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Buick Park Avenue Electrical / Lighting Problems



  • Instrument Cluster LED lights not working
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    2002 Buick Park Ave., the LED lights that illuminate the odometer and transmission shift selector, i.e. D, R, N, 1, 2, 3 quite working. The lights that illuminate the analog tach, speedometer are ok. I want to know precisely what electronic component (probably on a circuit card) it is that goes bad. I believe it possible to desolder that component, and replace it. I believe this is something I can do, instead of replacing it or having it sent off to be rebuilt. I had the same problem with the AC & Heater control, that displays the temp. in LED mode, yet still provided control for AC, heater. Eventually I replaced it with a used one that does light up.
  • My 2003 Park avenue is showing red ABS, Brake and Trac off lights, im also getting a service stability system warning. I had the codes ran and it gave me codes C1248, C1273, C1287.

    Is there anyone that can help??
  • 2000 Ultra The problem I have is my left turn signal bulbs stay on dash indicator also after turn, the switch is canceling, The only way to get it off is to put lever to other side. I replaced the light contorl module with no results? Tusn signal switch was also replaced.
  • If you are talking about the turn signal indicator on the dash it might just be a short in a bulb or a dirty socket creating a poor ground. I've had this problem on one of my pickups and by cleaning the socket or replacing the bulb the indicator worked.
  • This may be a dumb question but where is the cornering lamp that needs to be removed? Is it one of the lights in the headlight section? Does switching to a led bulb work?
  • bowfanbowfan Posts: 55
    edited December 2011
    If you look at the 6th pic in this sequence, you'll see the lens for the bright cornering lamp. It is one large wrap around lens, in the front > headlights, on the side > cornering.

    Different bulbs for each.

    Webshots pics of my '98 headlights

    I've never tried the LED bulb, perhaps you can try and post your results? Both with no bulb , and with LED bulb?
  • Thanks a bunch. Yes to my surprise when i removed the cornering lamp my right side blinkers did work again. I was not able to find a LED replacement bulb yet to try. My local CAP store did not carry any that would fit that. But they did give me a bulb to try after i explained what had happened. They said the bulb that was in there was some type of blinker bulb and they gave me a single filament bulb. I haven’t tried that bulb yet to see if it works. Will post when I do.
  • For a long time my car would occasionally reset while I'm driving. The radio would reset, and I would hear the doors trying to relock. Recently my car's right turn signal would dimly illumtnate and the radio would turn off and the security light would come on. If this persisted after I turned the car off, I would be able to turn the engine over but itwould sputter and shut off shortly after. If I played around with it a bit it would end up working but now its stopped fixng itself. I took it to a dealer last year for the same thing and they replaced the body control unit, then told me the problm was my fuel pump. I took it somewhere else to get he pump put in and when we went to start it it was doing the same thing but I guss fixed itsself nd started working again. Now a year later and coincidentally while its starting to get cold again is now doing it again but more severe now. Its at the dealer now but still wanted some opinions on what it could be. Thanx
  • The dealer located issues in the MAF sensor, Bad battery cables, misfires in 2 cylinders, and fuel filter clog. I told them to replace the fuel filter and tighten the cables as much as possible. I replaced the MAF on my own today at the dealer since its located right on the top of the engine. The car still does not stay on and i have the security light, service vehicle soon light, and check engine light still on (recently showed it was an EGR Valve misread) does any of the other 2 problems sound like they would prevent a car from staying on if i hit the brake? im guessing maybe the battery cables and i plan on replacing those first.
  • I have a 96 park ave. Just had tranny replaced. Drove it for about a week and now when I hit the switch to turn on the headlights I have nothing. I can turn on the park lights but when I push the button to turn on the head lights it turn off all lights (Park, interior dash). Talked to Dealer and have gotten a run around. I thought it was the switch, new one same outcome. Then thought it was the Active Lamp Monoter Control Module part num. 12362231 as dealer said. I got one from junk yard and pulled my dash apart and I can't find it in my 96 where I pulled it from in the 95 from the yard.
    Can anyone give me an idea if I'm looking in the wrong area or looking in the wrong direction?
  • rmpiirmpii Posts: 1
    The 12362231 module is way up under the dash to the right of the steering wheel. You need to remove the lower dash panel, the fuse panel shield, and the wiring harness connector bracket, that's mounted on the dash frame, so you can get to it. Then you have to lay on your back on the floor and locate it with a good light. It's mounted on a plastic holder that hangs down from the top of the dash. It has 2 bundles of wires connected to the bottom and 1 on the top. It's held in place with a flat round-head ribbed plastic fastener that has to be pryed out using a long flat-head screw driver by placing it between the mounting tab on the 12362231 and the tab on the plastic holder. Mine had a lot of black duct tape around the bottom wire bundles and the holder that had to be removed before I could get the fastener out. The right hand side of the 12362231 is held in by a slot on the holder. You have to bend the holder quite a bit to get it to release because there's not enough room otherwise. Once you work it down below the dash, wires and all, you have to press down on the locking tabs in the center of the wire connectors in order to disconnect the 12362231. Putting the new one in is just as much trouble. I don't think they could have put it in a more difficult place to reach. Don't you just love American proprietary engineering?

    Also, there's another lamp control module mounted on the firewall to the right of the gas pedal behind the heater duct work that you might want to check first. It contains circuit board with the relays that turn the headlights, park lights and dash lights on and off. It's a little difficult to find because it's partially concealed by the carpet. It's a breeze to remove compared to the 12362231. There's a video about repairing it on YouTube, just search for "Buick Park Avenue" and you should find it. On my 96 park avenue the part number was 16215659 but I've seen what looks to be the same module listed under different numbers like 12088534. You can find the current numbers on the AC Delco website by using your VIN in their parts search.
  • Buick Park Avenue Ultra (2004). The read out on the heater that gives the temperature you set the interior to (and displays the outside temp is lit dimly. The right digit is not lit at all. Are there light bulbs or LED behind the display? Also the Driver’s button for the heated seat does not light up as well as the drivers electric door lock switch. Are these lite by light bulbs or LEDs?
  • The display is a not lit by led's or bulbs I sent mine into a store on e-bay that fixed mine for $50.00 works better than new is the name of the e-bay store is SPEEDOMETER SALES AND SERVICE they rebuild them better than new. the door lock switches and heated seat lights are bulbs.
  • obrien040362obrien040362 Posts: 134
    My dash board Lights are out on my 95 park avenue. Please help me trouble shoot this problem. Is there a dedicated fuse or relay to these lights? Is there easy access to the bulb?
    How do i remove and test the dimmer switch?
  • For 3 sec, then airbag lite flashes 3X, then trip odo resets itself to runs fine even when this happens, doesn't miss a beat. No codes. Any ideas?
  • My drivers side did the exact same, pulled it apart and used white lithium in the horizontal track and it moves VERY fast now. My pass side just started getting slow.

    GM put a grease in that dries up over time, just grease it up. Door panels are pretty easy to take off. Just remember to pop lower clips and then lift UP, not out.
  • My 2000 PAU does this more commonly on Driver 2 than Driver 1. Randomly while driving or when the car is first started.

    No ideas on what yet. I have pulled cluster out for inspection, but nothing found yet.
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