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Pathfinder Power Steering Problems

go0001go0001 Posts: 2
edited June 2014 in Nissan
Long story short. 2001 pathfinder SE
I got stuck in the mud and tried really hard to drive out. After getting out, the power steering seemed gone. I drove another 5 minutes, checked power steering fluid level and it was low. Checked by a mechanic, he didn't find any leaking but some "metal fragaments". He reflushed the fluid. It feels normal while driving, but still really stiff at 0-5 mph. Put tranismission at neutral, acclerating (increasing rpm) seems help.

Was this due to "damaged power steering pump", or "bent tie rod or ball joint", or "loose belts". Doe anyone have a clue?

Help really appreciated. You can leave a message here or email Thanks again.


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