain the utter lack of reliability in these motors? GM has made millions of engines and its a wonder why these are failing so much...especially in a premium priced automobile.
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    I had my 2005 3.6 CTS engine replaced @ 63,000 miles. My Uncle is in the auto repair business and found a used engine with 32,000 miles. Engine plus shipping was $3,200. A friend that owed him a favor put in the new engine, water pump hoses etc. for $1,200 plus parts.

    I have used it for 4 months with no problems. I check the oil dip stick every day I drive it.
    Resale is horrible so I will keep it for now. (I loved everything about the car except the oil/engine problem.)
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    I bought a used CTS with 78,000 miles on it back in December. I checked the oil twice in that time. It was low. I read about the oil cunsumption problems on these AFTER I bought it! No biggie right? I topped it off and continued to enjoy it.

    About a month later I took it on a road trip and I started to feel something wasn't right with the way the engine was performing. The next day I drove it to work and on my way there it started to run rough. I pulled over and could hear a knocking sound. Got it to my work to find the oil was almost 2 quarts low. This was approx. 1,000 miles since I topped it off last. I topped it off again praying that the engine noise would go away. It quieted down a bit but was still there. I had an extended warranty on it so I decided to take it to the Cadi dealer the next day. It never made it. On my way home the engine SIEZED!!!

    Towed it to the dealer to have them tell me they need to pull the pan to see what failed. They ended up tearing it apart. Took the motor and transmission out, pulled off the heads, pulled out every wiring harness they could find under the hood and so forth. Long, long, story short, the warranty company came out to inspect and DECLINED the claim due to "Lack of lubrication". The #3 rod bearing had spun. To fix the car the dealer said it would cost over $7,000. Had them put it back together and had to pay $1,100!!!

    I know from reading these forums that this is a common problem which GM has no intention of resolving, so does anyone have a rational solution on how to get someone to take care of this issue?
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    it has been identified, i have a 2006 CTS and the dealership had to do a complete rebuild on mine at 35k 1.5 years ago because it lost over 4 qts in two weeks. they said its was a failure of the rings. I haven't had a problem with that issue since, and I now have 52k. although I have had many other problems with the CTS over the years that I have owned it. That's why I got the 100k / 6 year factory bumper to bumper warranty. hope that helps.
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    I wanted to update the forum on what is happening with my 2005 CTS "SUSPECTED " oil consumption problem. As some of you might recall, we took the car in Aug 2011 because of a loss of power and a horrible clanking noise. When we picked the car up they said the problem was there was no oil showing on the dipstick. I asked how there could be no oil and they just said it could be "anything" but we were topped up and were "good to go".

    Oct 2011 we were returning from a Halifax - Montreal - Halifax trip when the horrible cluncking noicse appeared again. We had driven less than 4000 km and the GM dealer in Douglastown NB added 4 litres. When we got home the dealer took the car, and in Dec 2011 they replaced the right cam gasket. This did not solve the problem, I was now monitoring my dipstick (noone had ever said I had to do this, and I have never had to do it for any other car I have ever owned. I ALWAYS do the 5000km checkup) So Feb 28th 2012 the Cadillac dealer would not admit they had enough evidence to say there was a problem so they put me on an oil consumption monitoring "program"
    28 Feb 98867 km filled the oil
    90808 km added 0.5 litres
    100680km added 0.5 litres
    101605km added 1 litre
    May 3rd 103010km added 1 litre I said surely enough is enough.
    May 4th They told me we were approved for new piston and rings
    May 31 No phone call that parts were in so I called them. They said we never were approved so I took it in and they added 0.5 litres at 103996

    We took the car in again in mid June I don't know how much oil was added, but finally they said we were approved to have rings and pistons replaced. The work is scheduled to start 28June. I have mentioned to the dealer my concerns that if it is a permanently distorted air cleaner that caused the piston/ring problem, all this oil consumption was just going to reoccur. And also I have seen posts that the oil consumption problem may well have damaged our timing chain earlier than it already would have been damaged. The dealer did say that when they do the tear down, if they should discover anything else, they must STOP all work and get further authorization from GM.

    I have heard that FORD is the only car company not to get bail out money from the Govt. I have never owned a FORD but you can me assured I will likely give one a go, as it is unlikely that I would risk buying another CTS. Sad to say. :sick: :lemon: :mad:
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    I wrote on here over a year ago about my problem with my 2005 CTS. That I notice was having problems & immediately took it to dealership where I was told they couldn't find any problems & to keep driving it. I did as they said engine went out two weeks later. The dealership & GM refused to pay for any repairs. I took a loss got a new car in January & now backed by 100,000 mile warranty 10 years. If any potential buyers are looking to get a car do not go with GM. You have been warned go in at your own risk.

    All I want from GM now is to stop sending me promotional offers. I have asked before for them to stop but I am still getting one. Customer service since you were no help in getting my car fix can you stop sending me offers from your company. A case was set up last year for this but somehow you imbeciles can't even rectify something so simple.
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    I had the same issue with my 2006 cts... but i bought it brand new and my engine blew in 2009. They said i had no oil in it so it was "my fault" (even though i had a receipt for an oil change less then 3k miles) and wouldnt fix it... they wanted $15k to replace the engine. i fought and fought with GM... no luck. Let me know if you get any response from the CEo of Cadillac!
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    I'm sorry about the continued promotional offers. If you wanted to visit, you would be able to provide the address, phone, and email addresses you do not want to be contacted. Opt-out time frames are as follows:
    -GM will retain phone opt-out preferences for five (5) years from the date of the customer’s most recent submission
    -GM will retain U.S. mail opt-outs for three (3) years from the date of the customer’s most recent submission.
    - Email opt-out preferences will not expire.

    I hope this is helpful to you!
    GM Customer Service
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    After our CTS had been in the shop for 1 week instead of the expected 2 days, my wife called to see what was going on. She was told they had dismantled the engine and saw excessive scoring on the engine internals. So GM has now authorized the entire engine to be replaced under the extended warranty plan. It is expected to take up to 10 for the engine to ship in to nova scotia from some GM plant in USA. So I have to say big props go to GM Canada for doing the right thing. We will keep the loaner Impala until the CTS is ready to be returned to us.
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    Hope you get a new engine and not a re manufactured from some rebuilding shop. It still amazes me how Cadillac are managing to screw up building engines after so many years in the business. I keep wondering if the real source of these engines is from China or similar.
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    The dealer said it was "coming from the factory in the US" but how can we be sure lol
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    Bought my cts 2005 new from a dealership here in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Put some 18 inch rims with g-force tires on it, must admit handled great! Had regular oil changes done for me and never really inquired about oil consumption, just figured oil change every 5k was more than adequate. Car was only summer driven and has less than 70000 KM (not Miles)... winters to hard up here for light rear wheel drive car like that. This morning went out to our cottage and after passing a few vehicles on route noticed power not there... turned down the tunes and heard the knocking. Quite sure the bearings gone. Thank goodness this happened when it did. Would feel pretty sick right now had me and the wife went ahead and purchased the planned new CTS. Anyone wanna buy the original 17.5" rims with tires that still have tread paint on em? :) I am sure those rims wont look good on the new Charger we plan on purchasing.
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    I am a baby boomer who likes RWD cars. Since they are rather limited in availability these days, I was interested in purchasing a 2012 Cadillac CTS. However, after reading CTS forums regarding engine seizing/oil comsumption problems with previous years of the CTS, I'm now apprehensive about buying a 2012 CTS. Now, I'm thinking maybe I should consider either the Mercedes C-Series, Mercedes E-Series, BMW 5-Series, Chrysler 300C, or even the Lincoln MKS which is FWD. Therefore, does anyone know if the Cadillac CTS engine problems still persist with the 2012 models or has it been corrected? How does anyone feel about the purchase of anyone of the above alternative vehicles to the CTS? Thanks for your help.
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    stay away from the cts, they are nothing but problems, my transmission cooling lines failed and coolant mixed with transmission fluid, tranny is now acting like junk,there is no way to tell ahead of time if the lines are going to fail, raditor had to be replaced, last week tranny had to be serviced toytal cost 1000.000 and now tranny is acting up.then this morning engine check light came on.this car was babied, oil was changed faithfully every month on the 1st, regardless of the miles, now have to sell it because i cant trust it, oh and last month all 4 wheel bearing hubs were replaced because of howling noise, 1200.00. STAY AWAY,CADILLAC WILL NOT HELP YOU, EVEN THOUGH THE TRANNY COOLER LINES ARE A DESIGN FLAW.
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    Dear #533. Go back to #514 (2012 CTS engine problems) and this should answer your question. You made the correct decision by avoiding Cadillac products and the poor quality they offer. I think people are catching on G.M.'s lack of commitment to their customers. B.M.W 5-Series is an excellent choice.

    Signed: #514
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    Hi David,

    Was your CTS a 2012? What do you think you will buy to replace it? Thanks for your feedback.
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    I just traded in my 2008 CTS for a 2012 CTS-V Coupe.
    I never had a single problem in the 36,000 miles I drove it I only traded it in because I prefer a coupe and a car with a warranty (well maybe a little for the increase in performance)
    When I trade this car in I will buy another Cadillac.
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    I have a 2010 CTS wagon, AWD loaded with all options. 24K and no problems yet.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Member Posts: 1,964
    Congratulations on your new CTS-V Coupe! We're wishing you many happy miles!
    GM Customer Service
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    My gas mileage has suddenly gone from 16mpg city to 6.It runs fine anybody have a idea why this happened? Have 85000 on it and plugs were changed 5 months ago with oem can anybody help?
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    Have you made any progress on this issue since you first posted about it, bekins2?
    GM Customer Service
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    I have a 2005 CTS 3.6 thats burning/using about a quart of engine oil every 1250 miles. I have less than 70k miles on it.

    I have owned about 35 GM vehicles starting with a 1970 Corvette. I have never had any of them with these kind and magnitude of problems.

    Am having Security/Theft system and Traction Control issues too. I love the car but I cant believe GM screwed this one up swo bad. I have a 2000 GMC with 197k on it and it still doesnt use a drop!

    I can't sell this car...who's gonna buy it when I tell them it burns oil and sometimes it locks itself down in your driveway a couple weeks at a time! Yikes!! I NEED HELP!!
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    Have you had an oil consumption test performed on your CTS? The accepted rate of oil consumption would be 0.946 liter (1 qt) in 3200 km (2000 mi) (this only applies to personal use vehicles, under warranty, that are driven in a non-aggressive manner and maintained in accordance with the appropriate maintenance schedule, with less than 36,000 mi).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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    There seem to be a lot more qualifiers than there used to be. Especially the 36000 mile qualifier.

    It would be a shame if GM intended that to signify they will only accept responsibility when the car has less than 36,000 miles. That would be a horrible PR position to take IMHO.

    We are in Canada, we had the oil consumption test done over the last 6 months, and GM recently swapped out the short block (below the head gasket, above the oil pan) for I think a factory reconditioned one. We had 105,000 KM (apx 65000 mi). It has been back three times in the 3 weeks since the fix for screeching belts, and to replace a "#6 ignition coil". It currently is making non-replicatable whooping noises that I have never heard come from a car before.

    Good luck to all of you who sufer fromthe oil consumption issue.
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    Seriously??? Come on...1 quart in 2,000 miles is completely UNACCEPTABLE. I have owned about 35 GM cars and trucks in my 58 years. NONE OF THEM Including 1962, 1968, 1970 thru today have EVER used anywhere near that much oil. You guys built and sold a bad motor...own up and FIX IT!!! PLEASE!!!
    Sarah, seriously, would you buy this car from me after I disclosed all its problems to you? IM' STUCK with a LEMON...
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    Dear Sarah,

    Are you serious? I quart every 2000 miles is acceptable? Let's see GM put that in the marketing strategy. "Come on down and buy a new GM Super Scamp. Guaranteed to not to use more than 1 quart of oil every 2000 miles!" The 3.6 has a design flaw and GM's approach is to try and rationalize it. BS! I have purchased two new vehicles (not GM models) since I had the 05 STS and neither are using any noticeable amount of oil. C'mon man!

    Dear bill and ronyxxx,

  • ronyxxxronyxxx Member Posts: 19
    What would be point of having the oil consumption test if Cadillac wont help me? I have 67,000 miles on the car???
  • zebandcozebandco Member Posts: 22
    uhmmmmmm....... the point would be to document that Cadillac won't help you. It would help everyone who bought a lemon motor. Oh, yeah. And if you bought an STS you bought a lemon motor wrapped up in a $55K car.
  • bill_andersonbill_anderson Member Posts: 14
    GM CANADA helped me, by replacing the short block, and I had 90k kilometers when we started the oil consumption test, and over 107k kilos when they did the .
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    I was driving down the highway when my 03 Cadillac CTS with 67k miles just quit running. All the guages dropped to zero, and the battery idiot light turned on. I mangaed to get the car off on the shoulder and tried to restart the car. It would turn over but the engine would shake like crazy and with in 3 seconds the car would just turn off. Any idea what could have happend? I did have the car towed to the dealer and they are going to look at it, but I am just wondering what kind of mess I might be dealing with, any ideas at all will be great. :cry:
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    Maybe your timing chains failed like mine did and several other owners of this great car. Good Luck .
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    This is what happened to my 06 CTS - 54,066 miles on it. I was driving on I-80 in Lincoln, NE doing around 65mph and the engine just quit. I was able to pull off on to the shoulder. Had the car towed to the dealer and after several hours they told me that I needed a new timing chain..... we stayed for the weekend while they waited for parts, and on Tuesday they informed me that we needed a new engine... they said that when they started to work on the timing chain, they found concealed damage. Pistons hit the cylinder heads or something like that, and I needed a whole new engine. I had contacted GM customer service and decided to rent a car and drive to Illinois. It took over 2 months to work it out with GM Customer service, but eventually they agreed to replace it. I had all my maintenance done at the dealer, and had it done on time. I had plenty of oil when we started, but they told me I was 2 quarts low after the car broke down. Oil loss seems to be an issue. There is clearly something up with the engines.
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    V6? Probably has been low on oil and the motor ate itself from the inside out. I hope that is not the case, but read the posts here on CTS problems. Good luck!

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    My wife and I bought a 2004 CTS with 117K miles through a used car dealer with a 30 day warranty. Before the 30 days were up we had a major problem with the car sticking and knocking and the engine light coming on. The dealer said they solved the problem by installing a new 'sensor' in the transmission. This was after they assured me they checked everything in the car. Within eight weeks with no warning lights and with no problems or sounds coming from the engine, the engine blew. The tow truck operator said there was oil leaked on his flatbead and the people at PEP Boys said the car was five quarts low on oil. We barely drove the car 2000 miles since we got it and it looks like we have to replace the engine. Any ideas or comments?
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    These motors are notorious oil users...see my posts and others. GM & Cadillac have their heads stuck in the sand and are denying responsibility by claiming that using a qt of oil every 2k miles is "normal". They don't realize that not only are we not going to buy any more Cadillacs, but that we are spreading the word about their's and GM's irresponsibility to their other potential customers. I talked my brother out of buying a CTS and he bought a BMW..not because mine uses oil, but because Cadillac/GM denies anything is wrong. Grow up Cadillac!!!...take responsibility for your actions!!!
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    So committing fraud is o k in your book if you get the desired result? You are what's wrong with America and the worst part is that you are proud of what you did. Great example to show your kids if you have any!

    Unbelievable!! Do you actually sleep well at night?

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2019 Chevrolet Cruze Premier RS (daughter #1) / 2020 Hyundai Accent SE (daughter #2)

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    Well, you can't very well recall a car that has been touted as the "best US sedan ever" can you? Can you? Apparently not. Besides, the tax payers own a large share of the company that is making these POS cars. We would only be suing our selves. :mad:
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    Mine eats up oil I'm still trying to figure out what to do
  • eman1nonlyeman1nonly Member Posts: 3
    My car eats oil I'm still trying to figure out what to do.
  • eman1nonlyeman1nonly Member Posts: 3
    Did u ever sell your stocks
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    I am beside myself with my 2006 CTS. Last week my timing chain went. My car only has 58,000 miles on it. It cost $1400 at the Cadillac dealer. I just found this blog and cannot believe all the postings related to the timing chains going at such low mileage. It is a disgrace and Cadillac should do the right thing, issue a recall and refund the people who have already had to pay for this issue. How in the world can Cadillac expect loyal customers when they won't even take responsibility for this major issue????? Are you kidding me Cadillac?????
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    edited October 2012
    Good price for the repair.
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    Good morning nymom96,
    We're sorry to hear that you had to make this repair on your CTS; is everything going well now with the vehicle? If you want for us to follow up on anything with your dealership, please contact us at [email protected] with more details (including your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and the name of your involved dealership).
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • nymom96nymom96 Member Posts: 4
    Better price if Cadillac paid for it.
  • nymom96nymom96 Member Posts: 4
    Hello Sarah,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I sent an email to the address provided in your response.

    I hope that GM will do the right thing.

  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZMember Posts: 5,133
    I hope that GM will do the right thing.

    Hold not your breath.
    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
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