Volvo C70 Antenna Problems

lemennlemenn Member Posts: 89
Just to make you jealous.





Sometimes Bigger is not better...

Sometimes Bigger is not better...


  • tmarttmart Spring, TXMember Posts: 1,784
    Did the radio reception change with the smallet unit? I prefer my 1st gen antenna.
  • lemennlemenn Member Posts: 89
    Not at all, still cristal clear.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    Where did you get it?
  • tmarttmart Spring, TXMember Posts: 1,784
    Is it from Volvo or after market?
  • lemennlemenn Member Posts: 89
    I don't want to pollute the forum with commercial aftermarket information.

    Please contact me at my personnal email address if you want more information about it.

    [email protected]
  • erisamanerisaman Member Posts: 99
    Does it pick up 'short wave radio'?

    Ooops, sorry, couldn't resist that one - but yes, it does look good.
  • lemennlemenn Member Posts: 89
    I cannot even spell my personal email correctly...

    The correct one is [email protected]

    As far as short wave is concerned I can just say that in France we have FM (Frequency Modulation) and this is around 100 MHz and AM (Amplitude Modulation) about Khz I believe (I need to check that).
    Using the automatic memory system of the radio I can place into memory 10 stations on FM1 , then 10 stations on FM2, then only few stations 3 or 4 on AM with the C70 factory antenna

    With the smaller antenna I can find the same stations on FM1, FM2 and AM with the same sound quality.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaMember Posts: 1,222
    As long as you're not selling it, it's okay to tell where you got it.


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  • cricket4cricket4 Member Posts: 94
    Meant to tell you. Nice antenna.
  • carpexpertcarpexpert Member Posts: 1
    hmmm nice antenna...i have newly high quality performance volvo antenna mounted, that is match to my vehicle’s system...thnx volvo for the finest quality of engineering.
  • aasbdaasbd Member Posts: 2
    Has anyone else experienced this when opening or closing the roof? I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen if for myself. I have a feeling the dealer is not going to believe me. I was hoping that it was a common problem.
  • rschleicherrschleicher Member Posts: 79
    I've never had that problem with my 2007 - there must be a fairly significant bend to your antenna. Can't you just bend it the other way for a while to get it to straighten out? A replacement antenna shouldn't amount to much money, in any case. Thre is a set of posts on this forum talking about a "shortie" replacement antenna, for a little bit sleeker look. It would also probably solve the problem. (See the C70 Antenna thread.)
  • aasbdaasbd Member Posts: 2
    Thanks, I think I might try that. The antenna is pulled out quite a bit from being stretched and bent. I'm sure it's toast.
  • cobia210cobia210 Member Posts: 12
    I am new to this forum and I am interested in purchasing a "shortie " antenna for my 2008 C70. I have search all over the net without success. Can someone tell me where I can get one? Thanks.
  • lemennlemenn Member Posts: 89
    Have you tried to just remove completely the antenna?

    You could be surprised with the results.

    At least in Europe/France you just don't need it...

  • raznobraznob Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 C70 which does the same thing, every now and then the aerial will decide to get trapped in the trunk, I now monitor progress in the wing mirror. Is there an alternative, a retractable soulution???
  • volvobuffvolvobuff Member Posts: 35
    I have not seen any retractable antennas, but there are third-party replacement antennas which are shorter in length and visually much less obtrusive; perhaps they would also be less likely to get snagged by the top. See
  • newc70ownernewc70owner Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if the antenna on a 2012 Volvo C70 is removable? The service tech said it was but when I tried to remove it before going through a car wash, just the rubber sheath turned a little. It never came loose and I could not get it off. I've had to leave it on during car washes, but it looks like it's starting to pull away from the base. I am concerned about damaging it. The owner guide is silent on the issue.
  • 4mercoachrick4mercoachrick Member Posts: 133
    A) We need to find you a place with hand washing or a no-touch spray. ;)
    2) Unless I was dreaming, I've removed the antennae stalk by unscrewing it, leaving a 2-3 inch 'stub' protruding from the fender. This was on the '08 and '11 model years. I'm not aware of a change for '12.
    Seriously, none of our three C70 convertibles has seen the inside of a 'contact' car wash. Fortunately, we have plenty of 'no-touch' washes around and our 'car spa' uses humans with towels or hand-held brushes. The Entertainment Book coupon gets us a complete interior/exterior cleaning with wheel and tire dressing for $12. :shades:

    We're under pretty severe watering restrictions because of our two-year drought. No washing at home except one morning a week. :surprise:
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