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Audi S5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I agree that the S5 is pricey. You have to be thoroughly enamored with the Audi feel, appearance and engineering to spend this amount of cash. I was an owner of an allroad. Audi has not filled that gap in this country so I changed my tastes. The S5 is a great touring car as well as a barnstormer. It drives and rides different than a Beemer ( of which my wife owns) and MB, that is why you buy it!
  • privpriv Posts: 2
    Over the past few months, I have been collecting a lot of information both on the A5 as well as possible financing both with Audi as well as other sources. After test driving one here in Rhode Island I decided that this is the car I want. However, lease offers were horrible even though Audi came out with better money factors and residuals. I came to the conclusion that I might have to purchase an early 08 model that comes in as an off lease to be able to afford this car. One night after searching local dealer sites I noticed a 09 A5 configured almost exactly the way I wanted. All I would have to sacrifice is the Technology Package. The list price was $49,900. I decided to go and see what I could get. After talking to a very informed representative I was able to get the price down to $47,500. With my trade, I was able to get 84 month financing at 6.9% through Citi Financial (but done with the dealer). My payment ended up at $579.00 per month.

    If you decide to purchase this car and select the little extras that I did, you should be aware of their true cost.

    Audicare - price $650, dealer price - $350
    Tirecare - price $475, dealer price - $175

    These extras were given to me at cost to close the deal.

    WHAT A CAR !!!!! Wow.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755

    I've read your messages, and I see your very eager to purchase an S5,
    I am in a similar situation as you are, but not for buying the S5, but a different car, and not by taking a 5 years loan.

    Since this will be your first purchase for such an expensive car, have you test driven other cars? For example, 135i,335i, there is a newer E class coupe coming, IS F, but I think IS F is even more expensive.

    Keep us updated and do remember to share your experience.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755

    I noted the advice you gave to (AudiS5)

    I was thinking about doing a similar thing as (AudiS5) is doing, but without taking such a big 5 years loan, and for a different car, not the S5.

    I might take up on your advice and think about what you said.

    You're right there are many cars to choose from, which aren't as expensive.

    I'll most probably go for a Japanese car.
  • AudiS5AudiS5 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the input regarding the A5, it gives some perspective. I have looked around and am taking the advice from Amdscot. I decided to try and look for a used S5 or possibly shoot for an A5 and push more into savings. I think both are fantastic cars( I have test driven both ), but I do enjoy the response time of the S5. I am both excited and nervous about such a big purchase, and want to be sure I can afford it. I absolutely love these cars! =) Any more advice or prices paid for A5/S5 with a similar loan would be appreciative!
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755

    I myself am trying to convince myself to not buy such an expensive car,but its hard to decide.

    Its easy to buy an expensive car, but paying for the next 5 years will be a big headache.

    Do remember that there will always be a better car coming.

    Thats a smart choice for looking at a used S5,A5. I asked you about test driving other cars, but you didn't reply anything, so I'll just assume that you're not interested in any other car.

    Remember that European cars gets very expensive to repair once its out of warranty.

    I really want to go for a bmw, just like you want the S5, but its to complicated for me. You have no idea how many negative things I've listen from my friends who works at bmw.

    I've made up my mind for going for a Japanese brand, most probably a Lexus.

    Just for your info, the newer S5 2010 will be replacing the 4.2 v8 with a 3.0 supercharged.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755

    Where have you been (AudiS5) Its been 3 weeks, where have you and everybody else suddenly gone.
  • twmarktwmark Posts: 41
    I'm looking to purchase an S5 and would like to know if anyone is willing to tell us how much they paid for it (an with what options). Should I expect to still pay MRSP? Thanks.
  • I bought my 2009 S5 on July 31, 2008. It is quartz grey metallic, has the navigation plus, the technology package, the premium sound system and the carbon inlays. I paid $59440 for it. It is the nicest car I have ever had...BMW or Audi :)
  • AudiS5AudiS5 Posts: 4
    Hello, I am sorry I haven't been able to post lately. I have been incredibly busy at work. Anyways, friends left a bad taste in your mouth about BMW? I've heard similar things, although I am someone who has to see it to believe it.

    I have actually considered other cars, for example the Infiniti G37's are fantastic looking. I haven't had a chance to test drive one yet, but am hoping to in the near future. I am seeing some used A5's for the 39k mark and some used S5's for the 45k mark. For a 45k used S5 most of them come fully loaded with about 15,000 miles to their name. You are right about the warranty, that scares me a bit. Insurance also scares me. I visited the Audi dealership not too long ago and spoke with the dealer(of course given my age he didn't think I was serious), and he quoted me 59k for an S5 with nav, sound, and premium package.

    I wonder what type of payments a car like that would run for 59k. I have plugged it in several websites and it says approx 800$ monthly. Anyone have any experience with this? That excites me about your new quartz colored S5, congratulations! Glad you enjoy it =)
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755

    No, friends did not lie to me, they told me the truth, after all they work for bmw.

    15,000miles is a lot for a new S5, I wouldn't consider it,

    Yeah, you should be scare regarding the warranty, unless you're in a good position financially.

    Once out of warranty, German cars can be quite expensive to fix.

    My cousin friend recently purchased a cls63 amg in 2009,l I think he paid around over $150K for it, not sure about the exact amount, now he wants to sell it, he is very likely to lose around $40 to $50k.
  • Does anybody have any recent experience of buying the S5? I'm curious to see how the economy is impacting the price paid and how much can be negotiated on these cars... It seems like $2000~$3000 below MSRP is the going rate, but thought I'd confirm.
  • i just bought one today. they will deliver it to me tomorrow or in 2 days....driving from another city to me too! i got 09 s5 with B&O stereo and ipod connector and audi care for 49k + TTL. w/o counting cost of audi care, it is almost 6k below what edmunds TMV is. it's ~2500 under invoice (not MSRP). i think the dealer is doing poorly. they were so eager to close this before end of the month!
  • gqgeekgqgeek Posts: 1
    Did you lease or purchase? Are there any special financing for the S5? From what dealership did you get a deal like this from?
  • purchase. audi west in houston.
  • I'm looking at a 2010 S5 MSRP $63,100 what should I shoot for on this car? Thanks..
  • donchardonchar Posts: 35
    edited February 2010
    Which region? Brother bought his in SoCal for $56,700 prestige package. Seems like inventory is building and prices are coming down. 3 months ago dealers were "take it or leave it. We'll sell it in 2 days". Now it's "let's chat about the car you test drove last month"

    More detail: Prestige / Driver Assist / 5-spoke Tri / Dark Blue MSRP $61035. It was dealer's inventory.
  • zipforiazipforia Posts: 6
    Which dealership did your brother buy the 2010 S5? I'm interested in the same trim line as your brother.

  • bozsterbozster Posts: 5
    Can someone please give a helping hand and give me some prices for current lease on S5 manual.. stock with basically. Only options are upgraded wheels.

    S5 4.2 FSI® Premium Plus with six-speed manual transmission and quattro®
    Base MSRP$ 52,400
    Options price$ 400
    Destination charge$ 825
    Price as Built*$ 53,625

    This is in Arizona

    I am interested how much would be a realistic lease rate for this one on 36 months/10k miles with zero down and possibly a $1k down.

    Is $800 tax included too low? My current lease on Q7 3.6L quattro premium with panorama and rear-view camera package or whatever it is is $790 tax included with zero down 36months/12k miles for $58k MSRP.

    I have a specific issue and have to trade in my Q7 and get an S5 with some luck for 36 months/10k miles. I was looking into some offers Audi gives now and I can get fully loaded A5 for same price I'm paying now (tax included) with my Q7 trade-in.

    It does seem a bit expensive to pay $790 (tax included) for an A5 with zero down and a trade in but I'm totally out of the loop.

    Could someone chime in and help me out with some numbers here. What could be considered a good deal on S5 given my situation and whether or not A5 price I mentioned above is too steep? Is it completely unrealistic to hope for $800 a month (tax included) with $1000 down for S5 lease?

  • jgillisjgillis Posts: 4
    Have you checked out If their prices are at all accurate you shouldn't have too much of a problem getting under 800 a mth.
  • I ordered a 2010 S5 Premium Plus w/automatic tran $53,600
    Metallic paint $475
    B/O stereo $850

    MSRP $54,925
    Tax (NY) $2,968

    48/months, lease payment $790/month (tax included)

    Im Just paying first month,audi care maint,and bank fee up front.

    The car is due for delivery in a couple weeks and I havent signed the lease yet, im curious what eveyone else is paying for the premium plus package seems most people are getting this car with the prestige package for like $1k/month.
  • 12k miles a year also.
  • djzhudjzhu Posts: 11
    Just ordered 2011 S5 Premium Plus w/Tiptronic
    Sports Rear Differential
    Metallic paint

    MSRP- 56000
    Negotiated- 53427 (+750 over invoice)
    MF- .00216
    Acq- 625
    Doc- 150
    Sec deposit- 800
    WA- 9.5% tax

    $779.05/month including tax
  • What was the delivery time they quoted you? What state are you in - WA?


    p.s. Does anyone know when the 2011 model starts production?
  • djzhudjzhu Posts: 11
    No quoted delivery date, estimated 120 days, so somewhere in August, I'm hoping earlier than later. I'm in Washington state. Also, MF and residuals are not out so I'm thinking it's better to order the car and wait on the Audi Financial process to potentially capitalize on any specials (however unlikely for the S5). Any thoughts?
  • benchmark1benchmark1 Posts: 2
    Thanks. My timing is the end of the year delivery so I have a while.

    Just wondering when 2011 models start production.

  • zorro71zorro71 Posts: 3

    Just an FYI. Purchased my S5 this past Friday. Amazing car. :)

    Here are the details:
    Trim Package: Prestige
    Exterior: Phantom Black
    Interior: Black with Carbon Atlas inlays

    Driver Assist Package
    Sports Rear Differential Package
    19" 5 Tri-Spoke Wheel Package
    Carbon Atlas Inlays

    MSRP: $63,500
    Paid: $61,000
    Dealer threw in paint protection("MSRP" $600). Might have been able to haggle a lower price, BUT was last remaining Phantom Black S5 in Southern Cal area.

  • zipforiazipforia Posts: 6
    What's your lease deal break down? If you don't mind me asking..

  • djzhudjzhu Posts: 11
    Hi Car Man,

    Do you have the lease rates for 2011 Audi S5 Premium Plus for 10k/36mo and 10k/48mo? Thanks.
  • Do you mind giving me the contact info of the dealership/sales guy with who you worked out your deal ($750 over invoice) ?
    In CO the dealers are really tight and are sticking to MSRP
    Thank you in advance!
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