Nissan 350Z Brakes

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My anti-locks brakes are engaging on ever stop and it is very annoying. I took it to my dealership and they can't find anything wrong the brakes. The problem will appear for a month or two and then disappear. On all slow stops the anti-lock will engage
Anyone have any suggestions - please help?


  • discozdiscoz Member Posts: 1
    My 2003 (Performance Edition) has the same thing happening I believe. Around 11 to 15 MPH it starts (makes a 'boing' like sound) and keeps going until full stop. Dealer ship was no help but they did observer the same problem.

    Did you ever figure out a solution?
  • kobiblack2kobiblack2 Member Posts: 1
    Is suspension the same on the Enthusiast, Touring, and Grand Touring?
    Thank You,
  • janeypjaneyp Member Posts: 1
    My 08 350Z has Brembo brakes and when coasting to a stop or in line at a drive thru my brakes squeal so bad that is embarassing. It sounds like I need new brakes on all 4 wheels. My car only has 4500 miles on it. I've taken to the dealership several times for this. They say it's fixed and within a day or two it starts to squeal again. Anyone else have this problem? Is this the way these brakes sound?
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    I have the same problem only with the left rear brake. Dealer replaced pads and hardware, but not resolved. Dealer then replaced hardware and rotors, but not resolve problem. Went away for approx 1 week. but returned. Had independent expert look at car, recommendation was to replace caliper. Dealer not cooperative and currently pursuing buy back with attorney general office lemon law.

    Interested in your problem.
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    Just recently my breaks went out on my 2004 Nissan 350z on the freeway and I couldn't stop. I was told it was by break line that snapped in half...has anyone heard of this happen before?
  • saeedmsaeedm Member Posts: 1
    hey, my 2004 350z(roadster) is undergoing the same issue with brembo brakes( making the 'boing' like sound) I would really appreciate your help !!!!
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