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Oldsmobile Aurora Tachometer Problem

95cougar95cougar Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Oldsmobile
I have a 2001 Aurora. Recently when I have been driving, there is a slight pause in the engine, then the Tach jumps up between 5000 - 8000 rpm. I don't think the rpm's are really that high as it sounds normal. Any ideas what this could be?


  • I have a 2001 aurora v6 I will be driving along when the car just quits all light are on but the car just shut down you have to put it in netural and restart it
  • aleanalean Posts: 3
    Had tach jump problems with my '95 after the tranny was rebuilt and a new ECM installed at the same time; another ground wire solved the problem - but I think it was not a real solution, as after only 2,000 miles I need another (costly with labor) ECM. I think the tranny was rebuilt for the standard and not the autobahn package and it's electronically killing my tach and on-board computer. Hope this at least helps you start to troubleshoot.
  • aleanalean Posts: 3
    I posted a response on the wrong message - see the next message down.
  • The same exact thing happened to me yesterday, driving 65 then a slight pause/jerk, then the tach red lines but the car ran fine....have you found out anything?
  • :sick: You guys all need CPS (Crankshaft Position Sensors) replaced.

    I just had it done - $164 - but my mechanic rocks and is not a thief.

    Problem solved! And no more hesitation/missing on passing.
  • jrp3jrp3 Posts: 1
    Just bought a 95 olds aurora, niether the the tach or speedo work. I know they are electronic with some sort of sensor on the tranny, but have been trying to find a fuse panel diagram to see if there is maybe a fuse or relay that can be replaced?
  • jbm5jbm5 Posts: 2
    did you have this fixed

    was it the crankshaft sensor?
  • jbm5jbm5 Posts: 2
    was this the fix

    I have the same problem
  • jeffer77jeffer77 Posts: 1
    had a 2001 aurora v-6, very intermittent, would stall and tach would jump. remove starter to easily access crank sensor. remove and replace crank sensor and problem fixed. sensor costs about 100.00 for oe replacement, mitchell calls 1.5 to r and r.
  • karreckkarreck Posts: 1
    when engine gets warm, about 6 miles, i have the hesitation in the 3.5 v6 motor,
    then tach jumps to 4-5x what it should read. motor stills runs fine most of time,
    sometimes rough on restart, but smooths out & then ok. i will try the CPS, seems
    to be a common problem on the 01 aurora 3.5
  • Sometimes when i shut my 1999 aurora off the gauges go wacko and also not often but sometimes the car will stay running for 2 seconds? Any advice would be helpful
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