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2008 Ford Focus



  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    come out with a sport type Focus? I was driving past a dealership and they had a 4door 08/09 Focus up on thier display rack. It was black, windows tinted, nicer wheels/tires. Had what looked to be a different front end. Also had an air wing off the back window. Caught my eye right away. This car was way out of the norm for a Ford Focus. Nice classy, sporty look. I think I may stop and ask about it more on Monday. Maybe its the new SEL Focus?
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    It's the SES 2 door coupe. Ford has updated its website and the 2009's are now up, so you can see it there. The basic 2 door coupe is the SE and has a spoiler on the deck of the trunk. The upscale SES has a rear sway bar plus the spoiler on the roof, to visually distinguish it.

    I believe both the SE and SES have a performance exhaust, which adds one or two horsepower plus a little noise, they both have a lower gear ratio with the automatic only that gives better acceleration but doesn't lower the EPA miles per gallon estimate.

    I suspect, but have no way to confirm, that the valving on the struts/shocks absorbers and rates on the springs may be sportier on the coupe than on the sedan. It costs almost nothing to make such changes, and I have often seen coupes in other lines pick up unpublished improvements like that (different markets - soccer moms in sedans, college males in coupes).

    The website does indicate that the wheels on the SE coupe are one size larger (16") and the tires one size wider (205/50's).

    The big question is, will concern over gas mileage dictate the parameters of a sporty coupe, or will Ford "man up" and drop the new 2.5, variable valve timing successor to the 2.3 into the coupe? I think they should, at least in the SES. The 2.5 is currently used in the 2009 Escape.
  • I bought an 09 SEL in August, it's an ice blue 4dr, w/black leather (seats come heated in 09) the only options I ordered were an auto-trans and anti-lock brks. (comes w/ESC for 09) the only 2 options available I did not order was a moon-roof and a remote start.
    The car came w/205/50R16 Perellis ( it took me 3 times back to dealer to get the thump and vibration out of it. They had to replace 3 of the 4. I now have only 1 original tire but it rides great now.
    Now the good news, we took it on vacation the last 2 weeks of Sept. from Indianapolis In to El Paso,Tx. The car is rated 33mpg hwy. It gets 29 in the city /hwy combined and on the trip 1 tank full I got in Alamagorda,NM. to Okla,city it got 42.7 and then dropped down to 37.5 for the rest of the trip. Total mileage`for trip was 3,485 and total gas used was 90.1 gal. works out to 38.6 mpg and that was at 70 mph and a/c on most of the time. some 80 mph in Tx. Not Bad. I love this car ! (The seats are great,1 14hr day of driving proved that. and I'm 6'3 and 235 lbs.) any questions, fire them my way.
  • cannon3cannon3 Posts: 296
    A co-worker bought an 09 SEL Focus in blue. I took a ride with her in it and was impressed with how quiet the car was. The interior was actually not bad either for a small car. She was very happy with this car. After riding in it, I too was surprised how far the Focus had come since my mom bought one in about 02/03 time frame. I think this car is over shadowed by the Civic/Corolla. People are catching on though, she bought it over a Corolla.. The 2010 Focus looks promising also.. :shades:
  • larz96larz96 Posts: 3
    Hi all,
    I'm mortified that I just caught the driver's side power mirror of my '08 SES coupe on the garage door frame :cry:
    I found a replacement part for $110 which was less than expected. I'm wondering where to get (cheap) instructions on how to change it out.
    Thanks, Larz
  • Why is the Euro Focus so much better. Not only is it styled better but has more engine and body options?
  • Focus still does not crack the top ten of best selling cars.
    Also of not Ford is redesigning the Focus for 2010.
  • tm4tm4 Posts: 19
    For anyone who cares, I bought my 08 Focus in May, I currently have 16,000 miles on it and have no problems. It is still quiet with no rattles or squeeks (unlike my cousin's 08 Corolla).
    Overall, I am very happy with it and am glad I purchased it over any of the competition. After awhile the styling has grown on me. The engine seems a little quicker now that it's broken in a little (lack of power was my only concern when I purchased it.)

    08 Focus SE
    with Auto & Sync
  • cannon3cannon3 Posts: 296
    A family friend picked the Focus over a Corolla. He has owned Toyota nearly all his life he said. Chose a red SEL version.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    Say good bye to the Fiesta-size Focus...

    Last month, I was sitting in the future Focus III sedan w/ a '10 Mazda3 sedan around for comparison.

    Since the new Focus III will be revealed w/in a week in the U.S. Expo, I will talk about it now. Neither the exterior nor the interior seem related to the new Mazda3. In fact, it looks very much like the Ford Mondeo James Bond drove in "Casino Royale". & that's exactly what it is -- a sedan based on the EUCD platform (from the current Mondeo & Volvo S80), which is really an enlarged version of the Focus II C-1 platform that's also used on the Mazda3 & Volvo S40/V50. - - how.html?CMP=NLC-Newsletters&uid=13175373d3a30b0aa330c8ea6a3df587
    (Note: These drawings don't look much like the real thing I saw.)

    The enlarged "Focus II platform" can mean longer suspension travel? By adopting an off-the-shelf existing platform, this is a quick-fix & cost-effective way the Focus badly needs in order to compete w/ the comfy long-spring VW's, which recently "stole" the Control Blade suspension from Focus & now w/ low-cost manufacturing techniques to undercut Ford's price while retaining expensive interior feel?

    The leg room isn't whole lot roomier than the rather-cramped new Mazda3, so the wheelbase must have been shortened from the S80.

    This is like the Jaguar X-Type is the shortened version of the old Mondeo, ditto the relationship b/t the Audi A4 & the VW Passat back in '98.

    Of course, it's only a prototype -- the way the body-panel creases somewhat clutterly overlapped in the door area, its lower front grill & the interior all looked unfinished.

    The dashboard center stack looks similar to Fiesta's except the vents are shaped like the ones from the new Caddilac CTS/Chevy Cruze.

    Since Ford just sold the Volvo division to a Chinese car company Geely, the Focus III will be the only EUCD-platform sedan sold in this country in the near future available from FordMoCo, as the current "James Bond" Mondeo does not meet U.S. safety std.

    Unless of course you don't need a sedan, "trucks" such as the Land Rover Freelander LR2 also uses the EUCD platform.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032 xzz0cEnpVWac
    "But they admitted that an electric version – building on the technology found in the Focus BEV concept, driven in Issue 1,096 – would hit the road as early as 2012."

    The hatch is ugly: html?CMP=NLC-Newsletters&uid=13175373d3a30b0aa330c8ea6a3df587
    "For the first time, the Focus will use torque vectoring, which sees stability and steering response improved through a combination of braking and engine power.

    As a result, the car will not only be more comfortable and refined than ever, but it will also set the bar higher for driving involvement. In addition, a new electric power-steering system has been carefully tuned, and for the first time offers dynamic cornering control – a set-up that helps the driver make the most of the car’s handling."

    So it might be the best-road-feel electric steering? Therefore, even its electric car will have good steering feel!
  • puffin1puffin1 Posts: 276
    As long as it can give the VW and Mazda 3 S a run for its money why not?I looked at the SEl sedan and all it lacked to me was ABS and lumbar support.
    I do belive you can get 170HP from the VW hatch 6 pd and 31 mpg though. I can't see the Focus doin; that. My RSX Type S could. Acura goofed big time.
    MaybeFord could bring theTitinum Focus over? A nice lookin'hatch is the Astra made by Opel ,put a dohc vetec 200hp in that and you'll have some wheels. Roger Penske tried to buy Opel.
    Well, we are " Second Hand Rose" when it comes to getting the hot cars from europe made by Ford and General motors. :lemon:
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    edited February 2010
    Here's a hot made-in-Germany GM fastback sedan w/ available 4-cyl turbo & manual tranny:
    Will be imported only for a short time. After that, it becomes domestic built.

    Not at your Cadillac, Pontiac or Saturn dealer...but Buick. although I think its brother LaCrosse has a more stylish dashboard:

    Keep in mind, the Ford Mondeo is still a better driver's car: - - _vs_mondeo.html
  • got mine yhe same time no big problems at the 38000 mark i have a standard trans and have switched to a more semisolid lower tranny dogbone (found out that its the fist to go on heavy shifting) the door ajar sensor went out on me but thats it no other problems :D
  • oldfordmecholdfordmech Posts: 124
    I'm guessing it's the driver's door that's keeping the door ajar light on.
    The switch is built into your door latch and should be relaceable.
  • The 2008-11 Focus was a good seller and the Euro one was overrated. Not all compact car buyers care about European car culture, and want mpg, reliability and low costs. The RS version is nice, but expensive and who can afford it?

    My 2009 is solid and I don't care that it's not the 2nd gen Euro one, which is ugly, and looks like a shrunken 2005 Ford Five Hundred, which was panned by critics.

    My mechanic says they don't see any of these in the shop, which is a good thing. :shades:

    And purists now have the 2012 'Euro Design' to drool over, so all the whining about the late 00's US Focus is moot. :P
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