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Volkswagen Beetle Brake Problems

Can someone give me an approximate cost to buy and replace front and rear pads and rotors on a 1999 beetle? I think the dealer is overcharging (as they always do) but I was hoping to get some other opinions on cost. Please include labor ($ or # of hours) since I'm not able to do it myself. My zip code is 02893 if that helps.

Thanks for the help!


  • I recently purchased rotors and ceramic pads for the front of my 99 beetle. The pads were a step up from the cheapest; the ceramics are less likely to cause rotor overheating and warping. The total cost for parts was (+/-) $80. A friend who has a lift in his garage did the work for $80, but this is very low... the trick is buying the parts yourself, and finding someone to do the not-so-difficult job of changing them out. It shouldn't cost you more than $200 total - parts and labor, providing you can get someone to do the work at a fair price. You won't find that low a labor rate at any dealership or full-fledged repair shop due to overhead, payroll expenses, insurances and all of the other costs a business must roll into their labor rates. I hope this helps.
  • My 99 beetle, to date an unending provider of electronics oddities and surprises, has started showing the amber "ABS" light in the dash. I know this is from a dirty sensor at the brake rotor, so I am not too concerned...I recently had the front brakes replaced, and found this out. The brakes continue to work great, but now I am getting three loud beeps and a flashing "brake" light in the dashboard warning lights area. I have checked the brake fluid, and it is full. I am reluctant to take the vehicle to me local VW dealer, as I am unable to take out another mortgage on my home at this time. Any thoughts on the flashing light?
  • wbunchwbunch Posts: 2
    want to put disk brakes on front what year rotors an spindles ,calippers also redoing hole bug an need all the help i can get thx reb
  • davevb1davevb1 Posts: 1
    I have the same issue. Did you get an answer to this. I recently put pads on the back brakes and now I keep getting the flashing light and buzzer. Everything works perfectly and the fluid is full. Any suggestions?
  • same problem here...did you get a solution about your brake light? Please let me know. THANKS>......
  • clinglerclingler Posts: 1
    link title
  • yerrufyerruf Posts: 4
    99 Beetle-the rr brake calipers don't always totally disingage-they drag at low speed-any ideas-repair/look for ?
  • I just picked up our 99 beetle from the dealership. I submitted it for repair due to the ABS light. They said it could be the ABS system and it would cost over $1200, or it could be that it isn't getting enough power from the batttery and we may need to replace the battery. I told them we haven't had any battery problems and we would keep an eye on it. I decided not to have the ABS system worked on. So, on the way home the ABS light was on, as expected, but now the brake light is flashing. Did you every resolve your issue?
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