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Lincoln Navigator Complete Brake Failure

I have a 2007 Navigator with 10k. I have on several occasions had brake failure at speeds below 30mph. When I apply the brakes during normal braking it goes to the floor. It has at times pulsated. The anti lock brake light always comes on. The dealer can not figure out the problem? It always happens in deacelaration from abour 30mph. Anyone have any ideas?


  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    This is homicidal!

    I would demand a buy back and a replacement vehicle immediately. You should not be driving this car.
  • agnesbagnesb Posts: 1
    ON OCT.24, I was driving at a speed of 30 35 mph, when I applied my breaks suddenly the brakes did not respond and I crashed on back of another vehicle, my car front was complete destroyed thanks God no body was injury, this is my first ever accident in 43 years of driving experience with an impeccable driving record. When the tow truck came to pick up my truck there was no breaks at all. My car has only 15500 miles. I order a mechanical report and I will keep you posted. I will demand a new car for sure. :sick:
  • any news? I'm not a big advocate of suing people/companies but you should seriously consider retaining an attorney. I would demand a replacement car - of your choice - and that they pay any rise in your insurance premiums and cover any claims/losses brought by the driver of the other car.
  • Mike,

    I would love to talk to you. I have the exact same problem with my 2007 Lincoln Navigator. I am presenting my case to the arbitration board on Friday, November 30th. I would love to obtain any type of documentation you have from your dealership. I would be happy to share any of my documentation and experiences with you. Please let me know how I can contact you directly. My email is

  • I can be contacted at The biggest problem I have is duplicationg the problem, have you been able to duplicate the problem on demand?
  • :lemon: ? Recently purchased, only 3000 miles. Having brake failure problems. Have already had one small accident trying to stop at a stop sign. No brakes, into the intersection I went hitting a car. Luckily it was very minor. Took my new Lincoln to the dealer I bought it from and they diagnosed "no problem". Still having the problem, I took it to another dealership. Here is what they said....Checked brakes, mechanically bled brakes, IDS eloctronically bled brakes 5 times. Test drove. Pedal felt about the same. Checked front wheel bearing play, OK. Called Ford Hotline, talked to "Ken", he checked and found no known concerns. (Really? that's not what I'm reading on this website). Anyway, Ken said to compare to a like vehicle. Dealer did not have a Navigator so he drove a 2008 King Ranch Expedition. Test drove it and the brake pedal feel was about the same as my Navigator. (That's scary!). So, after the test drive, dealer and the hotline feel that this is a normal condition. WHAT? NO BRAKES IS A NORMAL CONDITION! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! What are we to do, prepare a class action suit or just wait until enough people get hurt or killed before the manufacturer wakes up? Other than that, Buyer BEWARE!
  • It appears they have found the problem. Each wheel has a speed sensor and the sensors are not communicating properly. The sensors malfunction causing the car to think it is in a slide. The ABS deactivates the brakes and wham you hit something...

    They replaced the sensors today. I will keep you posted. The factory engineers came to South Florida and looked at my car to figure this out.
  • jn1952jn1952 Posts: 3
    You will love this.....received a reply to a letter I sent Ford regarding my 2008 Lincoln Navigator not having brakes. This is what they replied:

    "The circumstances, which you outlined concerning your Navigator, have been given careful consideration.

    Ford Motor Company considers the satisfaction of its owners to be one of our most important objectives. We commit very substantial resources and effort in a sincere attempt to resolve the concerns of our owners. However, limits must be placed on those efforts. Although we regret not being able to meet your expectations, our review indicates that the information provided by your dealer is appropriate. Therefore, we are unable to be of further assistance in this matter.

    We are sorry that our response could not be more favorable to you. Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company."

    Sincerely, Marsha Wojewski-Boyd, Ford Motor Company, Customer Relationship Center brakes and it's ok?! Sounds like they are going to let the issue fester and try to keep their losses to a minimum. Wonder how many people are going to have to die or get seriously injured before Ford wakes up and fixes the problem?
  • jn1952jn1952 Posts: 3
    How are your brakes since the sensors have been replaced?
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    Man, that's a fine way to do business, eh?

    I had almost exactly the same experience though on something far less critical - the HVAC system on my LS would blow 110 degree air out the center stack and 60 degree air out the side vents at the same time. After Ford Division Rep agreed there was a problem and promised to fix it, corporate got involved, told me it was "in spec" refused to show me said spec and thenceforth Div Rep would not take my calls.

    I think if I were you, a lawyer or at least a look into the lemon law in your state would be my next stop. You cant drive around in a car that sometimes has no brakes. Sure you could end up winning a lot of money from Ford but only if you or someone in you car gets truly hosed-up. You dont want that. Get rid of this beast by making Ford eat it. THat letter will go a long way to show they dont give a rip.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The NHTSA is interested in problems like this. File a complaint at
  • mikefl1mikefl1 Posts: 6
    The barke problem has finally been repaired. It in the end was found to be a speed sensor on the wheel. They replaced all 4 sensors just in case. There has been NO other prolems since the sensor was replaced.
  • jhaysjhays Posts: 2
    my 07 (24K miles) has been at dealership for this problem for 10 days now. I had a problem with the abs "thinking" it was in a skid, or on ice or whatever, (it was blue sky and 75 degrees here in AZ at the time, in town going about 35 MPH) and the car made heavy grinding type noises, transmission shifted down, and the engine felt like it momentarily stalled. I had no brake control for a moment. Then all was good. I headed for a Ford dealership 2 miles away and the ABS light came on two or three times, on the way and when it did there was little or no brakes. That dealer ffound no problem, and no codes showed up. He switched the ABS system off, and had me take it to the dealer where I bought it in Tucson (45 miles away). They can't replicate the problem, but are still researching.
  • mikefl1mikefl1 Posts: 6
    The problem is in the speed sensor on each wheel. If they replace all 4 sensors it will go away. They will need to contact FORD for approval, but this is a guaranteed fix. You can not duplicate it that is why you need to repalce the sensors. It is a covered warranty repair.
  • jhaysjhays Posts: 2
    Well I got my Nav. back yesterday (4-8-08). 20 days in the shop. They "fixed" it per the "hot line" by checking for ambient light coming between the dash and defrost vent, messing up a sensor that is "sensitive" to light on the steering column under the dash. They put electricians tape on the void, stopping the light coming in. I live in Arizona---any idea what heat does to electrical tape???? I filed a complaint with the NHTSA, pulled up summaries of all the service bulletins on the Nav., and am heading back to the Ford dealer tomorrow so they will fix the defrost plastic, that they did not affix properly to the dash, and now it rattles, and to ask to see their Service bulletins that (may) mention my problem. Lord help Lincoln (please).
  • dchittibdchittib Posts: 1
    just bought a 2006 navigator from a private owner.. today.. only 14800 miles..
    clean, under warranty , so did the deal and took the car to work..
    once when I was reversing the car from the sellers home, I felt the brake not working.. it was a fraction of a second, so didn't register.. put it in drive and drove away.. put about 50 miles today.. and brought it home..

    loaded my wife and 2 kids (4yr and 2yr old) in the new car , so my wife can drive me to work, and I can pickup my old car.. our house is on a hill, with a sloping a culdesac wife put the car in reverse, and next thing you know.. lost all control of the car.. brakes wouldnt work.. went down the hill for 50 ft or so.. we were sh*t scared.. the slope goes straight to a house across the street.. I was sitting in front passenger side.. and asked her to hit brakes.. she said she is.. but nothing happened.. I put the auto shift into drive and park, nothing happened.. luckily the car swerved to the left into a public fence.. the fence wrapped around our wheel and stopped us from hitting a tree.. just happened 30 mins ago.. still waiting for AAA and the cops.. as I type this.. thought I'd do a quick check on net for this problem.. and lo and behold.. I see your stories..

    My wife used to work at Ford.. and totally pissed at Ford right now..
    thank god.. kids and we are safe.. didn't go through the house at the bottom of the hill.. the fence also saved us from ramming into a tree.. given the slope we picked up speed of some 25 /30 miles per hr.. and so glad kids didnt get hurt..

    Ford better explain this.. Called the seller, and he says never happened to him..

  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    Geez, that really s*cks. I dont know what the he!! is going on with these things. I have 47K on my 2004 and its been great. Except that it recently developed a brake issue - after I paid the dealer to put new brakes on. Since then if I hit the pedal hard in a panic stop, the pedal resists in a really strange way and I can hear vacuum - air escaping. There is NO ABS actio caus I am familiar with what that feels like. THe cars stops but no way is it stopping like it should. then when I release the pedal, it sortof resists coming back to normal and the brakes also slowly release. I had it back to dealer once and they seemed to fix it, but it's back. Normail braking seems fine, only when I hit the pedal hard. Course this is nothing like what happened to you. Dont know what to say except geez, sorry. Good luck. Certainly this is a guess, but I wonder if the previous owner had this happen and decided to dump it. If he took it to dealer, there should be a record of them trying to fix it. In this case he certainly should have told you.
  • Mike,
    2006, 30,000 miles, bought new.
    Hope you get this, your reply was excellent and i had the exact same braking issue as "jhays" I live in a gorge filled college town and am a experienced driver, towing handler, motorcycle driver. Without that i would have surely killed someone when it happened to me on a steep hill in an elementary school zone.

    After absolutely no help from the dealership ( "Ms. it was a stone under your pad maybe") i self diagnosed my car issue from this forum. Jhays perfectly wrote the symptoms and course of events.... verbatim!!!!!
    I had one speed sensor replaced (where i heard the noise, front drivers side) almost $400.00 I kept the part for future recall?? I was to scared to even drive the car!!!!!
    But no matter how hard i tried, Ford wouldn't warranty it, i paid out of pocket. They stated "because the problem couldn't be reproduced, it wouldn't be warranted" I went all the way to the top.
    Do you have any further ideas on how i can be reimbursed since you seem to know about " not being able to reproduce the problem"
    I am recently divorced and this car is out of my price range for payments and maintenece but i'm forced to keep up with it for now.

  • mikefl1mikefl1 Posts: 6
    Ford Lincoln Mercury just replaced my 2007 Navigator with a 2008 Nvigator under the Florida Lemon law. THe porblem is electronic and they finally stepped up to the plate. If anyone is having this problem get friendly with the Service Department people and they will guide you on what to do. It took me a year but I got a new car that has no problems as an even exchange, they called it a "exchange of collateral". Things started happening when I had the service department help me. The speed sensors seem to correct the problem but after 65 days in the shop who knows??? I had no intention of risking my kids life on a guess.
  • I just bought an 06 Navigator about 3 weeks ago. 43K on the odometer The truck appears to be in perfect condition. I noticed a couple issues when I was driving home, and I was going to take it to the dealership when I got a chance.

    I leave my house (San Diego) at around 9 in the morning on a nice bright sunny day, and begin heading down the hill. I noticed the traction control light flashing and though I'd put it on my list of things to talk to the dealer about when I take it in. That's when I came upon a red light (heading down hill around 45mph) Push the brakes and nothing.. nada, zip, zilch. Blazed through the red light at about 50 (accelerating down the hill). It's a miracle I didn't kill somebody. Everybody at that intersection must have thought I was nuts.

    Did the pump the brakes deal, and finally got some action on the front left tire. Brake pedal went much further then it usually does, and then started pulsing, and I could hear the front left tire starting to chirp, and the truck slowly came to a stop.

    I had the truck flat bedded to Witt Lincoln in Escondido CA.. I have talked to the service advisor a few times on the phone, but haven't been down there to talk to him yet.

    His stance is basically they can't duplicate any problem so there is no problem. Said the traction control threw a couple codes, and they reset it and no problems.

    I'll be printing out this thread and taking it with me down there. I can't believe that Ford/Lincoln wouldn't be more pro-active on this problem?

    This is my 2nd Navigator by the way. Last one was a 2000, I put over 200,000 miles on it with no problems. Finally an A/C compressor let go while I was at the river, so I traded it on this one. I must admit though I'm kinda nervous about driving the car now though?
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