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    Oh! It says so on the internet so it must be true... :P
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    My Acura salesman told me on thursday that there will be a 4 cyl. and 6 cyl. version of the '09 TSX w/ the six getting SH-AWD. They'll be out in the spring.
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    The color chart for the 09 model.
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    Hey!? Keep that up and you could hurt my feelings ;) That is my page and everything there is a confirmed fact. We have ordered our cars for April delivery, in a few days we'll see what (if any) of our additional requests have been granted. We'll be getting 18 confirmed in our first batch.

    I remember the excitement 5 years ago when we were waiting for the first generation TSX to arrive. Check out this video I made from 2003.

    TSX at California Speedway
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    anyone on this board know about the possibility of a diesel TSX being introduced in North America next summer as an '09 model?

    The Tsx is a pretty decent deal, but with a diesel, it's much better.
    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
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    They have confirmed the TSX will be the first Acura to receive the new i-DTEC engine. It is slated for introduction in 2009, and will surely be a 2010 model.
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    Looks like turbo will come after all.
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    A Turbo Diesel is confirmed, the gasoline turbo is still speculation.

    Sorry, I just can’t wrap my brain around the idea of where the turbo 4 fits in with what we already know as confirmed and what we "know” of how Honda works. Here’s my train of thought:

    -Fact: The ’09 TSX is arriving in April and will be available with a 5AT or a 6MT.
    -Fact: The i-DTEC engine will come to the TSX in 2009, probably as a 2010.
    -Fact: There is no current application of a 6MT and SH-AWD.
    -Fact: The K23 (turbo) in the RDX uses a transmission from the RL due to the torque output and it's use of SH-AWD
    -Fact: Acura has successfully put 256 lb.ft. (@5000) through the Type-S manual.

    What if the car coming in two months has the turbo 4 as the base engine? Has Acura found a way to manage the torque for the auto and a new manual because these transmissions are already confirmed?

    What if the car coming in two months has a V-6? It is certainly doable because Acura has already done this in both the ’08 Accord and current TL but does this make marketing sense? Would you start with a V-6 then bring out the diesel 4 and turbo 4?

    The only thing that makes sense is that the initial TSX will have an evolution of the NA K24 that the current car has. This means they can continue to use the existing 5AT and 6MT transmissions. In one year, they release the new diesel with a heavy duty automatic transmission (probably from the V-6 cars).

    By this time the new TL is out, and if it priced like many expect, they can release a V-6 to satisfy all the existing V-6 customers unwilling to move to the newer price point for the TL.
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    Will the new 2009 Acura TSX continue to be built in Japan like before or have they moved to USA?
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    The TSX will continue to be built in Japan.
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    I have been following all the discussions on the 09 TSX pretty closely – I have been in the market for a new car for the past year or so and have been patiently holding out. I almost caved and bought the Lexus IS 250, but I needed just a tiny bit more of a backseat. I even looked at the RDX, but the ‘center of attention’ navi knob and the gas mileage have steered me away.
    Speed - AWD vs FWD, etc... - that sort of stuff doesn't appeal to me as much as the reliability and aesthetics.
    I am curious about interior details (if anyone has anything): dimensions, styling (no big navi knob please!), for the new TSX. I love the black on black look, it is what my current Acura is, but I don’t like how the option to have faux wood with ebony interior has been obsolete for the TSX. I like the faux wood, maybe I am out dated with my love for the wood (don’t take that the wrong way) – if it isn’t an up and coming option I may have to learn to like the stainless or carbon look.
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    Unfortunately, interior details, specifications on exact engine hp and the pricing will be the last thing to arrive. When the last car came out, the pricing was release only a few days prior to it's on sale date. For the new TSX, they official 'on sale' date is supposed to be April 24th.
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    Hi folks,

    Just got my new TSX for a week.. very nice.
    But I couldn't find anything indicating the side airbags on the front doors.. while other airbags are clearly shown..

    Besides, the ignition doesn't seem that smooth in the morning.. takes just a little more time, but does turn on in the first attempt. Is that supposed to be normal?
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    Congrats. If you're talking about the torso airbags for the front seats, they're not in the doors. They are in the side bolsters and tear through the seams when the deploy. As for cold starts, ever since our state went to E10, I've noticed a little more cranking time, just be sure not to press the gas when you start. The DBW should take care of that for you,
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    Just purchased an 08 TSX w/Navi, was curious if it can play DVD movies. I guess I could try, but was wondering if anybody has experiance with this?
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    according to the nav manual it states the following:
    The navigation system is designed only to read the white DVD provided with your vehicle. the answer is NO
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    I guess I need to start reading these manuals.
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    Is the 2008 TSX similar in size to the 06 Accord?? Does anyone know, Love the size of the Accord, but like the TSX.... Let me know..
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    Hi! This is the best quote I've got so far, let me know if its a good deal? I am planning to lease for 3 yrs/20K miles. As I would be definitely crossing my 15K miles, I thought to go with this option and buy the miles at a cheaper rate upfront. However, please let me know if following figures lead to a good deal for 2008 Acura TSX with nav. I rolled in the $1600 fees in my monthly payments.

    Residual 15245
    Money Factor 0.0014
    Adjusted Cap cost - 28324.54
    No other fees upfront
    Monthly payment is around 504

    Earlier, the dealer quoted 410 with $1600 down for 15K miles.
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    Here's a deal one of my friends got on a Acura TSX 2008 last month:

    Invoice: 28353
    MSRP: 31005
    MF: 0.0014
    Residual: 56% of MSRP
    Down: 3180
    Monthly payment: 350/month
    Term: 36mo., 12K miles

    He qualified for Tier 2 since he did not have much history, only about a couple of years.

    What do you think guys - Good deal or not? How does the monthly payment look? Good?

    I am posting this one for him :)
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    You want to be posting in the Acura TSX Lease Questions and the Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience discussions for the best feedback.

    BTW, are you leasing a TSX or a Camry Hybrid? Both are fine cars!
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    That's what I need to figure out - after shopping around for Acura and Hybrid for 20K miles/ 3 yrs, I am getting Acura TSX 2008 for $504 (no down payment) and Camry Hybrid 2009 (fully loaded) for $487. Both have navigations. I have driven both the cars and like both of them. It's matter of me giving those extra bucks + gas expenses to drive an Acura and I think I am going to do it :-)
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    Well, keep us posted!! ;)
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    I got a Carbon grey Pearl Acura TSX 2008 with quartz interior. I realized considering all the factors, it came down to me driving the car which I would like driving for 3 yrs and it had to be Acura :)
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    conrats and safe driving. Hope you enjoy your 08 tsx as much as I do my 06, bought new 11/17/06. It has almost 44,000 miles.
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    Congrats!! Enjoy your new ride! :)
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