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2008 Volkswagen Eos



  • Transmissions are now as sophiscated as engines with regard to electronic control. A new tecnology referred to as Neutral Idle has been installed on GM products and likely many others. It completely disengages the transmission when vehicle speed is zero and foot brake is applied. Tuning of this technology may have to go through the paces of consumer use and reports of difficulty. My 09 EOS took some getting used to when leaving stop lights, parking spaces etc. On release of brake pedal a distinct "engaging" of either reverse or forward gears can be felt. I will be taking mine in for first service soon and will inquire about software upgrades etc. A simple time delay adjustment to a line of code may increase drivability.
  • I decided to remove the cage from the trunk altogether thinking the noise was from this. It isn't the cage as I still hear it. The noise seems to come deep from the left rear suspension. Somewhere down in the suspension I think is where the problem is but who am I. Not a mechanic just a consumer who hears this shouldn't be.
  • loffkatloffkat Posts: 1
    I need help putting a navigation system into my 2008 EOS. I bought it without because it ws a great deal but i would really like to put the stock navi in. i am open to an aftermarket as well. I don't know what model the stock one is. Could someone please point me in the right direction to get this done? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    Best navi you can get is the RNS-510 baby. It's expensive though and yes it's OEM. I have seen it for under $2,000. Has a 30 GB HDD, 6.5" WVGA display, bluetooth, Sirius SAT radio, and full iPod/USB integration. The RNS-510 is a touchscreen unit which makes it much better than the push button MFD2 with it's terrible non WVGA display. It can play DVD's in park but there is a Video in Motion adapter that enables that sort of thing. Don't drive and watch a movie unless you have a passenger that wants to watch it. The former one is MFD2 and the RNS-510 is the new one they introduced for 2009. The Maps on the RNS-510 are stored on the HDD and you get 18.62 GB for storing mp3s.

    It supports Dynaudio but that requires VCDS to program that. Full iPod/USB requires the MDI though it does work with current one but it's not as good. The MDI requires special cables but it's got full integration. You can get the cables at your dealer. You can get a retrofit kit that goes in the glovebox and it's really nice.

    If you email me which is in my profile, I can get you to some good RNS-510 sites. Mark_d_drake retrofitted his EOS on the "vortex" forums and he shows you how to do it.

    Hope this helps.
  • I thought I was going crazy as it seemed to happen every once in awhile. Lately the "surging" has happened daily. It was very apparent in rush hour traffic! I took it in to the dealer and at first they said my turbo was sticking. The "fixed" it and a day later it started all over. Not as bad at first..but I called them the next day and said it still wasn't right. Well..13 months after purchase, 48,000 km, my new transmission was ordered today. I am sure this is a problem for lots of people..I read a lot of reports on it now. My dealer said they haven't heard much..funny when the parts are on back order though!
    Hopefully this will make it better. It used to be so smooth from 1st to 2nd I give my passengers whiplash!!
  • I have had my EOS 2.0t for 13 months. Loved it at first...still really like it. I had a leaky passenger side everytime I went into a car wash. I took it into dealer and they fixed it. No further problems on that. For the past few months I have had a lot of surging. I really thought it was me..pushing too hard on the accelerator..but once a co worker complained in my car that he was getting whiplash, I realized it was time to get it checked out. My engine light came on a couple weeks ago (just before my 48K service) saying my engine was low on oil. I took it into the dealer and they said the synthetic oil burns faster. I had 2 diesel Jettas before this car and never had an issue driving 16K between oil changes. They told me to top it up or ask for an extra litre of oil at services...strange! Now I see a bunch of people complaining about the oil so that worries me a bit.
    Today- my new transmission was ordered...surging didn't stop and they said I need a new tranny. 48K...crazy! I hope this is the last of my problems. Dealer has been amazing complaints there.
  • nmacknmack Posts: 5
    Ours never was "fixed" They tried four times, and it kept happening. Finally they blamed "driver error". What a bunch of crap. I have been driving for 37 years, autos, trucks, semi's automatics, manuals, motorcycles, big cars, little cares, fords, chevys, hondas, cadillacs, etc. I think i know when a car surges and when it doesn't.
  • What year is your EOS? I have a 4 year lease and I will definitely not put up with a jumpy car at $800 a month! I would go to a different dealer. Mine has been great- they drove the car themselves and agreed that it was way too jumpy. It is a hazard..especially sitting at a red light with someone in front of you. You have to be careful you don't surge ahead and hit anyone. The car was not like that when I first purchased, it was very smooth. I hope you get yours fixed.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Okay, another quick question though... If a car has to get a re-built transmission is that cause or reason to get out of the car. As, I see it as your value will FOREVER be tainted. That is not your fault. Why would we have to live with that for the life of the car. I almost see that a car is never truly the same once its been messed with. Replacing a transmission is a big deal! As an owner, does that justify getting out the car. VW has not held its end up of the contract.

    I personally would not hold on to a car that has had a re-built transmission. If I go to sell the car, it is marked for life. What options do we have as a consumer when this happens? Its not our fault, I know they are paying for the re-do, but is it ever the same, and what if it goes ka-boom, right after your warranty? See, reasons can go on and on.
  • nmacknmack Posts: 5
    Mine was a 2008. we had to get rid of it. It wasn't safe.
    However they reported us and ruined our credit. They kept claiming they fixed it, then after four attempts to fix it, they claimed nothing was wrong
  • Sorry..should clarify. Mine is leased. I agree it is "tainted" and I really hope from what I have read the 2009 transmission doesn't have the same problems (and that is what they are giving me). I have been with VW for 12 years (various cars) and have always had a good experience with my dealer. Had a big issue with a 2002 Jetta TDI and they had to do a huge overhaul. I never had any issues with it after that, and since it was leased..I didn't have to worry about it after 3 years.
  • bbegleybbegley Posts: 1
    I was told it was a good idea to get a battery maintainer for my Eos. I wanted to purchase one that works in the cigarette lighter but there isn't a lighter in the car. Just wondering if I can plug one in to the 12 volt outlet and will it work with the car off. My Eos is at our summer place and I want to keep the battery charged while we aren't there.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Wow! Well we have had good experiences with our newer VW's too. However, with my leased 08 GM car, I am wanting to get out because of the transmission acting funny. Based on a little research, it seems like the characteristics are there with a few of their cars. I plan to get out!! Soon as I can. My dealer has had my car since Wednesday morning and I have not given me a call yet on what is happening. I am choosing not to call them, as I do not want to rush them. I want them to keep the car as long as they want. But, I am a little nervous, as I do not want a call saying, hey nothing was really wrong, but we did such and such.

    I do know I want out. Now! I am done. We all pay too much for our cars to be unhappy. Luckily I have a cheaper lease on a higher trimmed out model. I have that going for me. I want a VW or a Honda.
  • jbsjunk1jbsjunk1 Posts: 1
    What do I need to hook up an iPOD on a 2008 EOS with CD player and Navi? Does video out got to the Navi screen?
  • I know there hasn't been a post on this in a loooong time, but I had the same problem with my '08 Eos and I finally received a letter from VW saying that the transmission had a problem and they were making a part to fix it. It was finally installed earlier this year (2010) and now I don't having the gear jumping problem at all.

    Side note:
    Windows going up and down when you open the doors don't always work (as they don't always go back up and I have to do it manually.)

    Convertible top can get squeaky and they say it needs to be adjusted (not oiled like one dealership told me.)
  • solalindesolalinde Posts: 5
    Does anyone know how to replace the lining on the sunroof cover?
  • I just got a 2010 EOS and am having the jumpy or jutting (as I call it) acceleration and it is at VW as we speak. My advisor just called to say it was normal and they detected no problems. I know it isn't normal and wonder if I can make any suggestions to them as to what it could be??

    Thanks for your help!!
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