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Chevrolet Cavalier Starting/Stalling Problems



  • tlbeardtlbeard Posts: 1
    Replaced fuel injector on a 1995 Cavalier 2.2 motor. Now car acts like it wants to start, but doesn't. Any suggestions?
  • cavownercavowner Posts: 1
    I had the same problem with my car we discovered the catalytic converter was stopped up once we changed that car runs fine
  • we have a 99 cavalier that cuts out and starts shaking at 1/4 throttle. it won't do this until it reaches normal engine temp. then stalls when you come to a stop. new fuel pump,new TPS,new MAP,new O2 sensor,new coil packs and ignition mod,new plugs,new wires. new crank sensor. won't stall or cut out in reverse. pulled O2 sensor and ran engine to make sure no exhaust restrictions. :sick:
  • bob263bob263 Posts: 1
    hi i have a 1994 cavalier and it has 180,000 miles and the engine was missing and so i took it to get it fixed and he said it had a burnt valve and he fix it and we got it back and it would not start and we took it back and they said the starter was bad so they replaced it and the car will start but now it still missing but worse at idle and while driving and the engine is knocking in it and the oil light came on so i checked the oil and it was full the oil light comes on only at idle speed but i don't know if its the sending unit went bad or the oil pump and i think the rod baring is going bad to, the engine don't tap it knocks its been knocking for about a week now i put new plugs and new wires and new o2 sensor on it. so if any body could give me any pointers that would be great :sick:
  • it could be a rod knocking. if you want to check it out, drain the oil and pull the oil pan off the engine. you will expose the rods.with the pan off use a 18 mm wrench on the end of the crank to turn it back and forth. if you have a problem with a rod you may see it. your local auto parts store also sells plasta can use this to check for excessive oil clearance. they can tell you how to use it. good luck i hope this helps
  • after all the minor problems of the car were fixed we could only get it to stall in drive. :sick: it never would stall in reverse. :surprise: unplugging the tcc solenoid didn't solve the problem. :sick: we changed the tcc solenoid and the car runs great. :) no more stalling,no more shuddering, no more shaking :)
  • fundifundi Posts: 1
    my 99 Cavalier has been running fine. Drove 3 miles, stopped and when I returned there was no action at starter. Battery is good and I cleaned terminals. Jumped starter at solenoid with key on and it turned over but died when i released. I replaced start relay on cross member over radiator. still no good. Had what looks like a cheap alarm hooked to oil sensor which had like a phone cord into the passenger compartment I disconnected the whole mess but still no start. You can hear fuel pump when key turned to run and radio dies out when you turn to start but no other action. Any ideas?
  • staceymstaceym Posts: 1
    Every time my 95 cav gets to 1/4 tank of gas it starts to stall. If I ride the brake and gas at same time I can keep driving (pain in the butt). I know that there is fuel in the tank (about 10L). once I put in more fuel I can get it started but will still stall until I drive for about 10 or 15 minutes, then all is fine.
    I recently replaced the head gasket. Any ideas.

    Also I replaced my thermostat and know my temp gage reads a lot higher than it use too. :mad:
  • bought the 99 cav for my daughter test drove ran great . has 144,000 on it . been stalling out at stop lights .cleaned fuel filter, seem like it a fuel problem,any help will do to make it better :P :P
  • ;) i had the same problem with a 99 caviler. after we spent a lot of time and money it was just the tcc solenoid. the part is cheap and easy to fix. don't just unplug it. that wouldn't fix our problem. it had to be replaced. ;)
  • thanks, show me navajo. drop the car off at my buddy the mechanic he said, he put his code machine on it , came back that it was the tranny solenoid was stuck on the on postion, is this the same as the tcc solenoid . im no mechanic but i drove it home which it took me about 1 hour . drove pretty good, hope this is the last time i take it to my buddy. ">link title :confuse:
  • I had a similar problem with my 94 pontiac. Exact issue to a T, one day it actually just stalled and would not start. Thought it was alternator because serpintine belt wasn't moving, but when we took off belt the car started. Turns out it was the AC motor (I think that's what it was), basically it totally went out and was preventing the belt from turning...
  • first off i want to thank, SHOW ME NAVAJO :) for saving me a lot of money , my buddy put the new tcc in yesterday this little cav is running great tranny is shifting good, it cost me about $ 400.00 parts and labor if any body is having troubles with cav stalling at lights . check the tcc solenoid it will save you a lot of head aches. and get your car going on the road ;)
  • I have a problem with my cavalier first it did it once every few months....but tonight it does it everytime i go to start my car.i would turn the key and it would do nothing.i have power to everything.its like its not sending the power to the will start again after awhile of turning key on and off.tonight tho i took the key out and shook the ignition and when i put the key in it started.i have no idea what it could be...anyone got any idea?
  • hi Mud, first have a new key made, secondly its either the starter or the ignition switch that is bad. good luck.
  • I have the same or similar problem. At first it would take a couple turns to start. The other night it took a good 20 tries. Opening the hood-- it smells like gasoline and gas mileage seems worse. I was told it's the fuel pressure regulator (it looks wet after I've been trying to start). My friend found a hose around that area that was cracked/smoking and rigged it up a bit better... then it started. I'm going tomorrow (if the cavy starts) to get it checked, but judging on previous incidents, my first solution is never right. All I know is I'm sick of this piece having a new problem every month! :lemon: Any help is appreciated :)
  • so not only am i having the problem i listed before but now my car dont start at all.sometimes when i go to start it all it does is click and sometimes it turns over but wont start and i have no idea what it is
  • i always try the cheap and easy stuff first. battery connections at the battery can seem clean and be trashed. next check the positive wire going to the starter and make sure it is tight. the wire running from the alternator needs to be tight also. if these things are ok the next time it gives you trouble try tapping the starter lightly with a hammer from the underside of the car
  • my 1994 chevy cavalier stalls after driving around for a bit when i stop at red lights or stop signs or slow down.

    i'm sure that's what it is with my car too show_me_navajo. i took my car to a chevrolet dealership and they said it was an easy fix and they said they just had to unplug something and all was well. Turns out that it worked. I've recently had my car worked on due to overheating issues and i think the mechanic i took it to might have plugged that piece back in. do you have any idea how i could recognize that piece on a 1994 cavalier? i read that it's a blue plug but i don't know how many wires it has or where exactly it is connected. i would really appreciate anybody's help on how to locate the tcc solenoid or mainly the plug that is connected to the transmission that needs to be pulled.
  • I have a 97 cavalier Z24, automatic, and when I try to start it, once every 5 times or so, it does nothing at all. It doesn't even try to roll over, it makes a sound like as if it were already started and I were trying to start it again. It only does this in spurts, chances are I need a new starter but if it is something else perhaps, seeing as how this only happens sometimes, I'd like to know.
  • I have had so many parts replaced on my cavalie rand now it will start and when i tdrive or reverse it will go dead and wont start Can anyone help me with this.
  • I have had so many parts replaced on my 1987 cavalier, It will start and when i put it in drive or reverse it dies and wont start, but will in park.Can anyone help me in this.
  • Hi,
    I'm in New Zealand, where we have a lot of Toyota badged RHD Chevy Cavaliers. On my '96 2.4 ltr, for a few weeks when I turned the key on, the gages all flickered and it made a static type sound. I had to turn the key on and off until it worked normally and then it went fine. Now thats stopped, but the engine check light only comes on about every 10th time I turn the key, and there's no way it'll run until that light comes up. Once it does, it starts and runs and idles fine. Looks from other replies that its emissions system related, but is any particular sensor likely to be the culprit. Our GM dealers don't want to know about these cars, nor do Toyota dealers, so I'm not sure we can even run the diagnostics.
  • :) is your cavalier an automatic trans? if so the tcc solenoid could be the problem. the solenoid can be disconnected on some cars. it is a 4 wire plug on the front of the trans. unplug it and try the car. let me know what happens :)
  • Hi, thanks, yep, all the cavs in NZ are 2.4 4stage auto models. I'll try what you suggest tomorrow and let you know,
  • 1998lincoln1998lincoln Posts: 108
    Just something to look at, "fuel pressure regulator" !
  • 1998lincoln1998lincoln Posts: 108
    Also , check the TCC "torque converter solenoid", these go bad and will cause the engine to stall. If you get your car started, put it in reverse and see if it stalls out, if not, probably the TCC is bad !
  • Ok,i have a 1993 cavalier and after it would warm up it would stall while driving then it was really hard to get it started again. I replaced alot of things from the fule pump to the coil packs,still nothing worked. Just today my mother went out and played around with it and thought the butterfly flap might be getting stuck to the intake. Then i went out to help her and was looking around and found out that my kick down cable was really tight. so,we took off the kick down cable from the throttle and its running great! Befor you go out and buy all kinds of parts to try and fix this pain in the a$$ problem,try taking off the kick down cable that is located on the throttel,the same spot where the gas pedal cable is. IT WORKD GREAT FOR ME. I hope i helped some of you. I know how much of a pain this is.
  • dandak1dandak1 Posts: 1
    I had this same problem. Started with cranking problems then became intermittent stalling when driving. Took it to my mechanic who refused to do any work until he could be certain of the problem. Well, he finally replicated the problem and it was a short in the ignition switch. Got it fixed and haven't had any problems since.
  • cavalier_grlcavalier_grl Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    I have a 1996 chevy cavalier (2.2L / manual) and for the past couple of days my car keeps chugging and stalling out. When the car is about to die, i put it into neutral and try to reve the engine but it acts like it isnt getting any gas and dies anyway. It only does it once the engine is warm. If I let the car sit for a little bit, it starts right back up and is fine until it gets warm again.I have replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, and fuel injector regulator. I am at my wits end and dont know what it could be...Please HELP!!! :cry:
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