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Chevrolet Cavalier Starting/Stalling Problems



  • i recently just bought a 91 chevy cavalier and now im noticing that when i drive it it wil stall going down the road then it will start right back up....i have no idea what is going on with the thing so and feedback would be appreciated thank you
  • have you replaced the fuel filter?
  • I have a 1990 chevrolet cavalier 4cyl, 89,000 miles, when it sets overnight or 5 or 6 hours in the yard. It doesn't want to run. It will crank right up but will stall for a least the next 8 or nine tries then. When it started up I have to let it run about 3 min before I can pull off or it will stall again. After that if will run fine the rest of the day. When I'm going up the road it feel like its not getting enough of gas. After about 5 min you can't tell that anything wrong. I have change the fuel pump. spark plugs,gas treatment. The next day the same thing,can't just get into the car and drive off. Can someone help, What about the Oxygen sensor?
  • I feel you on that, I have a 1990 too, that wants to cut out at 2 RPM. After about 6 hundred spent, more money to be spent. it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to enjoy Christmas this year! :cry:
  • rainbowzrainbowz Posts: 1
    edited January 2012
    I can definitely relate! I have an '04 cavalier, bought new that year. Just turned over 34,000 miles. Been stalling since '06. Used to be one in a great while, now I'm afraid to drive, b/c it stalls every time I am at a red light, stop sign, or even need to set on the brake to make a left turn, for example. Have had it to 4 different places, now at chevy garage (& I'm driving a free rental). It's to the point now that it has stalled 2x at a light. it stalls, & when I get it in drive, it stalls again. The last time they "fixed' it, I drove abt 10 min to the mall, & after abt an hour, went to drive home. As soon as I started the car, the engine light was on (it's off & on & there's no relevance to the stalling, it's on when the car stalls & doesn't.) it stalled 2x before I got home. When I dropped the car off yesterday, the guy asked if it had happened since then & I said I haven't driven since then. I saved running all my errands until I knew I'd have the rental. It isn't safe to drive, I'm sick of driving with my flashers on, & everyone honking at me, & waiting in a turn lane to make a left turn, only to stall 1/2 way into it, as cars come towards me. I think the worst part of all this is.... I have to keep paying for this crap......even though it's never fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT BUY CHEVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had the fuel injector replaced, along with other things I can't even think abt. They keep checking & reseting the same codes.... the last thing was something with the AC.... u r kidding me, right???? All the money put into fiixing this could have bought a cheaper car by now. I'm stuck, b/c I can't buy a car, & to trade this in... yeah, like I'd get anything for it. One things for sure, when I do get another car, it won't be a Chevy.
  • I have a 96 cavalier and I think of it as a troublesome car after a mazda which gave me over 100000 miles trouble free. But when I read this blog I feel lucky compared to most cav owners. But to the point, I had this annoying stalling problem and it turned out to be nothing more than a little vacuum hose between the inlet manifold and the sensor. I joke there's the laughing cavalier, but no such thing as a laughing cavalier owner!!
  • My car is stalling randomly, and when i start it up it sometimes acts like its going to die. It is a 2.2 liter 4cyl. M/T has A/C. I replaced the fuel filter yesterday. Did nothing to help. replaced water pump because it was leaking badly and i was having over heating issues. Any way going down the highway it misses bad. and after awhile it will actually lose all power and start backfiring. but it doesn't die. just loses power. than it will come back, run fine for a min or so. than it starts doing it again. After working on it today it seems to be worse. 98,000 miles on it. replace one coil and the icm at 79000 miles. replaced plugs and wires at 91000 miles.
  • Which sensor was it?
  • Hi,
    It's the sensor right at the front of the engine when you lift the hood, can't miss it, right in the center at the top. There's a small hose going from the bottom of it to the inlet manifold. On mine the hose was perished and had fallen off at one end. I just replaced it with a bit of plastic tube and away it went again.
    Worth a try, good luck.
  • cburncburn Posts: 1
    I have a '94 cavalier that I purchased in '98. It runs perfectly from a cold start. If I drive long enough for the car to reach normal operating temp, shut it off, and try to restart/drive again within 30 minute or so, it misses when trying to accelerate. If I let off the gas it gets better, and over the course of 2 minutes or so of driving, it goes back to running fine. Last week I went to the store and when I came out it started fine. Once in drive it stalled upon acceleration. After trying to restart several times, I left it there for several hours, came back, and it ran fine. On a paid mechanics diagnosis I have replaced plugs, wires, coil packs, ignition module, and crank sensor. I cleaned the TBI, and the egr and pcv valves. The only thing that has changed is the calendar and my cashflow. My fuel pump is not whining, and was replaced by a dealer several years ago. I'm running out of cash and options. Please help.
  • jamn55jamn55 Posts: 2
    2001 Chevy Cavalier, 2.2L inline-4 OHV "2200 SFI", automatic, wth 143,000 miles.

    When you turn the key to start the car, there is a short delay before the car starts up. No noise of any kind, no nothing ... just a pause for like 2 or 3 seconds then it starts. Any ideas?
  • scotttt1970scotttt1970 Posts: 4
    edited November 2012
    Hi I have had a 2000 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 liter 4 cyl Automatic for about 5 or 6 years now. I have noticed the whole time I have owned it, that when I start the car and shift from Park to Drive I hear a clunk, and with the hood open the engine pivots back and forth one time really far and once engaged the engine doesn't shake at all. This only happens from park to drive, it does not do this from park to any other gears, and once the car is in drive everything is normal. The car has no shifting problems at all, no slips or clunking while driving or hitting the gas real fast on take off. I changed the all three mounts on the car yesterday. Upper engine mount (still in decent shape), lower dogbone (tore to hell), and Transmission mount (decent). I really haven't noticed it get any worse over the years I just know its not right. I have never changed the fluid or the filter since I owned the car, and most likely it has never been changed in the cars life. Could a dirty filter, and dirty fluid cause this problem? Or could the linkage need adjusted or replaced? Thanks in advance
  • dirty filter won't cause a problem like this. high idle will and will tear the hell out of your mounts. if the idle is ok and the mounts are new, start the car count to 15 then change gears. see if this makes any differnce.pontiac g-6's seem to have the same problem.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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  • Has Anyone come up with an answer to this problem. it stalls out trac light on and it stalls both drive and reverse
  • I wanted to post some useful info for everyone here. I have also been experiencing the rough idle/stall after driving for a bit. Then the car won't start for a few minutes. I had complete diagnostics done on the car. Everything turned out to be working properly, except the ignition coil. The ignition coil was overheating, which causes the stalling. It then needs to cool down before it will provide power to start again. A bad ignition coil can cause almost every single symptom in this thread, but is almost always overlooked. Most mechanics don't actually know that cavaliers in particular have a major problem with this.

    If you need proof of it happening, you have to go to a good mechanic that actually knows what he is doing. Tell him/her to run your vehicle with his computer on it and make it sputter/stall out. This will tell him where the problem is, which will most likely be the ignition coil.
  • Hi I have a 98 Cavalier z24 and Im having a similar problems, the most I can get it to run is about 25 mins if Im on the highway but stalls sooner if Im in town. It takes a few minutes to start it unless I use a shot of starting fluid but heres what is happening, it boggs down when I push hard on the gas but will run better as I let up, once I get to where Im goin with in a half hour away it will start to stall as Im parking and then I have to let the car sit for 1 1/2 hours before it will start again and its really getting to me cuz now the only place I can really drive it is back and forth to work. I already replaced the o2 sensor and map sensor like the obd2 reader told me but Im stumped on this problem. The guy I bought the car from replaced all the plugs and wires and coil pack and I even replaced the one spark module that is right by the plugs and wires. do you think its the ignition coil or something different? I dont have alot of money to waste on parts so Im up for any good advice I can get, thanks RJ
  • Daughters 2005's speddo went wacko on her the other day. She was only going 30 mpg, but guage read 80 mph ! Next time she started car, speedo wouldn't register any speed. The next day she brought it over to my house and at idle it read 45 mph. I researched online for possible fixes and was prepared to remove cluster and replace speedo stepper motor. I decided before going through all that hassle, to pull and clean the fuse for cluster and then removed black battery wire for about 5 mins. and reattached battery lead. this apparently reset computer and the speedo now works fine!
  • My 2001 Cavalier had issue with radio working when it likes. We put a new one in it seemed to work. Now it broke down. Have it towed home. Got it running again the broke down again at my sons house. It would start then shut off within a few minutes. Then wouldn't start for awhile. We made sure battery was fully charged. I bought a fuel filter first. Then we got a fuel pump, fuel tank, and a starter. Still same think. Then we got a fuel regulator still same thing. Changed starter out again. It started that night. Next day went to town it broke down again. Same thing starts then shuts off. He tried somethings people said to try but still same thing. Hooked up the machine to it and no codes still. We are stumped what should we try next. I'm about ready to junk it if my son didn't need a car. :confuse: :confuse: :confuse: Please help!!!!
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