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Nissan Frontier Real World MPG Numbers



  • have not done any towing yet; now my 08 v6 crew has about 2600 miles on it, I average 16-17 in mix but mostly city driving with 87 oct. gas with ethanol.
    I love the ride of this truck, it's very quiet and smooth.
  • It's pretty nice when it comes time to pass somebody too!
  • bruntebrunte Posts: 4
    I have seen a few questions about towing. Here's my experience;
    (-07, LE 4x4 crew, long bed with snug lid) The truck has plenty of power for the loads I have pulled - 1000 lbs, empty trailer, 4000 lbs car on trailed and 5000 lbs "U-haul" type of moving trailer. MPG between 14.5 to 18. Legal speed mostly, except when towing the car - due to center of gravity I had to go a bit slower than posted speeds. Otherwise my MPG seems to be fairly consistent at 20.5 +/- 1 in small town - (we have 8-9 traffic lights I think) and highway driving. :)
  • Well, I originated this thread, and have been following it for awhile now.
    After reading all the reports, I am glad I didn't trade my Dodge Hemi Ram Q/C 4X4 for the Nissan Frontier. I just completed a 4,700 mile trip with the Ram, and averaged 18.4 MPG, in some of the worst winter driving conditions imaginable. Strong head and cross winds 30-40 MPH most of the way, blizzard conditions in Wisconsin, the UP, lower Michigan, Ohio. Not to mention single digit temps. All in quiet comfort.
    I don't mean to belittle the Frontier in any way. I think it is a fine vehicle. Thanks to all who replied to this thread.
  • Now I have 42xxx miles on the fronty and with a PLX Kiwi I get 24 mpg average highway with no bed cover and not towing anything. Winter time I get about 22 on the highway. 20 when it's been parked outside plugged in with some warm up time only when it's really cold like -30 or more (hey I live in Alaska now and last winter I seen -52F) Also I towed an 8x10 snowmobile trailer with a salt shield on the front and a 4x4 atv, dirt bike, crotch rocket and washer and dryer as well as misc other stuff to Alaska. The bed had three peoples luggage and some tools as well as 3 adults including me in the cab. Only got 10 to 14 mpg at the most in the mountainous area in Canada. Maybe 16 to 17 on the flat middle part of Canada but I didn't have the Kiwi then and was resetting the average MPG meter and seeing what it said after a few minutes. Hope this helps. I like the lil truck and I can't wait till they get small diesels here in the USA.
  • 09 Frontier crew cab 4x4 ! 22.5 mpg 70%-30 going 65mpg and hiting passing gear ! 21mpg going 70mph & 20mpg going 78 mph on Int. ! Pulling 27' travel trailer avg. 12 ! Look at the H.P. and torque ! Look at spec on full size chey,ford,dodge trucks !Around 11300 lbs. total,truck and trailer towing, My truck , 11100 lbs. but my truck weights about 1000 less pounds ! This frontier came with tran. and oil cooler ! This truck will tow and get up and go !!! Older frontier didn't get mpg i do ! Old man that reads,reviews and forums,thats got the best truck !!!
  • hondonhondon Posts: 1
    I know some of you are curious if not anxious, about the coming diesel for the Frontier. I live in Honduras and have owned a 04, 4 cyl turbo diesel, Frontier for about 3.5 years. I drive from La Ceiba on the north coast to Tegucigalpa often. It's a six hour drive, over two mountain ranges, curvey roads with lots of trucks and busses. I do drive it pretty hard. Normally about 75 mph where possible. Four door, 4x4, with a heavy fiberglass shell. I consistantly get 23mpg. It's pretty sluggish as expected out of the hole, but when get the rpms up it does very well. With my experience and the new economy of the gas engines, if I were coming back to the statee, I'll buy the gas model. Fuel here is $4.57 per gal. About .50 less than gas. I hope this has been helpful.

  • ddssjskddssjsk Posts: 26
    2011 Crew 2WD 19.5 to 20 mpg interstate at 70-80 mph. Around town 22 mpg.
    Secondary roads below 60 mph. consistant 24-26 mpg.
  • I've had my 2004 Frontier for 5 months now... has 97000 miles on it... runs beautifully. And I consistently get 28-29 mpg with it. I love my truck!! Will never own another V6 or V8 anything.
  • schweizerschweizer Posts: 1
    edited September 2012
    I did quite a bit of research before buying my Frontier and my only worry was poor mpg. So far all I can attest to is city driving. My first tank 17mpg, my second 18, my third ran just over 18. My belief is once it's broken in I should be pulling close to 20. With a bed cover I'm sure I can easily pull over 20 and maybe more. Time will tell though.
  • bruntebrunte Posts: 4
    This is how I "calculate" MGP: I read the figures from the display. (Occasionally I verify by actual calculation; 1. Fill up and reset trip meter. 2. Drive until tank is close to empty. 3. Fill up again, read the trip meter - divide that reading with the amount of gallons you had to fill your tank with to get it back to full) The actual calculation quite often shows 1 or 2 MPG less than the on-board computer tells you,,,,, go figure.
    By the way - sold the -07 Frontier @ 40,000 miles, missed so I got a -12 back half a year ago. Only 2200 miles on the odometer. Drove some 100 miles yesterday in the hills of the Ozarks, at legal speeds or slightly below - computer reading 23.1 MPG
  • I loved my 96 Tacoma 4x4 but the wife and kids said it was not safe anymore and to get rid of it..i tried to buy a new Tacoma but the prices are outrageous....i bought a 2012 frontier for a few thousand less than the Tacoma...i did not research the gas mileage...i love the power of the 260 hp engine...feel real confident it can get me out of trouble on the highway..just routine driving i may touch 16 mpg which is just the suggested average between city and highway..i only have 2800 miles on the truck and i hope i get a little better gas milage in the future !
  • ballinfurballinfur Posts: 1
    edited May 2013
    Real world gas mileage not even close to what Nissan advertised. I get 13.4 mpg city & 17 mpg highway @60 mph. This lil truck guzzles more gas than a V8. (WTF NISSAN) My truck has 44K on it. Premium or Regular gas don't make no difference other than the price. Do not buy this truck based on mpg, cause it sux! Get a V8 any full size V8 gets better or the same; besides you'll get more truck for the amount of money you'll spend on GAS! I'm gonna try n sell my or trade it in for a Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra.
  • jewillmjewillm Posts: 9
    I started this post a while back because I was thinking of trading my Hemi Ram quad cab 4X4 on the Frontier. I still have the Ram which now has 150,000 miles on it and still going strong. The truck is averaging right at 17.0 MPG, driving back and forth to work. It gets over 20 on the highway at 70 MPH. No problems with it at all and it still has the original battery in it.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I drive 105 miles a day, round trip. 101 of it is interstate highway (65-75mph). With A/C on, I average about 27.5mpg by calculating it by hand (miles driven / gallons pumped). Not bad!

    The truck has 115,000 miles on it. I wish it had a tachometer; I'd love to know what the RPMs run at 70mph.
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