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2001 Volkswagen Beetle Electrical & Lighting Problems



  • My friend has a 2003 new Beetle. These things all quit at the same time; windows, sunroof, mirror contols, rear hatch release, interior lights, door locks won't stay locked no matter how I lock them. Wiring diagrams link all these together in the comfort system control module. Where is that? I've searched a lot and can't find any info for it. Is it possible a relay is the problem(I hope). This is the latest in a cascade of problems, one after another. Oh, don't get me started!!! If you could just give me a clue, because I am clueless on this one. Thanks for your time.
  • the cd player in my sister's '04 beetle turbo won't take cd's anymore. it seems the mechanism that takes the cd's in is busted i guess. if you push it all the way in it'll work, but not by itself. any ideas? will i need to replace it completely?
  • the turn signal on the 04 beetle turbo does the blinks twice as fast as normal thing. we first had the bulb replaced. didn't do anything. we had the area cleaned thinking it was a "bad connection" at our local vw dealer, and that worked for a while. but now it's back to being on the frits, i'm stumped.
  • Did you sort this problem as the same thing has happened to my 2006 model (apart from rear hatch which has alwas beend dodgy) I have it booked in to the garage tomorrow but they couldn't find the fault last time...I'm hoping you can help :cry:
  • They do not come one unless headlight sw is on.
    Well let’s say when I first start the car for a trip and the sun is not out I remember to turn on the Headlights then I stop for gas.
    It beeps at me to turn off the lights. The Sun is out. I continue on my trip with Headlights OFF since w/sunlight I can read the dash.
    Then a cloud blocks the sun, I drive past a MT or hill and the car is now in the shade. I can not read the Speedo. A sign appears 25MPH. and I’m actually going 70MHP. Do I quickly take hand off wheel, fumble switch, take eyes off the road to turn on the headlights? Do I jam on the Brakes and get rear ended. Do I guess my speed is safe and end up in the ditch or in a HEAD ON COLLISION?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,966
    If the speed limit sign says 25 and OOPS, you're going 70 because a cloud went in front of the sun, I'm thinking that the dashboard lights and how they work isn't really the issue. :shades:

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  • 70MPH and 25MPH is a hypothetical. I can see several scenerios where not being able to read the Speedo could result in a disaster.
  • 2008 New beetle- at 52,000 miles the car started developing all system failure. 1st a/c went out, 2nd windows started moving themselves and not reliably coming backup. So I was paying a car payment and riding with windows up with no ac. Next EPC, brake and airbag dash all light up and an alarm bings relentlessly. Oh yea, and the cooling fan not working so car overheats if it idles. I had no trust in dealership because of previous issue and run around with transmission( 3 techs denied feeling an obvious rough shift), and vw wiring diagrams are not available for other mechanics, so I take the car to the dealership to trade for any reliable car-not a vw. They offered me $8,500 on a car with a $14,000 loan. So if you think about buying a used beetle, know how little their manufacturers value them. They tried to sell me a jetta promising me the wiring harness issues have now been resolved while offering nothing to help me with my wiring harness problem. I traded it in to toyota dealership and now have the most basic corolla. I got $8000 because it is an auction car according to appraisal.
  • hwp2467hwp2467 Posts: 1
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    I purchased a 1999 Beetle 1.8T 2 DAYS AGO! All was well for 48 hours. As I'm getting on the highway the "battery" warning light came, the headlights started to dim, and every warning light there is started coming on one at a time. Eventually the engine died and I'm stuck on the side of a busy highway. Had the car towed back home. This morning the car attempts to turn over but the battery just doesn't have enough juice left. Should I invest in a new battery (I realize I'll probably have to replace it anyway) or is it more serious? A mechanic friend of mine says it sounds like the alternator. Any suggestions? I must say my first experience with VW has not been a good one.
  • This sounds like it could be the battery or alternator. Sounds like you had it towed to your home. I would try to jump start this with jumper cables and another car (friend, relative) or if you are a member of AAA, call them. They will come and give you a jump, and they also carry replacement batteries (you need to tell them that you may need a battery when you call). If the alternator goes out, usually the light will come on in the dash, but the car will run until the battery is out of juice. Any reputable service facility (AAA, Pep Boys, AutoZone, Sears, Goodyear, Firestone, your favorite mechanic) will do a complete electrical diagnostics check and let you know exactly what is wrong. No way to tell by guessing.

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  • I have a 2001 Beetle GLS TDI and the doors will lock by themselves when the car is off. Sometimes it does it right after the door closes and other times it may be 5-10 minutes later. Anybody have an idea?
  • Hi yall...this is my first time here so here goes: Have an 03 Conv Beetle. 4 dys aft i bought her (newsed im the 2nd owner) she tried to stall at a lite. I was just taking off from the lite & it settled down. 2) few dys ltr died at stop lite but restarted right away 3) few dys ltr died in prkng spot at wrk & was dead..NO clock, odometer reading, no hazards, no radio reading NOTHING wouldnt evn click when I tried 2 start it. I left it a couple hrs and retried and BAM it came 2 life. The last time was at home, I left it an hr & it restarted. It seems like the connection is the radio being on. A high pitch whistle starts in the dash (like a stereo amp?) within seconds of it dying too. Ive left it off for about 2 wks & only had 1 quick ding ding warning but saw no warning lites & it quickly corrected itself. Its scarey how fast it quits & is TOTALLY dead. Has any1 else had this or can any1 offer any ideas?? Thanks . :cry:
  • cassi2cassi2 Posts: 3
    Could anyone tell me the best way to remove a retainer ring that was broken by a dealer before I bought the car.
  • hello, i am having the same issue now, and a few months back with my 2005 beetle, i got stuck on the freeway too =( not fun. anyways my friend is a mechanic and thought it was my alternator also but turns out it was my main fuse a40, located in the fuse box above your battery, hope that helps!
  • I have a 2.0L VW beetle with 108k, i keep blowing a #40 fuse (fuse box above battery) this is the 2nd time its happened within the year, before it happens the ABS & battery light flash, my stereo shuts off, i cannot accelerate and my engine sounds funny, anyways i dont know what it could be if i keep blowing the fuses....can anyone help??
  • han88han88 Posts: 1
    This happened to my 2000 beetle yesterday. How much to fix it?
  • I have a 2000 Beetle it has no headlights, fog lights, wipers, heater motor, turn signals and horn. I checked fuses no bad fuses. Can somebody tell me were to look
  • Have you found anything new out about your car problem? i'm having a similar issue.
  • Nope, Still can not read the guages during the day unless the headlight swtich is turned ON. I also can not play the radio unless the SAFETY RUNNING LIGHTS and most interior lights on. The is NO ACC positition on the ignition Switch. I gave up on VW when the Factory Rep stated the lighting was AS DESIGNED BY VW.
  • My dad bought me a used 2002 beetle last summer and it was working great until a couple of weeks ago. The problem started when I tried starting it and after 2 seconds of being on, it would immediately die out. We thought it was the battery so we took it to Auto zone so they could recharge it and surprisingly enough the car actually turned on. The day after I had classes in the morning so I took my car and drove to my university which is kind of far away from my house and as I was entering the parking lot my car decided to die. My brother came and brought another battery from this truck my dad has and the car worked after that as well. To make the story short, we changed the alternator (it wasn't that, bummer), bought a new battery as well (it wasn't that either) and changed a fuse. The radio wont turn on now and basically the car works but we can only drive it for short distances or else it'll die out. Any ideas on what could be wrong with it?
  • eight8eight8 Posts: 1
    I have a Volkswagen Beetle TDI that has an electrical problem. There seems to be something wrong with the lights. The headlights and taillights go out occasionally from hitting a road bump or something. Then I have to get out and whack the light with an open palm a few times and it comes back on, so I think its the connection setup and whacking it reconnects. I imagine there is a lot of people out there replacing their light bulbs all the time because of a problem like this. The problem is when you take it to the dealer sometimes its working again because you have hit another road bump before you got there that reconnected the light. Of course the dealer can not find the problem if its working again, so you are out of luck, and have just drove there for nothing again. I actually just got pulled over for this today, so you can imagine how much fun that is, over and over again. That's what will happen if you own one of these pieces of &^%$, you can expect a long relationship with law enforcement.
  • momkemomke Posts: 1
    edited July 2013
    Hi There,

    My friend replaced my driver side headlight bulb on my 2004 new beetle turbo. It doesn't work and now my ac compressor doesn't come on, the EPC light, check engine light and the brake light are on and there is a constant beeping noise. Also, he replaced the passenger side one and that seems to be ok. The fuse in the box on the battery tests ok for power. Any ideas? I saw a posting from a couple years ago that sounded very similar and the response was to replace the cable from the battery to the alternator? Or was it the fuse box to the alternator? PLEASE HELP!!!!
  • Not sure if you were able to resolve the issue but I just had to have my headlight basket replaced for both headlights. I changed out the bulbs on both of them and they worked but after I went down the road they stopped working. The part is only about $70 each it's the labor that is a killer but if you can change them out yourself that will save you a lot of money.
  • I had a 2001 Beetle that had an electrical problem that caused a car fire -- burned right down to the frame! I bought a Hyundai which I drove for a few years and then bought a used 2008 Beetle convertible. I love the car, but I keep having light issues. Have changed out both front headlights, trunk lid light and now left rear light, which was MELTED!! The first two were under warranty but these last two are costing me $400-500 to replace! What gives? I was talking to a guy in the dealer service waiting room who had a Tiguan that had 16 light changes before they discovered it was a fuse panel! Anyone else have a similar story! I am afraid this bug will "flambe" itself too, with electrical issues. Sandy

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