Fog lights to stay on with high beams?

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I am looking for the aftermarket part to keep the RDV fog lights from turning off when you switch to high beams. I looked a couple of years ago ('04) on the net and found the part, but lately I have look and found nothing.
(Normally the fog lights are on when the low beams are on, then turn off when the high beams are switched on.)
Any links, websites or phone numbers appreciated!
:) I wanted it for my 2002 RDV but didn't buy it back then, but now I want it for my 2006 RDV.


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    you prolly will have to rewire your fog lights and i dont know if thats gonna piss off the BCM :) they prolly get power from the low beams and thats why when you switch the fogs go off. I wish mine would come on with the headlights the car looks so much better when they are on but having to manually turn them i i forget i even have em
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    I have one question for you. WHY? You will be making it dangerous for other drivers when you have both fog and high beams on at the same time. You could also be making other drivers angry if you have both sets of lights on even at a distance. For many drivers night time driving is difficult enough but with another set of bright lights even from a distance just makes it harder for others to drive.
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    I hope you know that alot of the newer vehicals they are coming out with, the fog lights come on automaticaly and are even on when high beems are on. I drive alot at night and see this first hand. so whats the problem if some one wants there fog lights to be on with both low and high beems.
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    "so whats the problem if some one wants there fog lights to be on with both low and high beems."

    So, what's the problem? Think about it? If people find it difficult to see in front of them when a car is driving towards them with their high beems on, that increases the chance of an accident especially a head on collision. I think that is a pretty compelling reason to have use them only when conditions are justified for them to be used.

    On the last 3 vehicles I've owned, ( the only three I've ever owned that have been equipped with fog lights) the fog lights will only shine when the low beems are on. Once you activate the high beems, the fog lights shut off automatically until you hit the low beems again. If your claim is correct that there are car companies that have fog lights that are independent of the low/high beems being on, that is too bad there are manufacturers that haven't set up their cars to use the fog lights in synch with the low beems being on. It is a potential safety problem. So lack of safety is the problem for fog lights working with both low and high beems on.
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    Hi, I wanted to start a projet on my JGC Laredo 4WD 4.0, just wondering if I can get a little help from the experts like you guys. I wanted to install a fog light and driving lights too on my jeep. I just wanted to buy those aftermarkets so I can save a few bucks (hope so). The thing is I havent done this project before and I have very little knowledge. But Im pretty sure that I can do it if only I can get a little guidance. Ii have consulted everything on the internet as per wiring harness and i got same basics but it seems incomplete. I want very detailed instructions because I dont want to commit any mistakes.

    Thank in advance.
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    Hey leak....

    I did the same "extra lights" install on one of my previous vehicles. For my preivous vehicle, I found the accessory "+" pin in the factory fuse box. This "+" pin is only live when the ignition key is on. Use a 12V tester to find the ACC. plug in your vehicle. From there, I ran a 12 guage wire to a manual off/on switch (on the dash area). Mounted the toggle switch to have UP as on and DOWN is OFF. For safety, natural gravity always forces switch into OFF position (just like a properly mounted house switch). Run the 12 guage wire to your external mounted light(s). May have to to drill a small hole with rubber grommet into the fire wall. Or, hopefully use an existing firewall hole. By using "self grounding" lights, one only needs 1 x 12 guage wire to the light. If needed, use a "Y" connection between both lights. Note: Most light kits provide 16 or 14 guage wire. I like using "thicker" 12 guage automotive wire instead. And if possible, use a RED or BLUE color wire - for ease of visual identification afterwards. And if necessary, install another inline fuse inside the vehicle (where its easy to access). Thus, allowing even more circuit protection.

    Why the accessory "+" pin? Front lights go off when the ignition key if off. Thus, stopping the vehicle's battery from being drained - when the ignition key is in the off and manual switch is accidentally left ON. Why the extra off/on manual switch? To allow the person to turn ON or OFF the extra lights when you want. If driving down clear city lights, then turn the extra lights OFF. Many folks, including myself, don't light too much light in their mirrors. Some people get very anal about it. And when doing county / logging trail driving, turn the extra lights manuall ON. This, increasing your driving safety. Especially on the extreme dark logging trails.

    Note: In some areas, its illegal to use high power OFF-ROAD or EXTRA FOG lights when driving on paved or populated roads. Perfectly fine to use these extra lights on very dark country roads (like in my area). With this in mind, use your manual OFF/ON switch "only when needed". Drove with manual off/on extra lights for many years and never got honked at. In my dark area, bet 20% of vehicles have extra driving or extra reverse lights.

    Hope this helps....

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