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Cooling fan

chris2006chris2006 Member Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Lincoln
I have a 2006 LS with the V8 and when the cooling fan goes on it's very loud, is this RIGHT???? HELP!


  • 02linc02linc Member Posts: 11
    Does your engine temp get high before the fan gets loud??
  • docsavagequinndocsavagequinn Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 LS V8...I am having the same problems with the fan being so loud. I took it to the dealership where I bought it and had a mechanic look at it. He said it is fine as long as it doesn't stop running. I think that is a BS answer! It wasn't loud like it is now when I bought it and I need a solution. Could it be a relay switch problem? I know the cooling fan is dual stage and the secondary fan is kicking in before the first stage when the engine gets to temperature. All indications from the gauges show the temp is normal (right in the middle of the temp gauge) and the radiator hose has fluid running through it...now what? Like most, I refuse to take it in to get coded for a cost and I dont want to pay out the nose for a repair I can do myself. Any suggestions? Thanks! I am glad I found this forum! I love my LS but hate the cost to fix em!
  • kargkarg Member Posts: 20
    I'm guessing that the design is still a hydraulic-based system - is it not?

    I know my 2000 LS V6 has the hydraulic fan system which allows the fan speed to be variable and even on HOT, HOT 90+ degree days with the A/C running - my fan is rarely audible - whatsoever.

    I have heard it run on full speed once and that was in a local car garage while hooked onto a tester and it ran through a series of tests and one was to kick the fan into high.

    Not sure what would cause yours to kick onto high, but if the temp gauge is reading the usual 1/2 way - something is definitely amiss. Like some electrical code is telling the fan to go on high. Are you getting the engine light?

    Has there been any work done on the engine or reason for the coolant to have been emptied or changed - not sure - but if there was an air bubble in the cooling system - maybe that would cause something to trigger? I don't know for sure - just offering up info about info on the hydraulic and that it never goes on what seems like medium for mine.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZMember Posts: 5,349
    that having the cooling system bled properly (to eliminate ALL air pockets) is essential & will eliminate two problems: 1) cooling fan running at full speed & 2) poor heater performance. I found a dealer that knew how to do the bleeding procedure correctly & both problems went away for me.
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