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Nissan Pathfinder No Start Problems



  • moto915moto915 Posts: 5
    Sounds a lot like my problem I had a while ago... Is there a fuse blown? And my second question is do your gauges still work? The fuse i would think is blowing is named the meter fuse and that controls all gauges and indicator lights. Turned out to be just a loose wire right behind my fuse box! Trim is very easy to take out and take the fuse box out.
  • troinktroink Posts: 2
    Well, it turns out it was my starter. I wanted to check it first, but couldnt reach it. So, after jacking up the car and finding out there was juice reaching the starter, a couple raps got the sucker turning again. Thanks for the input!
  • moto915moto915 Posts: 5
    Glad to hear you figured it out. My starter went out a couple years ago while we were Pheasant hunting. Luckily we limped it home. Just a bit of a heads up if you have to replace the starter our mechanic said he had to practically pull the whole engine out just to get to it.
  • ddaviestxddaviestx Posts: 2
    I have the same problem with 87 Pathfinder. I have low voltage below the relay. Where can I find the pages that describe this fix. Where do you install the relay? Does replacing the solenoid wire help.
  • ddaviestxddaviestx Posts: 2
    concerning 87 Pathfinder starter problems - does anyone know where to find this bullentin - VG30I Remanufactured BEFORE installing this starter, refer to Application Notice #B-33 in the Bosch reman catalog regarding the reuse of the solenoid wire from the old starter for some applications.
  • oharleyoharley Posts: 1
    Have been having starting problems for awhile. Sent it to mechanic, replaced starter. After a couple of days went to start it, nothing. Had it jumped, fired right up with no hesitation. Ran it for 45 minutes in driveway. Turned it off to start it again, nothing. Took battery to autozone, was told battery was good but needed to be charged. Did that, put back in car and started right up. Went out awhile later to go to grocery, nothing. Had it jumped, started up no problem. Took battery back and bought new one, came home, put in, fired right up, no problem. Turned it off to restart it, nothing. Jumped it again, pulled red terminal off battery, car stayed running. Went to DMV to tag it, turned it off and went inside. When done came out and lo and behold it started, was runnin a little hot, found out there was a crack in radiator cap. Bought cap and returned home. Went out to start and nothing. I am completely aggravated. My family's 1 car. Has been very dependable. Frustratyed. Any help out there?????
  • dul311dul311 Posts: 1

    I have a 2002 Pathfinder LE with 95K on the odometer. I've had it for about 4-5 years now. Ever since I purchased this vehicle, it has had a random starting issue. Every once in a while, I will put the key in to start it and it will try to start but instantly stops as though the fuel was cut off or if the battery is about to die. it won't try to continue to turn over. If I turn the key in the off position and try again immediately, it starts right up each time. It's always starting on the second turn. I've changed out the battery several times.

    From all of the reading I've done, here are some possible issues:
    1. bad starter
    2. bad fuel pump or fuel pump rely
    3. malfunction with the key and security chip within the key. Basically an starting problem.

    I have found several folks with the same issue, no one has been able to solve it. Every time I take it to the dealer, they always call me back saying "we weren't able to replicate the problem".
  • goldymangoldyman Posts: 1
    Same issue as dul311, above. Some have suggested bad starter solenoid contacts. Wonder if anyone has replaced the solenoid and had symptoms go away?

    Interesting note about the security chip in the key. Maybe I'll swap keys for a few weeks and see if the problem crops up again. Or have you tried that, dul?
  • david779david779 Posts: 1
    Hello, Head Gasket blew on my 2007 pathfinder 2,5TD, Does anybody know where I can get a copy of the Nissan Service manual so I can do the repair work as necessary, especially the torque settings on the bolts.

    May Thanks

    David Ferrier (Belize)
  • mlaniermlanier Posts: 23
    Ok I have posted on here before with a problem, and Nick helped me out. So now I have a problem again. A month ago my pathy would not start replaced IPMD-ER with old one it started right up, a week ago it died again, replaced ECM relay, 4 days later died again, replced the IPMD-ER again with an upgraded one, and it still will not start. I have replaced the fuel pump about a year and half ago, so I am again at my WITZ end with this car, I am asking for help again if any can. Thanks. :sick:
  • I am having the same problem after repalcing the IPDM with the new and improved version. Have you figured out what the issue with this POS Pathfinder? Also the lights on the dash flash and the fan cycles does yours do this as well?
  • mlaniermlanier Posts: 23
    If you have replaced the fuel pump try disconnecting it and reconnecting it. I have replaced mine , snd tried this truck started right up. I have since traded it in. Unreliable truck for me.
    Hope this helps.
  • My dad rebuilt a transmission for his old 93 pathfinder, and gave the car to me. When I received the car, it worked great, all but a slight problem with a short in starter. My landlord showed me how to arc the starter to get it to crank when I needed it to instead of waiting 30 minutes to try it again. Recently, I have had some problems with it turning over fine, but not catching and actually cranking up. I had to mess with it every time I needed to go somewhere, and I am by no means a mechanic of any sort. Well, I was going to take it to my dad this morning if I could get it cranked up, and it turned over fine yesterday, just the same problem with it not cranking up. I went out this morning to try it, and low-and-behold, it wouldn't even turn over. I heard a clicking/knocking noise, and popped the hood to locate where it was coming from... and its coming from the fuel pump relay. I tried to arc the starter, and it was so weak, it wouldn't hardly spark at all. My dad is coming to replace the fuel pump relay as we speak.. but im afraid that may not be all that is wrong since I noticed no problems up till a few days ago.. has anyone had this same problem or know some extra tips about this so I could try and give my dad some help to fix this as quickly as possible. I rely on my car for work, and today is my last off day. We are trying to get it done as soon as possible. Thank you for your help!!

    Also, I would smell gas VERY strongly anytime the engine was cooled completely and I would start it up. I have no idea what that means...
  • I replaced the battery in my 1994 pathfinder and initially it fired right up. I killed it while trying to back it up my driveway immediately after, and now it wont turn over. I just get a clicking noise coming from the relays on the passenger side inner fender. I tried cleaning the terminals and clamps on the battery, it didn't help. I tried jumping it, didn't work. It will run great if I bump start it, but thats not always an option. I'm at a loss at this point.
  • Hi,
    I have the exact same model and have been extensively reading through different forums and came to the same conclusions you did as the possible problems. As well as possible solenoid problems. Did you ever find out what exactly was the issue and how did you solve it? I'm in desperate need to fix my car and if it's something I can do on my own I would much rather do that than take it into my mechanic. I'd greatly appreciate any and everything you can tell me.

    Thank you!
  • 2006 Pathfinder that's run well until this week. Battery was recently replaced. Yesterday, it would not start right. Sputtered, died, and had no power. Thought the alternator had gone bad bc it behaved as though it wasn't getting enough electrical power to fire cylinders. Replaced alternator, after couple attempts, it fired up and motor ran well. Took old alternator back to get core charge back get core charge back to find out that it was good. (circumstances were I couldn't get it tested before installing) Anyway, drove home and tried to start it up again. Again it putters and dies like its not getting gas but it ran well across town and back with no idling or power problems at all.
    What gives? I'm stumped by inconsistency of problem.
  • mlaniermlanier Posts: 23
    Hopefully you have not spent to much money on this problem. First have you replaced the ECM relay, this is a Nissan recall? If not it is like an 8 dolllar piece.
    My last problem with my Pathfinder, was I had replaced the fuel pump, that some how became a loose connection, so I had to drop the tank and reconnect it , then I traded it in. Unreliable vehicle, and Nissan wants nothing to do with them. Hope this helped.
  • Unfortunately alternator was pretty expensive and I was dumb not to have it checked first. Ce la vie. I'm thinking it may have more to do with fuel system so will look into ECM and fuel pump after that if it's still acting like this. Not been too happy with this vehicle.
  • mlaniermlanier Posts: 23
    I can understand the cost, I replaced fuel pump after battery having the same feeling you have. Then posted here and someone pointed me in the right direction, this lasted about a year, and then it left on the side of road again, after fixing it I got rid of it. If I can find the link that was sent to me I forward it to you through post.
  • mlaniermlanier Posts: 23
    Here is that link, I know it is for a Titan but this fixed my problem, also contact your local Nissan dealer and see if the ECM relay is a recall on your truck if not, like I said the relay is like $8 , they have also redesigned the whole thing it is like $500 , how do I know I replaced that too the last time I had a problem.
  • Any insight is greatly appreciated. I am not a mechanic, but am looking for a solution. Thanks again.

    Since I bought this car at an auction, it randomly will not turn all you hear is a click and then nothing happens, this issue was never that bad b/c the car would turn after 3-20 tries. After a couple of years, the car is now not turning on anymore.

    Issue: Put key in, each stage of turning works fine, there is power, windows, radio, etc. On last station of key turn, you only hear a click and nothing else. If you leave the key pressed all the way, it doesn't keep clicking (just one click), however, you can hear a faint hum until you let the key go back.

    For over a year, the following would work: leave the key in, move the shifter to Neutral and then the car would start up perfectly. I am using the word random in the litteral sense. It randomly occurs and then randomly the car would start up perfectly. (Ranging from working on 2nd try through up to 5 minutes of trying.)

    Now, nothing works, I have changed the battery and had the alternator checked, they are fine. When the car decides to turn on, the starter turns the car on perfectly sounding great, (doesn't sound weak).

    Not sure where the issue is exactly. Is it my ignition switch? What else is there between that and the starter?
  • My wife and I just purchased a 2008 Nissan Pathfinder with 48k miles and V8 engine. It starts but sometimes will not turn over. It has had trouble starting 4 times in the last 2 days. I took it to dealership to have it looked at and service guy told me that they found nothing on the diagnostic machine and no recalls regarding this issue. He did tell me that sometimes the injectors will flood if the vehicle is parked on an incline. I have not checked if this is the problem but will be in the next few days.
  • The same happened to me. The incline has nothing to do with it. It is the check valve that is located in your fuel pump (inside gas tank). It gets stuck sometimes and will give you a hard time starting. You still should be under warranty since the fuel pump is covered under the 60,000 drive train coverage. Before you go back to the dealer (and I strongly suggest you go to another one) contact Nissan USA and tell them that you want to open a case for warranty to cover the check valve. Then they will give you a case number. With this case number you go back to the service manager and tell him to do the work. It worked for me!
  • Also your fuel gauge will stop working around 40k miles. It is also in the gas tank. There was a recall for it. I would suggest taking care of both things at the same time, since both require to take down your gas tank.
  • Also your fuel gauge will stop working around 40k miles. It is also in the gas tank. There was a recall for it. I would suggest taking care of both things at the same time, since both require to take down your gas tank.

    Here is a copy of the recall:

    Recall Date MAR 03, 2010
    Model Affected Pathfinder
    Potential Units Affected 80689

    Recall Date:
    MAR 03, 2010
    Model Affected:
    2006 Nissan Pathfinder
    Potential Units Affected:
  • correction it is a V6\
  • the vehicle already has 48k miles so I have not noticed a problem with the fuel gauge not reading correctly yet. The PF does not do this everytime we start it and I am not sure if this is helping but before turning the key I listen for the pump to kick in and turn the key afterward. It starts most times and works great overall but the starting issue is still a blemish on an otherwise great suv. My brother told me to empty the tank or drive it to empty and then use gas without ethanol as well as use a fuel injector cleaner and maybe dry gas for a possible cheap fix. After that then we start looking into things like fuel pump, sensor, or fuel injectors.
  • johnp12johnp12 Posts: 2
    I have a Nissan pathfinder 2008 around 43000 miles I sometimes it won't start in the morning. last time i got out of work get on my car and when I arrived to my kids school to picked them up and tried to start my car and nothing I was with my kids around one hour to AAA to take it to the colonial Nissan in Medford MA and they did not find anything wrong since the car was able to start at the dealer and no check engine light comes out on the dashboard therefore is nothing wrong with it, I just really scare that every time to turn off mostly when I have my kids with me and end up in the middle of nowhere I need help I feel that they take advantage of me because i am a female
  • johnp12johnp12 Posts: 2
    I called the Nissan headquarter and explained was going on with my Nissan pathfinder 2008 have around 43000 miles that sometimes it won't start and that I had take to the dealer three times already their answer was that since the dealer are ears and eyes for them and they had not found anything so therefore was nothing they could do about it and I tried one last time to contact the Colonial Nissan here en Medford, MA and the Nissan in Lynn and they say that as long the car start when I bring it to them and no check engine light comes out on the dashboard the truck is perfectly find so the fact the doesn't start isn't an issue and that they won't be able to help me. I really feel that because I am a female they really take advantage of me and they don't seem to understand the sacrifices I had made to buy this car and isn't safe my main concern is when I have my kids with me I am terrified to end up in the middle of nowhere with them because of a defective truck I need help please
  • Your problem is a simple one. There is a check valve in your tank that malfunctions on the Pathfinders. There is also a recall for the feul gauge sensor that is in your gas tank. What you need to do is tell the dealer that you want the recall gas gauge replaced. Since they are already going to take down the tank, tell them to replace the check valve. You might want to contact Nissan USA first to start a case explaining what I just mentioned. After you get the case number, contact the dealer and tell them that you have a case number and have them fix the recall and check valve.
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