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'01 CRV Maint. Req'd Light

beardjrbeardjr Member Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Honda
My maintenance required light is red. when we first bought it (used with about 89k) it was green. Then a couple thousand miles, it turned orange and now its red. It now has about 95k. haven't had any major problems with it and i perform scheduled maintenance on it regularly. if i had to guess, i'd say its just something that needs re-set. i refuse to take it to the dealer because they are going to want $100 just to look at it. So if someone could tell me what this means (obviously it means there's maintenace required but why its on) or how to re-set it that would be greatly appreciated.


  • crvme3crvme3 Member Posts: 140
    Should be (am just guessing here) but if it's like most earlier Hondas you will see a slightly indented black "slot" on the dash possibly near the odometer reset button... just insert the tip of your key & push... it will turn back to green. You might want to wait until you have serviced the vehicle & then re-set & use as a guide for next scheduled maintenance... Good luck :)
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Member Posts: 2,798
    And the OWNER's MANUAL says..... :confuse:

    If you didn't get one, demand one as it is part of the vehicle. Or download one from Honda Owner's link on www.Honda.com

    It will eliminate a lot of guessing. :)
  • stevegiostevegio Member Posts: 11
    have owned 3 hondas - still have teo
    the light is green - goes orange at 3k - red at 5k it is an oil change indicator
    after oil is changed insert key into slot next to light it resets to green - goes orange again at 3k as so on
    unless something else is wrong but from your description this is what it sounds like
    so change the oil and reset the button / light
  • beardjrbeardjr Member Posts: 4
    yeah that worked great, i appreciate it.
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