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Subaru Impreza Exterior Repairs

subienwsubienw Posts: 2
Getting estimates for my car, 2002 WRX platinum, to be repainted into this color:
You can see it, by clicking here

What do you all think? Should I or shouldn't I?
What if I decide to sell it, a few years down the road (not planning, but things happen), will it add the value to the car?


  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 11,148
    Custom paint rarely adds to the value of a car. I would surmise that for the majority of the market, the paint would detract from the value, not add. There may be a niche group that would find it more attractive, but then you would have to find them!
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  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Even brand new, fresh paint will arise suspicions of it being a flood car. I agree that it would hurt resale values, at least if I were buying. In fact I'd probably walk from a re-painted car.
  • subienwsubienw Posts: 2
    Thank you BOTH, for your honest replies.

    I TOO will walk away from a repainted car. Suspicious about it being dented, etc. . . .

    Looks nice, that SVX, so I will save my money, for a new car (when I'm ready to buy a new Subie) and leave it as is.

  • are the mirrors same size or are they diff.
  • I have a 2003 impreza WRX that is my pride and joy except for the flaking paint on my hood scoop that is getting worse all the time. What started as a few pin prick sized holes are now dime and quarter sized. They make my other wise hot car look tacky. The dealer said that it was a bonding issue when they painted it at the factory but takes no responsibility for fixing it. Estimates are from 300 to 500 dollars to pull it off and repaint it. The rest of the car body is having no issues with it's paint. Why did the hood scoop fall short? Anyone else with this issue?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Do it yourself in flat black, for contrast. Bet that'll look cool.
  • lorettsloretts Posts: 21

    I had to replace the roof molding on the passenger side when it blew up and bent while doing highway driving.
    I had removed all the moldings and cleaned out the gutters. The moldings were not sitting right, there were gaps and the amount of crud I blew out was amazing. The passenger side did not seat properly, so it lifted in the wind.

    I found a replacement at a junk yard .. ( saved a bundle ! ) and got that one on just fine.. The drivers side was missing a few clips, so I bought some and proceeded to remount. Darn that it won't seat correctly. Along the rear of the car it clips into place no problem. But I get to the front four clips on the windshield side and it just won't seat ! It did prior to my removing it. I can see a line of dirt marking where the rubber seal on the molding touched the wind shield.

    My question is ... is there some kind of waterproof tape that I can apply to the rubber seal and then to the windshield to close the 1/8" gap on the upper part of the windshield side. I would run the tape all the way down to the hood. I am concerned that water will find its way between the windshield and seal creating a leak somewhere.

    The rubber indents where the clips slip into the windshield seal are a bit worn, and the little clasps that should grasp the windshield actually sit a bit higher that the passengers side clips did, creating this gap.

    I have been reading about Gorilla Tape .. sounds good.
    Would love some feedback!

    1996 Impreza LX 186,000

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