How does the RWD E-Class handle in the snow?

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I am considering purchasing a '03 RWD E-Class and was concerned how the car handles in the snow. I live in Chicago, it can get pretty bad here.


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    Get a spare set of wheels and have real snow tires (not all-seasons) mounted on them. With that you'll be able to get around anything in Chicago (unless the unplowed snow is so deep that you bottom out -- unlikely). My wife's 2002 C240 with snow tires does just fine here in Boston, where we have many more hills than in Chicago.

    I grew near Chicago driving a full-size Ford station wagon -- no ABS, no spin control, and terrible weight distribution. Any recent RWD MB sedan with snow tires will be far, far superior what I grew up with.
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    I think the '03 has pretty much the same traction/ESP/ASR system as my '01 and I live just west of Boston and have faced some pretty good snowfall in what the natives call the "snowbelt". My 2001 is fantastic on snow, WITH 4 SNOW TIRES. It is still pretty good with all-season tires that have an aggressive tread and a good snow traction history. (Tire Rack ratings are fairly accurate. I bought a certain brand from them for my '96 E320 that had a good snow rating and got through some pretty bad storms coming North in the winter and the '06 did NOT have ESP, just limited slip.)

    In my opinion, wIth good snow tires, limited slip, ASR, ESP, ABS, etc., the E-class doesn't need AWD and can navigate the roadways as well as any 4-wheel drive unless the snow is actually more than 8 inches deep. If it's that deep, you shouldn't be on the roads unless you're on the job as a Public Safety worker.. :D
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