Hyundai Santa Fe vs. Subaru Outback

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It is time to get a new car. I did a long and extensive research and decide to choose 2007 FWD Santa Fe or subaru outback 2.5i limited.

I really intend to get a santa Fe but I am holding my trigger now. Since I want better stereo with subwoofer but all the infinity sound system has to be bundled with a rear DVD system.

I think that is stupid and hyundai does not consider the customers that do not have kid to haul around.

Maybe i will get the outback or wait a few month for the 08.


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    That is an interesting dichotomy there. What criteria were you considering in order to narrow your field to these two quite different vehicles? Not to say it is not justified - my last vehicle consideration came down to a mid-size crew cab pickup truck or an Outback. :blush:
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    Interesting choice of vehicles. A few years ago, I also was seriously considering the Outback. I liked the looks and the specs. After one test drive, however, I decided it was too closed-in for me. I'm not sure what the measurements are, but the Santa Fe gives a much more open feel.

    If you really like the Santa Fe, have you considered just bringing it to a car audio shop and putting in whatever great sound system you want?

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    thanks, but I think that will void the bumper to bumper warranty. Am I right?
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    I believe it would only void the warranty on anything that would be effected by the stereo work you've had done.
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    Changing the stereo head unit and speakers will not void the warranty.
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    This is my first post:

    I called one of the four companies that does the crash testing (star ratings) for the US Gov't. The president of teh company answered the phone and this is what he said:

    Both cars did excellent in the crash tests and have similiar numbers when it comes to loads on the head, femur, ect--except for Thorasic (chest cavity) the Sante Fe did somewhat better here. He also said that if you love the Outback, he would not let that one test, and what he sees as not too much difference, as being a factor to pick one over the other.

    I asked if the Sante Fe was better because it sat higher off the ground, hence passengers higher up out of crash area. He said hypothetically yes, but didn't seem to think this was a driving factor either.

    so, in short, when it comes to crashes, both of these cars are about equal. With taht said, lets talking about avoiding crashes to begin with. I have read in a few articles that the electroic stability system in the Outback was "slow to respond" and that the Sante Fe quickly responded without little notice to the driver. also read that the Outback has a tendency to have the tail of the car drift-out when turning during envelop pressing menuvers--hence I think this is why Sante Fe got a higher score on accident avoidence than Outback by Consumer reports (which was a great $5 inevstment at

    Lastly, and back to the president of the testing company. I asked him which he would rather take up skiing, a '98 Expedition (AWD) or a Outback or Sante Fe (both AWD). I would have guessed size = safety, but not the case. He said that cars built today are 60% safer that cars from the 1998 time frame. He said the '98 Expedition would come out great in a crash against another EXpedition on the snowy roads, but that the occupants insides would be jellow--as the car does not bend/break and absorb energy and that energy is transmitted to the passengers. whoa!

    I have been a loyal Subaru owner since 1993. Our Sante Fe arrives tomorrow.

    Hope this helps.
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    HI, I finally decided to get a santa fe, just feel that power is more important to me, Thanks. BTW, the stock hyundai radio is surprisingly good. If I need a subwoofer, I will have one installed later. But not now, I am happy with the stereo

    Thanks folks
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    I was looking at the Outback before I bought my Santa Fe. It appealed to me because of it's luxury features and the gas mileage of a wagon.

    However, it was quite expensive and I would have had to purchase a used one as opposed to buying a new Santa Fe.

    For the money you can't beat the Santa Fe! It is a luxury SUV at a bargain price IMHO.
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    The only big drawback to a Hyundi or Kia is the re-sale value, it just isn't there.
    I porchased an 06 Spectra5 loaded out with everything including the Cherry on top.
    The Car was excellent but was depriciating in value so fast I had to get rid of it.
    In 2 years the Car went from a value of $18k to $9k.
    I've never had a Car depriciate that bad.
    Food for thought if you're the kind of person who trades Cars allot or are buying a Car on credit.
    At that kind of depreciation you'll be so upside down you'll never get out from under it.
    This is one area Subaru's shine.
    They keep their re-sale value very well.
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    I own a 2003 OB manual 4cyl and really like this wagon. I regularly council friends and other referrals on car purchases. I have been most impressed lately with KIA and especially Hyundai. Build quality and "bang for the buck" (especially low mileage used units) are outstanding. As far as the radio issue is concerned, have the dealer (if you're buying new) remove the factory stereo and give you a reasonable credit then go to an aftermarket shop and select the system that you find best suited.
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