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  • I agree with you on that comment. No car is perfect. You will always have problems with any new or used car you buy. Although I am now at 2000 miles also, in my replacement Vantage, so far, so good. Only minor problem with this one, just like the last (and with many Astons, Porsches and others fitted with Brembo brakes alike) is that the brakes squeel.
  • I wouldn't loose any sleep over it. No doubt you will get a very nice car and be fairly trouble free. Anyway, have you not realized Mercedes has a terrible reputation for reliability (and customer service). Just go check consumer reports and the car magazines in your local bookstore. They all say the same thing about MB and I don't think there is one model that has ever ranked average or above. When comparing reliability with AM and MB the Aston wins hands down, and that's a fact!
  • steel23steel23 Posts: 11
    Very true, however the very title of this thread "lemon" refers to many people who have had problems. I am going through with my purchase regardless as I just can't get this car out of my head. Delivery is scheduled for April after a March build and it seems like a lifetime away. When I mentioned the contents of this discussion to my salesman, he responded they have had no "repetitive or recurring" issues with the car - exactly the response I expected to hear from the salesman. I am hoping he is correct.....but expecting he isn't.
  • steel23steel23 Posts: 11
    Well Cheekymonkey, I certainly have no intention to start a discussion or comparison with MB as I will soon own both cars, but I will say the SLK55 Amg I have has been absolutely bulletproof with not one unexpected service call in 8,000 miles. If I am as fortunate with the Vantage, I will be a happy man indeed!
  • mike69mike69 Posts: 6
    How do you current owners of the AM V* feel about the future $800 oil and filter changes?
  • That's the price you pay when you get up to a prestige marque. No doubt Bentley, Rolls Royce, Masarati, Lotus etc. all have similar pricing for services. Doesn't a Ferarri cost around $4k min per service visit. If it really cost $800 for one oil filter and a gallon of oil then I will do it myself!
  • Yes and I started the thread with my personal experience. Thankfully my replacement didn't/hasn't turned out to be the same. Looking back, its my opinion that the problems I had could have been fixed (even if that meant 2 or 3 visits to the dealership) if only the dealership has dealt with the problem properly, instead of ignoring it or trying to dismiss it. I guess that's how I learnt not to go back to that dealership again, for sales or service (at The Collection, Coral Gables, Florida). Now I use another dealership who is more 'capable'. I think some others in this thread have also experienced similar issues when it comes to service visits. Therefore, the dealer you buy your AM from may not be the best to have it serviced at, and vice versa. That too doesn't just apply to the AM brand.
  • vasivasi Posts: 2

    I have to tell you one thing.

    The moment you drive your AMV8 and you hear the engine/exhaust sound after 4000rpm, you will forget all the bad things about Astons and all the cars you had before.

    At least personally I really love it and you get a satisfaction even if you don't go super fast.

    Good luck with your purchase!

  • steel23steel23 Posts: 11
    Thanks Vasi

    After the test drive I took....I know exactly what you are saying!
  • That is true. Even better... just remove fuse # 21 (or maybe #22, I can check & confirm) from one of the fuseboxes in the right side of the trunk and the exhaust flaps stay open all the time. No need to wait for them to open at 4000rpm.
  • I am a repeat Aston Vantage V8 buyer and I am very please with the quality and performance. I traded in my 2006 for a 2007 convertible, both with absolutely no trouble at all. I have owned many exotics, including the 91 Testarossa I have now. Ferraris are very high maintenance, just look at the cost of spark plug wires ($900). Typical maintenance on the Ferrari runs $9-11k. All marks have there advocates, some deserving, some not. I owned a 1995 Ferrari F355 which in the Ferrari Chat forum had developed an undeserved bad rep. for valve guide problems. While this was a proble with some, it was a small fraction of the total sold, but this witch hunt helped fuel the fire of skeptics. All my experiences with Aston Martin have been very positive.
  • Glad to hear this John. My car is not due to be delivered until April and hearing current owners speak in glowing terms about their cars only makes the anticipation greater. My only solace is it is cold here and getting colder, and the car would be put away by now even if i had it. Spring cannot arrive soon enough!
  • Good to hear some good news about the vantage, mine is due in a few weeks. I understand the oil and filter change is $800 have you experienced this?
  • Mine just stopped backfiring at 4,600 miles -- but only because I had them put fuse # 22 back in. I did love the open exhaust sound below 4,000 rpm (and may switch it back; I mean, what's a little popping?) but that did the trick.
  • I have a 2007 Aston Martin Vantage with 2400 miles. Received the car in August and love the styling and panache. However, I've got a major safety issue. Each time I drive the car a bit over 50 miles, it stalls. I have to turn off the engine before the car will start. It happens in heavy traffic -- Beverly Hills, Santa Barbara and Las Vegas. It's now back at the dealer for the fourth time.

    Anybody else have a comparable experience?
  • Car discussion forums are full of stalling-on-warmup complaints. Most common suggested solutions: replacing/checking the coolant temp sensor; mass airflow sensor; air inlet temp sensor; cold start injector; vacuum hoses; O2 sensor.

    An exhaust leak can cause the O2 sensor to read a falsely high air-to-fuel ratio and trigger the injectors to cut back their open time. The O2 sensor comes on after the engine's warmed up, thus the problem. I'm sure Aston techs know all this, and more idiosynchratic stuff besides. Good luck...
  • salboysalboy Posts: 1
    Please let me know where I can buy a new f430 Ferrari for $180,000
    A 2005 spyder USED is selling for 280,000 here in las vegas
    I also own a 2007 AM Roadster and thank god I have had no problems in any dept. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it stays that way. I also have a 2006 Xj and I have never had a problem other than bringing it in for oil change.
    Oil, filter change on the V8 Vantage should be around 320.00. They tell you 600-800 because they are supposedly checking the whole car but my people say its a crock. just tell them to do the oil and filter and nothing else. If it runs good leave it alone.
  • First, it is absolute BS that an oil change on a Vantage costs $800. It is part of the two year service that totaled, for mine, about $600.

    Second, if you visited the AM Owners web site, you would find that there have been very few, I count one, lemons and that AM has replaced problem cars -- even lemon lites.

    I owned a very early build 2006 coupe for two years and had a few problems but no more than one would expect from an early build exotic. Later cars seem to have most of these issues sorted out. I take delivery of a new Vantage, an '07 roadster, next week.

    It is a very special car though not as special as the Lexus LF-A that I have on order. Of course, the LF-A is going to cost quite a bit more than the Aston.
  • Well...kansashick ...
    As the original thread start I never mentioned anything about an oil change costing $600, $700 or $800 whatever. Somebody else mentioned that here, in this thread, so maybe you should correct that particular person.
    Again, as the original thread starter my V8 Vantage was al lemon and bought back under Lemon Law in Florida. The choice, by my, and entirely at my discretion under the law, was to accept a replacement, of slightly higher specification, at no cost to me. The claim was filed with the Attorney General's office in Florida. So, as regards to your 'one only' lemon listed at the owner's club, it is not the job or duty of any ''owners club' to record such lemon claims. In the USA lemon claims are handled by the attorney general's office within each state. Each state records all such claims and most states will make the list public. In Florida, every single car that becomes a lemon, is made public and can e seen at their web site. I doubt very much that any owners club bothers to scour the internet and collect any such data. Therefore, regardless of how many it says at the owners club you refer to, that clearly is not a true picture, obviously. I personally have not 'registered' my experience at the owners club you mention, so I am out of the picture.
    Not really sure what you are actually trying to imply.

    Anyway, enough said on that. My replacement Vantage is doing ok at 2500 miles. I have just had the 'fix' done for the sqealing brakes, at last! New, squeal free shims replaced the originals. A known problem with an AM fix, they said. They also fixed (replaced) the noisy oil pressure relief valve which sounded like a long fart, 5 minutes after a cold start. My previous Vantage suffered from both these problems but the Coral Gables dealer never fixed them. So, all in all, the car is going fine right now.
  • rezfrezf Posts: 29
    I picked up my specced out 08 Vantage Coupe in Dec 07. I have managed 1900 miles. I love the car. here are a short list of issues since ownership, all promptly fiexed:
    1) squeaky belt...fixed per service bulletin
    2) squeaky brakes...fixed per service bulletin.
    Both occurred at 300 miles

    Everything has been perfect in the last 1600 miles, and I am driving it more and more as weather has been getting better in the DC area.

    Unofortunately, we don't have a choice of dealerships in my area so I have to use my dealer which has been great so far.

    As for the question on oil change, it is part of a more comprehensive service at 10k miles or 12 months of ownership...I have heard a fee of $900....expensive but it does include other things.
  • steel23steel23 Posts: 11
    I have about 800 miles on my 2008 Vantage and can't wipe the smile from my face! One issue has popped up a couple of times now and I wonder if anyone else has seen this: when on display reads "acquiring signal" yet continues to play uninterrupted. When this happens, I am unable to change stations whatsoever but can adjust volume and turn on and off. Anyone else experience this?
  • My '08 Vantage with 3,000 miles on it failed yeserday on an LA freeway. Was passing a car - transmission revved and "no go". Fortunately was able to pull over to the right shoulder in VERY dangerous high-traffic area. Car was towed 56 miles to Aston Rancho Mirage. They "think" the clutch failed (auto transmission). Have lost faith in this car - do not trust it. Any suggestions? I want a new vehicle from Aston - as this cannot happen again. Lucky I am alive. :lemon:
  • cardude67cardude67 Posts: 2
    Funny mine did the same thing today. 65mph and bang the clutch and power were gone with trucks whizzing by.. This is the second car to do the same thing first one was an 07 and was assured it wouldn't happen again on the newer updated tranmission on the 2008.. I'm done.. My Mercedes and BMW's may not have the same feel or status but they never left me stranded for 2 hours on the side of the road.
  • dfregolledfregolle Posts: 2
    Aston HQ told me that they have not experienced this in the US....only in Europe. Funny thing as I was at Aveda the following week and another customer's husband had the same failure. Car is running great now....shifts better, runs better. Still one of the best looking cars on the road!
  • cardude67cardude67 Posts: 2
    The service rep told me that they have seen it before and that some cars have the old clutch and that they have an updated clutch and that they don't know which cars have the old clutch so they have to fail in order to replace them. This was my life on the line as my car lost complete control of power... If this was the first time this happened I may over look it. I love the car but quality on the 2007 was bad and I have lost faith with 4500 miles on this car it doesn't feel right. I agree the car is great looking, but if someone told me you would have to replace the clutch every 2-3000 miles I would have passed.
  • vodavoda Posts: 2
    I'm currently looking to pick up a used Vantage (06 or 07), but sounds like a lot of issues to deal with. Are all these clutch problems with the automatic only? How is the build quality after a little use (lots of rattles, squeeks, etc.)? I'd really like to see a list of the most common problems and the difference between the '06 and '07. If the car is more trouble then its worth, I'll just get another Porsche. I have a Porsche dealer 1/2 hour away, but the AM dealer is 1.5 hours so I don't want to be making a lot of repair trips or paying for long distance towing. Appreciate the info and thoughts on this situation.
  • bogsterbogster Posts: 2
  • bogsterbogster Posts: 2
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Hi, bogster,

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  • THE WORST DEALER EVER I bought almost $ 500,000 worth of NEW Aston Martin cars one DBS and one V8 Vantage. The cars were in such bad condition asked the factory rep. to come to my home and look for themselves.
    When the rep came over he found the engine cooling fans defective, wheels out of balance, rattles thru-out the car, the driver’s side window leaked air, the air conditioner compressor was bad and more. NOW that was on a BRAND NEW $300,00 Aston Martin DBS
    Then my NEW 2009 Aston Martin V8 Vantage had door opening problems, Mirror Problems, rattles everywhere, alarm problems and many other problems. Remember this is a BRAND NEW 2009 V8 Vantage loaded with issues when I got the car NEW!!
    So I can’t the Sales Manager for After Market sales in the USA for Aston Martin Mr. Gary Hyman. HE came to my home which was very nice but since I had just spent $ 500,000 on two cars that had many issues I think it was the least they could do. During our visit ME Hyman agreed that almost every issues I had was real and needed to be fixed.
    Mr. Hyman said they would sent a truck to pick up my DBS first then when they returned the DBS fixed they would pick up the Vantage fix it and return the car to me ( Mr Hyman’s email to me)
    Email from Gary Hyman after they picked the car up and sent it to Las Vegas 8 hours away from me, if I had to go pick it up they should have sent the car to Calif. Just a 3 hour drive from me. Mr. Hyman now states sorry we changed our mind you come get the car breaking the legal contract we had , DO NOT TRUST ASTOM MARTIN AND HERE IS PROOF.

    Here is a email with the agreement we had not only by phone but in writing with this email, a agreement is a contract and if you would like to change it I will fly down get the car and dive it back, then I will use the means I have to recover my daily cost, air fare, hotel etc.
    Mr Lentini
    First I apologise for not answering your emails , I was not purposely ignoring you I have been conducting a service clinic at a dealer the last 2 days and then drove 3 ½ hours home last night .
    You are absolutely right about the paintwork and there is no excuse, as agreed I will have the car collected on the return of the V8 and attended to by the body shop.
    Your emails have been forwarded to the general manager of Gaudin Aston martin and I will call you on Monday morning to discuss .
    Best regards,
    Gary Hyman
    Next when the dealer Gaudin in Las Vegas NV had my DBS they installed a new drivers window moulding and made the window leak more air and the wind noise was unbelievable. And they rubbed out the left rear fender with the wrong equipment leaving the fender with REALLY BAD CIRCLES in the paint.
    ( all the photos, emails, and letters about this will be posted on in a few days so you can see just how badly they screwed up the cars, and lied to us.
    So Gaudin in Vegas was to pick up the car and fix the wind noise they put in the car, and it was agreed Aston Martin would send the car to a Exotic Car Paint shop to see how to fix the finish on the car the dealer really screwed up.
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