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Dodge Journey Crossover



  • prendyprendy Posts: 18

  • my journey 2009 2.4l cauth on fire in my driveway luky i was at home the firemen tell me it came from the electrical wiering just near the driver seat.
  • i have all the same ploblem that you have the master cylinder,the brake light stay on they replace everything was ok until my car caught on fire.
  • Did you have any warnings .... like a weird burning smell? do you have heated front seats? The reason I am asking is that when I use the heated seats I smell a weird burning smell. Just started doing this and if my dealer was worth two beans and did not take 14 hours just to check something and I had to miss a day of work then I would have in in again...more problems than it is worth right now!
  • i was not in the cars was inside home the only warning was the car horn start by it self like when you push on the panic button i go to check what was the problem i open the door all the inside plastic door was melting and the side of the seat cauth on fire no heated seat in my car sorry for my riting i franch speaking
  • That is very interesting as daughter just call to tell me her care fire stared in the night with nothing going on wokeup to a burnt interior front centre. What did your dealer say. They told her husband that this is the first report of such a thing!!!!
  • the dealer dont no what to tell me, they dont no the exact cause off the fire ,no breaker or fuse blow off no response from chysler canada to replace my car. whitch contry or province your daugter buy her car.
  • I have a dodge journey rt has everything except the rear entertainment so far my wife and I love it 3.5 V-6 awd is very smooth quite and seems to have enough power for on ramps and passing. The sound system and nav has voice command works much better than the system we had in our 06 chrysler I like the 30 gig hard drive for pics music ect... gas mil. is better than we had from the 5.7 hemy. With the changing world we are in the journey is a good choice more extras for less than the competitors with the same goodies :)
  • tgstoopstgstoops Posts: 1
    We have had our journey for almost a year now. Had a problem with the brake module after 500 miles and the next week we have the ignition module replaced along with a torn boot on the cv joint after a 1000 miles. Other than that there has been no issues and we have 17000 miles on it now. Been a good vehicle even here in Minnesota in the snow. Tried a highlander(owned since new, a 07 camry w/55000 miles and never had an issue) but didn't like it as much and alot of others. Wanted the space which the journey had more than most for the price and nobody can compete with the warranty with the miles we rack up on a car. People complain about this being to small or things they want to change but they shouldn't complain because they should have requested a day test drive or really did some research on the vehicle before purchase. The only real complaint I have is so trim has begin to fail as in falling away from headliner. Maybe weak I dont know and the leather seats are not of good manufacturing since the leather has bunched up seriously where you sit in the seat. Doesnt seem right to me since most leather I have seen crack and not bunch. Has anyone had the trim issues or seat and tried to go to the dealer with them?
  • our 2009 Dodge Journey caught fire in the engine while driving. Got totally screwed over. Chrysler has done nothing to remedy the situation, Thank god we had gap insurance and we still have to pay $2,000 out of pocket for the taxes on a car we no longer have! Lemon lawyers are no help for us since it's already "paid off". Had it in the shop for strange smell a month prior to the fire. Total integrated computer module was on order but Antioch Dodge let us take the car home until part came in. This could have happened in our attached garage while we were sleeping!!! These are DANGEROUS cars!!! Anyone out there have this happen to them? Any ideas on how we should proceed? :mad:
  • I have had the same problem with the trim. You can read my prior post to see the other problems I have had. I have to keep telling myself that I bought a $18,000.00 car and made it into a $30,000.00 car. The quality is just not there. It looks nice and drives nice it is just shoddy with the craftmanship and will no way outlast its payments.
  • I have a 09 Dodge Journey R/T....i have had sooo many issues. It has been in the shop off and on since i've had it. The major reoccuring issue I am having is leaking from the sunglass holder where the sunroof buttons are and at the front seatbelts at the door. They have replaced the sunroof twice....replaced the headliner twice....resealed luggage racks, sat antenna, pretty much everywhere. Besides this, I have had a new battery, the a/c recharged twice in a years time, a new power trane module, wiring harness, intake manifold. At 20,000 miles i had to replace my front rotars. Now, at 22,000 miles my back ones are warped. I have also had electrical wiring issues. Just today, i walk out and have a puddle of transmission fluid in my driveway.The fluid is coming from a bad seal on the right side. (i just got my car back yesterday from being in the shop for 9 days for the water leak). My dvd player will get stuck half way out and not eject the discs at times....but the dealership cant do anything about it until they see it. of course it never does it when take it to shop. Apparently my car was put together on a Friday or a Monday.
  • tom04tom04 Posts: 1
    My daughter has a 09 Journey and this morning she found, to her surprise, the same water leak in the same place you described above. We live in Illinois. Did your dealer ever resolve your problem with the leak?

  • may25may25 Posts: 1
    The noise you hear, which sometimes sounds like a buzzing noise is cowl panel. This is located outside the front windshield between the dashboard and the windshield wipers. I had mine replaced 3 times. It's simply the black plastic in that area and the push pin might be broken. See if it's loose. :lemon:
  • prendyprendy Posts: 18
    has anyone had a problem with this,and if they did ,how did you solve it and what was it.
  • I saw that you replaced your battery twice... Often my Journey will not start and for a long time I thought it was the battery... Actually it is the gear shift. Sometimes the sensor doesn't connect. If I jiggle the gear shidt it will start right up. Today for the first time I noticed leaking at the hatch gate... not happy. Other than that I love my Journey.
  • I just bought a new 2011, a one only ad special at a great price and am really impressed so far. It is the 6 cyclinder and FWD. This car has heated cloth seats that I think are great! Time will tell but we like the way this rides and feels so far!!
  • wildwinewildwine Posts: 5
    As of today 3/28/2012 it is in the dealer's shop for the 3rd time. It was brought in on 3/16/2012. They called yesterday and said they think they found where it was leaking this time and was going to water test again and finish putting in new carpet. We shall see but to be honest I am very skeptical. Will update. Very frustrating, but I will never give up.
  • wildwinewildwine Posts: 5
    Update as of March 30,2012 > I got my car back again. It poured down rain on 3/2/12, and so far no leak. Dodge can close this case again but it will never be closed as for as I am concerned. Had to pay $100.00 this time as a deductible on a non-exisiting warranty. They installed carpet in only one spot directly under the drivers seat and foot area, even tho other areas had gotten wet. Hope it didn't bankrupt them because I sure don't want to bail them out again. I consider myself sort of lucky compared to other problems customers are having with their Dodge Journey. Just don't give up and use ever revenue you can find to make this company pay for defective and poor quality built cars and trucks. PLEASE MAKE YOUR COMPLAINTS KNOWN TO THE NATIONAL HIGHWAY AND SAFETY AGENCY. :sick: :lemon: GOOD LUCK !!!
  • Sounds like you have grounds for a new vehicle. If it is in the shop a total of 4 times you have a case. I have a 2011 Dodge Journey and we have replaced the serpentine belt 3 times so far. We haven't had to pay anything yet but... having my vehicle towed back to be repaired because it is DEAD 3 times is not my idea of a good time. We bought it because we wanted something dependable! Turns out... My Nissan with 150,000 miles is still tickin' and way better. I am living in fear of the next time this thing dies! Good luck to you! I feel your pain!
  • wildwinewildwine Posts: 5
    :lemon: The third time was a success so far. It was taken in 4 times for the same problem, but 1 of those times was for drying of carpet. We did see a lemon law lawyer and was advised we might be able to get something . We were told we had 4 years which would be on 7-2-2012. Their fees would come from the settlement. We waited too long to be able to sue under LEMON LAW but this would be under some other law under the lemon law. The same day we saw the lawyer we picked up the car which was on MARCH 30,2012. I feel they suspected we were seeking legal help because of their unusual service invoice which was very through on every conversation and doings while it was being serviced this time. The lawyer made a demand and it was not answered and failed to let me know what the demand was or when they made it . Then 2 days before deadline they want to know if we wanted to sue in court and we would have to pay a filing fee which started out at costing a couple hundred or it could be more. EXCUSE ME, BUT IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH IT'S GOING TO COST THEN I DO NOT NEED YOU TO HANDLE THIS CASE. I feel they did not handle this the way it should have been. I could have done better in small claims court and the filing fee would have been $100.00 in my local court. Well, anyway the deadline has passed and its been 3 months and no leak so far. THANK GOODNESS. ALL OF THE RECALLS WERE TAKEN CARE OF UNDER WARRANTY. There was no recall on the leaking inside vehicle. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WHO BOUGHT THEIR LEMON AND DO SOMETHING AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE UNDER THE LEMON LAW IN YOUR STATE. DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!!! WILL POST IF SOMETHING ELSE COMES UP.
  • wildwinewildwine Posts: 5
  • bmansfambmansfam Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    We also had the problem with water soaking the carpet under driver's seat and it had something to do with a vent which was placed incorrectly within the transfer case. It was repaired, but took many trips and even the dealer telling us we must have parked the car in a flood zone with over 12" of water for this to happen.

    I was wondering since you said yours was repaired now...when having the problems did you also notice a burning smell from the air vents? If so, is that problem corrected as well?

    Our water issue is fixed, but still can smell a burning smell coming through the vents (with A/C on) while idling at stop lights. At last stop at the dealer they replaced an oil seal, saying oil dripping on hot parts was making the smell. But, I am still getting the scent. I'm really nervous about this since some have mentioned the car catching on fire and I usually have my 3 year old along with me.
  • Four months and still all right with ours. The smell you may be smelling could be from other vehicles exhaust or from other environmental smells. I know for a fact our Journey picks up all outside smells while the air is being used. Really bad, big time. Also some good news for us is our lawyer was able to get us an out of court settlement. Not what we ask for, but anything is better than nothing. So never give up pursuring the wrong that all of us has had to endure. when you buy lemons make lemonade, if you get where I am going. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WHO BOUGHT THEIR LEMON( :lemon: )
  • Now have 14m on my Journey purchased in Dec 2011- Just had to have the front rotors turned, dealer did at n/c. So far this is the only issue I have had and have been real pleased with the car. When the rotors start to wobble again I may have them upgraded to be "done" with the problem. All else is great!
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