2007 C230 Vs. 2006 325i vs. IS250

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Im about to graduate and am looking for a car to replace my 2001 Acura Tl-Navi. Having had japanese and american (cadillac sts) before, im sick of them. The difficulty is that i cant overlook the perfect ownership experience that Lexus offers, even though my heart wants the C230. Any thoughts? Are there any problems with the c230 that i should know about?


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    In the Edmunds Mercedes-Benz C-Class group of discussions, there is a topic concerning problems (of which there are many) & solutions (of which there are few). If you've already read it & still feel like getting one, you have an admirable sense of adventure.

    It's possible that the '06 & newer Mercs have solved the electronic/electrical gremlins, but I'm not sure I want to spend my own money to find out.

    All three cars can be had with a manual transmission, which helps offset the relatively small engines. However, the I250 is tiny inside, especially in the back, & it doesn't offer a fold-down rear seat, which I require.

    I'd go with the 325, and in fact the 328 is currently at the top of my short list for when I replace my present car, in the next year or three.
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    "The difficulty is that i cant overlook the perfect ownership experience that Lexus offers, even though my heart wants the C230."

    Think twice about making a statement like this. There is no manufacturer that offers a perfect ownership experience. If you buy your car based on that presumption you are in for a surprise. You get a car you don't really love and might be even one with problems. Lexus has 136 defects per 100 cars(far from perfect), Buick has about 145. That's pretty much the same. Do you think owning a Buick makes for a perfect ownership experience? I didn't think so.
    To make it even more clear. If you buy the Mercedes and you have problems you will be unhappy when something goes wrong but at least you drive the car you like(one plus, one minus), you buy the Mercedes and the car is problem free (here is the perfect ownership experience, 2 times plus)
    You buy the Lexus and is problem free, you are glad you don't have problems but the car is not really what you wanted to drive(one plus ,one minus), you buy a Lexus with problems( and it can definitely happen)you have what you can call a nightmare(two times minus). Count and see who wins.

    Buy the car that makes you happy. If your heart tells you to buy a Mercedes do it, because that's as close as you can get to a perfect ownership experience. Good luck.
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    fasterthanyou, I agree with you...always go with your heart. Your brain is only a calculator and only gets in the way of true happiness.

    Even if Buick led the list with 5 defects per 100 cars, if my heart isn't in it, it will not make me happy and you would remain "faster than me" also. :cry:

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    I owned a Lexus Rx300 and had porblem after problem with it and the dealer repair cost was silly.

    I traded it out for a c240 2004 and loved it and had no problems with it and just six weeks ago my dealer called asking if i would like to swap out my 240 for a 2007 c230 sport. I worked out a deal and am now driving a c230 which seems much better to drive and lookes slicker too.

    Overall the Mercedes is a much better car than the Lexus.
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    I am leaving the country soon and need to sell my IS250 (RWD, 53K miles, good condi, fully loaded).
    my Options are: 1) Buy it from Lexus for $25K, 2) return it to Lexus and pay them $3K, 3)Give it to CarMax and they will take care of it but I have to pay them $2K. 4) Go thro the hasle of selling it privetly which I don't want to do.
    I am leaning toward giving it to CarMax... they are selling 07 IS250 at 40K miles for 23K. So I think I am getting a fair deal with them....There are lots of cars in autotraders and i know i won't be able to sell my car easily privetly, so I am just going to do CARMAX. what do you guys think???
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