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New Sentra Owners' Experiences



  • texassuetexassue Posts: 11
    Here is a followup on my note above. Well, knock on wood, the solution to the third tow-in was easy; they had not programmed my usual key, just the one that I had given to tow truck #2. I hadn't tried the key I had left with them for the repair. The dealership took responsibility, picked up my key from work, dropped off the car to me after the key was reprogrammed. Hopefully, this is the problem and we have smooth sailing from now on. They also advised that battery was overfull and lowered the water level- my hubby was wrong about the water being low. :)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Knock on wood, I've had no problems with my 2010 2.0S after about 4k miles and 4 months, and I've been very pleased with it. I know it's frustrating to have a problem with a new car, especially one that is troublesome to diagnose as your electrical problem was. Electrical problems seem to be pretty common in new cars today, given all the gizmos they have. That's why I try to keep my cars fairly simple in equipment--although even then they still have lots of electronics including computers.

    As for steering feel, my Sentra does feel different than any of my other cars. I attribute that to the EPS (1 other car has it, 2 do not) and how it's tuned. I don't find the steering feel dangerous, but it is different and it does have less "feel" of the road than my older cars w/o EPS. I had a 2007 Rabbit with EPS and that car had a disconnected feel also, but cripser handling than my Sentra. I prefer the Rabbit's feel, but I have adapted to the Sentra's and know what to expect from it.
  • I am bummed to hear some of the issues people are having with their Sentras. I took my son's car in for the first oil change this morning (3750 miles). I was in and out in 35 minutes and $30. He drives the car (mostly back and forth to school, 11 miles each way) and this is the first time I have driven it in a few months (purchased in February). All I can say is that this car has no issues. Tight, everything works like it should and it is a complete blast to drive. I hope the folks that are having problems get them worked out. This is our 4th Nissan and we have always had great luck with them.
  • texassuetexassue Posts: 11
    So far, knock on wood, the latest fix seems to have "taken". I should add some positives- we took the car back and forth twice to Beaumont (before the electrical issues started), a 4-1/2 drive, and got fantastic mileage- 36 mpg average. I always use middle octane gasoline and that may have added a few miles. Today, in town, with a lot of stop and start, I averaged 25.5. Please don't be bummed. The Sentra is a great deal and with the 5-star crash rating, a perfect car for a teen!
  • cpc69cpc69 Posts: 1
    Hello, My wife and I just purchased a Sentra 2.5 SL with the CVT transmission. A word to anyone interested in buying.... STAY AWAY FROM THE CVT TRANSMISSION! I have experience with the nissan product line (sales) that is why we bought the Sentra, the 2.5 is a good engine but the transmission I am finding is terrible! - Let me explain... On a demo ride or basic in town driving the transmission is fine. The issue is merging or passing in traffic. There is nothing from a performance standpoint. The car will maintain speed but acceleration is awful. in order to pass on the highway you need to "slingshot" the intended target. It is not a matter of pull out and pass. even pulling out from a side road and getting up to speed to go with traffic flow is a dissapointment. You will find the engine revs to 4-45 hundred rpms with a very slow increase in speed. The other downside is the fuel economy suffers. We only get about about 29 mpg, (not bad) but my '96 Neon gets 33 mpg with a 5 speed and I have no power issues. - On the positive side, I do like the way the CVT acts on a downhill. With your foot off of the accelerator the car maintains speed (does not speed-up, requireing braking)
    Choose wisely, I much would have prefered the 5 speed over the CVT now I know I should have followed my gut.
  • I just purchased a 2010 Nissan Sentra SR on sat. it broke down on me on Tues. afternoon. WTHeck is going on with these Sentras?
  • texassuetexassue Posts: 11
    edited September 2010
    Now, that is depressing. I actually got 2500 worry free miles out of mine. So far, the electrical fix is holding after 9 days. I am starting to relax. When you say "broke down," what do you mean? If the electrical systems died entirely, you might have the same problem that I did with the weld not being done correctly where the battery must be recharged by the alternator. My Sentra is also an SR. I haven't had the bad steering or CRV problems that others have complained about. :sick:
  • I went into the store, came out and it wouldnt start. the lights came on and everything but it didnt seem to crank. the funny thing is the hood popped on its own. I did get it to start but as soon as i reversed, it stopped. The dealership is so far telling me its a defective cable to the battery but then why would the lights turn on? they did give me a loaner and towed my vehicle however is this a one time offer. Im worried about this cause i drive to different states so am i gonna be on the highway and fearing for my life?
  • texassuetexassue Posts: 11
    edited September 2010
    Yes, that sounds like the same thing. My dash lights all came on too the first time, second time dead as a doornail for everything. You are probably in the earliest stages when the cable has jiggled loose but not quite all gone. This cable is on national back order which tells me it is a widespread problem that will eventually result in a recall. Call NISSAN USA and file a report and ask if they can speed up you getting that part from their end. That's what I did and I think they were able to get my cable to me earlier than anticipated by the dealership. Another car with the same problem came in to the dealership while mine was there. We should all compare VIN numbers to see what factory is implicated. However, the good news is that once the cable was replaced, all seems well- HOWEVER, I had a brief set back because they need to program both your keys when they do this or it may not start with the un-programmed key.

    If you are under warranty, this should NOT be a "one time offer". They are obligated to fix it until it is fixed, assuming this is a new car under the usual warranties, and after four times within a year (or twice, if you make the argument, and I think you can, that this is a safety defect), it can be declared a lemon. My dealership towed me twice at their expense. :shades:
  • OH MY!! This is why i bought a 2010 so i wouldn't run into issues. Im shocked i thought nissan was suppose to be a good car brand.

    I fell head over heels for this car, I was even told that when we drove in the lot and i saw it that i had a twinkle in my eye. . :cry:

    I thought they only did recalls if there are too many deaths?
    what happens during a recall?

    sorry my first new car
    thanks for your help
  • texassuetexassue Posts: 11
    edited September 2010
    I hear you- I had a Taurus I bought used and only at about 150,000 did it start to have ANY issues. It is now 175,000 miles, my son's car now, factory cold AC, still going and blowing. Like you, I decided to treat myself to a new car so I wouldn't have issues so my mind was blown with this problem. I researched the NISSAN SENTRA carefully and it seemed like safety and reliability were its strong suits. However, I predict with today's car market and reputation being key, your dealership will hang with you to solve the problem- mine did, and I didn't even have a loaner like you have. It has been nine days since my replaced battery cable, car has started right up, and one thing I noticed right away was that I had COLD rather than COOL AC- the mechanic said this was because the car was finally getting the proper voltage to all systems. The cable enables the battery to recharge properly from the alternator...otherwise, the battery runs on its own voltage until it runs out. That's why your lights and all came on but the car didn't start up. Sounds like your dealership is on the right track. The first time, mine replaced a fuse because the radio went out- the second time, the battery. Only the third time did I have a curious mechanic who ascertained the bad weld and the need to replace the cable. Open up a case at Nissan Customer Service. Be sweet but get across your considerable vexation that a new car has these problems! They will open up a case and contact your dealership and it helps to have them looking over the dealer's shoulder. They may be able to make sure your cable gets swiftly to the dealer. Plus, it is documentation in case you need to pursue a lemon law claim. Hopefully, neither of us will.

    By the way- a recall doesn't happen from deaths only, but from a known and systemic defect that can affect safety and needs repair. The fact this cable is on national back order tells me that the problem could be widespread and therefore could initiate a recall. Makers are generally reluctant to do this because it is their nickel, even for cars out of warranty. :surprise:
  • Hi everyone,
    First of all, I want to thank you for posting your problems about your nissan sentras. I have been having issues with my 2009 nissan sentra since I about it mid-last year and it is good to know I am not the only one going through this . My car swerved since 2009 and still swerves whenever I am driving on the freeway. The terrifying problem usually starts when I reach 70mph and then I am forced to reduce my speed to maybe 60.

    But just 2 days ago, the swerves was 100 hundred times more terrible and life threatening. I really thought that I was going to cause a big accident and I prayed to God desperately to protect my life. I had to immediately exit the freeway and went to the nearest Nissan dealership to see if they could take a look at my car. GUESS WHAT? The useless service manager told me that "sorry if I had come in the morning they could check it out...and that they only service like 10 cars a day". By the way i got to the shop around 3pm and according to their entrance, their hours was till 5pm. I begged the guy and he refused to budge one bit. Why don’t they change their hours or simply do their job? They treat people like the customers are doing them a favor.

    This kind of horrible service is the same I have received from FOUR, I repeat 4 several dealerships. No matter how much I tried to reason with them and plead, they refuse to fix the problem. They made me look stupid as if I couldn't drive and continuously lied to me that nothing's wrong (your posts confirmed to me that the problems were real and I am not crazy). ARE THEY WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO ACTUALLY DIE BEFORE THEY DO ANYTHING? I DETEST Nissan and would never encourage anyone (even my enemies) to buy it, not only does their car suck but their service guys are plain deceitful, greedy and pretty much heartless.

    So my next question is, does anybody know any solution to fix this dangerous freeway driving problem? I don't know much about cars, so is there like a temporary solution to do while I research into other brands and do a trade-in? I need to drive the freeway every week and really need a car that works and wouldn’t kill me.

    Thanks in advance for your useful responses :)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Since this happens every time you drive on the freeway, I recommend you take someone with you with a video camera and they can record the swerving as it happens. Then send the video to Nissan and to the NHTSA--and let Nissan know you have sent it to the NHTSA and asked them to open an investigation. You should call Nissan's customer support number and tell them you are sending them and the NHTSA the video. I think you will get a response pretty fast. Also, you might look into getting a monthly rental so you don't have to drive the car. That move would support your claim that the car is dangerous to drive.
  • I have had my new 2010 Nissan Sentra for 21 days as of last night. I was running errands and everything seemed file. I came out of the grocery store with a full trunk of groceries and a full tank of gas. I started driving home and realized my headlights weren't on (my previous car had automatic headlights) so I switched on the lights. As soon as I flipped the switch, the dashboard and my radio shut off then back on. Definitely weird. As I pulled up to the light to turn left, the car continued to lose pick up and power as I am trying to turn in front of an oncoming semi. I was able to just squeeze past and pull into a parking lot. I shut the car off hoping if I just restarted it the car would work like normal. But no go, the car wouldn't restart. The gas pedal wouldn't even depress all of the way so I could start my keyless start. At 10pm at night, no Nissan dealerships are open in the area and the 1-800 number listed at the back of the owner’s manual couldn’t really do much more than offer me a tow.

    A frenzied driver, an amazing boyfriend and a good Samaritan later, we were able to move my car into gear so we could jump it. Using the good Samaritan’s tools, we tested the electrical output and noticed an unusual spikes in the readings. I will be calling the dealership as soon as it opens. Just 21 days into having my new car, I am not feeling confident about its reliability.

    Anyone have any ideas what is going on?
  • texassuetexassue Posts: 11
    edited September 2010
    Yes- possibly, it is the same problem that I had that now appears to be fixed. It was explained to me that the factory did not securely weld some panel in back of the battery which means it cannot recharge off the alternator. This was detected the third time I brought it in for an electrical problem. I do not have a keyless start, however. My dealership had to ordered a new battery cable which was on national back order (told me, and the mechanic I was dealing with, that this is a more widespread problem- in fact, he had seen two similar issues, one two month before, the other the same week I brought mine in). If it makes you feel better, the new battery cable was replaced the weekend before Labor Day weekend and I am still going strong. I know what you mean about feeling queasy about reliability, though. The first time they fixed the problem, they said it was a bad battery- but the new one was gone in a week. That's when they looked harder and they discovered the weld/battery cable problem. Suggest it to them. :(
  • essie1essie1 Posts: 1
    i brought my nissan sentra 2010 home on september 18, we drove the sixty miles without a problem. it was new and i thought the volume on my ipod music went down at a stop light as a courtesy to other drivers, that was all i noticed out of the ordinary. On september 27th, after driving the car for errands only, it had less than 200 miles on it, the engine stopped at a red light. I tried unsuccessfully to re[engage it, the electrical system was functioning at first, but that too died. It was towed to a nearby Nissan a short distance away. They diagnosed it as a faulty computer. I picked up the car two days later and even as i drove out of the dealership the car hesitated, and within 5 miles the odometer settings were wavering and there was a strange pulsing sound coming from it. I called the dealership, but the mechanics had gone for the day. By the next day, september 30, the odometer was behaving and we assumed the car was still syncing with the new computer. On friday, October 1st, the car hesitated, the odometer readings were wiggling, and i called the dealership where i bought the car to ask if it was safe to drive the 60 miles to have it looked at by a mechanic on monday, they said they thought so. Fortunately for me, the car died completely again when i went to start it at a local supermarked parking lot on the sunday before the trip. It was towed to the dealership and i was told the next morning that it was a faulty battery connector and cables, which they replaced. Today, October 6th, the car was driven approximately 200 miles without a problem. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  • Yup, that battery cable problem! I've posted on the New Sentra page and an electrical problems page a similar problem I had, and it wasn't diagnosed right the first time either. I predict they will have a national recall on this cable. If it makes you feel better, my car had the cable replaced over a month ago and is running fine. But there is nothing more stressful than having a new car go completely dead! :P
  • yeah i had that same cable replaced now my check engine soon light went on about and hour ago go straight to the dealer tomorrow :mad:
  • I just got a car used same issue it swerves on the highway and its under 35000 miles i dont know but im calling the dealer today.
  • barpye - i would like to contact you regarding your lemon law process. if you could e-mail me that would be helpful.

    i have a 2010 nissan sentra sr and have been dealing with this steering issue for some time now. i have brought it to the servicing dealership where i purchased the vehicle (4 times!) and haven't gotten the problem resolved and i will now be pursuing the lemon law option.
  • minpinminpin2minpinminpin2 Posts: 1
    edited July 2011
    i have a 2010 nissan, the belt shredded to pieces. something apparently seized up and this was wearing on the belt. when I opened the hood discovered that the car was running very hot the water was boiling. does anyone know what could have siezed up and caused the belt to shred to pieces.
  • Hello all,
    I recently bought a new 2011 Sentra S (I have about 400 miles on it now). I have to admit if I had read about all the steering issues I may not have bought the car. However, I haven't experienced any steering problem or any other problems with the car. In fact I find the Electrical Power Steering to be excellent compared to my Civic Hybrid which also has EPS. On the Civic if you make a quick turn in one direction, then quickly change to the opposite direction (like in accident avoidance) you end up not having any power assist (the EPS can't react fast enough). Also, at one time I had a Satrun Vue with the exact EPS issues being mentioned. On that car the dealer was able to fix it the 1st time I brought it in. Before buying the Sentra, I drove a Corolla and a Civic and found the Sentra handled and accelerated much better. I guess Nissan finally fixed the EPS by the 2011 model year. I have owned 4 Nissans in the past including a Datsun 1200 and they have all been good vehicles. I got $3.5K off the MSRP, so the Sentra was aslo a good value. It has Blue Tooth, Smart Key and the CVT works great too. I got 44MPG on pure highway and 27MPG combined city/ hwy.
  • malachymalachy Posts: 17
    My car has 31K. I have had no issues with the transmission, nor anything else. My only complaint is the clacking when the car starts up on a cold morning. This noise goes away when the car is warmed up. The gas mileage has been between 32 - 34 doing 80% HWY @ 65 or so. The car does not handle like it is on rails, but that is just the electric steering. The car is dependable and comfortable. I think it looks a hell of a lot better than most comparable cars. If you are looking for basic transportation, it will meet your needs. Would I buy another one? There is not a reason I would not buy it again. I probably would go for a used one, only because of the dwindling value of new cars in general. It's not the most exciting thing out there, but that's subjective. I do like the room in the front and back as well as the trunk. The CVT is a little wierd. I can't tell you if it is good or bad. I have been told that it helps the mileage - which is very good in my opinion.
  • ovyboxovybox Posts: 21
    Same noise here, goes away after it warms up.
    Another problem: one of these cold days (10F) the car wouldn't shift up in higher gears. I was able to drive at 40mph but any attempt to go higher was just higher rpms.
    I would not buy another Sentra.
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