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We are so close please help with decision to purchase a pilot...

lidodeparislidodeparis Member Posts: 8
edited March 2014 in Honda
We are considering the pilot 2wd with no nav or dvd. We have 2 daughters 12 and 15. Our dillima is we wish they had backrow bucket seats. Naturally my husband or I won't be sitting back there, but want our daughters to be comfortable.We have owned a 2000 odyssey for 8 years so we know the reliability of honda. So I guess the question is you folks out there with teens, is this a problem that you wish you had bucket seats? Thanks in advance!


  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    I too came to Pilot from a Nissan Quest van with bucket seats in the middle row.Had it for almost 10 years so the kids practically grew up with it. We replaced it with an 06 Pilot EXL w/ Navi(not that it matters for this discussion) and everyone loves it. The middle row is very roomy and comfortable for both my children who are tall and big framed. Sometimes one of them may decide to use the third row seat to have it to him/herself. The only problem we've had is when there is only one parent in the car and the kids fight over who should get the front seat. It is a very nice car. I just bought an Accord, if I had not, I would be tempted to buy a nother Pilot with the great pricing going around!!!
  • lidodeparislidodeparis Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for your reply....In response on who should get the front seat. In our house they trade off every other week,. It usually works except for when they fight over whose week it is....
  • cccompsoncccompson Member Posts: 2,382
    My wife drives a Pilot and I have an '05 Odyssey. There is no comparison between them for second row comfort - the Ody wins hands down.

    IMHO sometimes we fawn a bit much over our kids. My two sisters and I sat three abreast in the back seat of a non-air conditioned '65 Buick Special wagon during a 3 day drive to Florida in the summer of 1969. Somehow we survived to tell about it.
  • lidodeparislidodeparis Member Posts: 8
    Just got our '08 aberdeen green pilot on Thurs. and I adore this vehicle. We have had an 2000 odyssey van for 8 years and not one problem. We nearly bought the buick enclave but since they never had the color and package in stock we ended up at the honda dealership .We test drove the CR-V then I walked over to the pilot, test drove one and fell in love. It has all the utility a family of four and 2 doxies would ever need. And for the incredible price tag of $26k (Findlay Honda in Las Vegas)...... I feel this is the perfect vehicle for us. Great utilitly (much like the van) and perfect for hauling the girls to their dance and cheer practices. It handles beautifully and we just love the soothing green interior. Very easy to see out of and I just can't say enough good things from our pilot. Honda makes great vehicles. Now we're waiting on a CR-V in green to come in. ;)
  • noyp28snoyp28s Member Posts: 5
    Hi! We live in Toronto, Canada & my wife & I are seriously thinking of getting an '08 Pilot SE 4WD with the Rear entertainment system plus the chrome package. Interestingly enough, my wife loved the aberdeeen color very much. I'm not sure what kind of model you purchased & the options & accessories you included with it but $26K for it just blew my mind because we were talking to the dealership where we bought all our Hondas before & the sales manager quoted us $48K for the whole package. I'd really love to know what kind of model you purchased & the options & accessories it came with because it be such a helpful bargaining tool when we go back there on Tuesday. Maybe its worth the trip across the border. Thanks.
  • lidodeparislidodeparis Member Posts: 8
    We got our pilot '08 EX-L without nav or dvd. We figured for $2k we can print the directions on our home computer instead. And as far as the dvd we can just put a cd in our laptop on long trip for the girls in the backseat and works just great when we did that in odyssey. I don't know what that quote you got converted to US funds is but it seems high. My husband said there is a $3,500 incentive to the dealer so you should be able to purchase before invoice. The '09 are getting ready to come out within the next couple of months. My husband really researches before he goes down to the dealership and that really helps. Your wife will love the aberdeen with the green interior it is so soothing inside. Ours is a 2WD. If you and your wife are planning a trip go to Las Vegas is may be worth your while to buy one and drive back in your new pilot. My husband just looked up the EX-L for you and found it in grey with dvd MSRP $35,600. You should be able to get it for $30,000 easily. Here is our honda dealers cell (702) 412-0138 his name was Chris. And this was the most layed back non pushy car salesman ever. Wonderful transaction! Can't wait to go down soon and get our CR-V.....Hope this helps...
  • lidodeparislidodeparis Member Posts: 8
    Just be firm with your dealership on Tuesday. You are in the drivers seat, (no pun intended) With the '09 coming out they should be offering some incentive. Although we went to another local dealership here in Las Vegas and they weren't discounting their pilots AT ALL. So maybe if when you go (my husband did this) is not to appear to anxious. And that you just may go across the border to get one. ;) ....You will love it in green soooooo much! Best of luck
  • beckyleuchtebeckyleuchte Member Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2008 Pilot EX-L 4x4 with nav. in dark cherry pearl yesterday and can't wait to pick it up on Tuesday. Right now there are REALLY good deals on the Pilot. I was able to talk my dealer down to $28,349 with 2.9% financing down from the MSRP of $36,280 (savings of $7,931). I'd look into seeing how low your local dealership will go.
  • noyp28snoyp28s Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for the response. It does help. In case you're wondering about the price,what the SE comes with are the rear DVD Rear Entertainment System with 9-inch display, integrated remote control and headsets with personal surround sound, mud guards, chrome package (side mirror cover, front & rear bumper trim, etc.), I-Linc for IPods, an 8 gb IPod Nano, All-Weather rubber mats (on top of the regular mats), chrome side step bars, roof rack and wheel locks.I may even ask for the tonneau cover, wodgrain interior trim, cargo tray & caro net. Yes, we're pretty much going all out. We have an '02 CR-V EX-L with lots of options which we're considering trading in nor not. I was also considering crossing the broder to Buffalo, NY but was worried about warranties, etc. I think you're right about the aberdeen green color, although the white looks good, too. Thanks again and enjoy your Pilot.
  • noyp28snoyp28s Member Posts: 5
    Wow you really got lucky. We're meeting with the Sales manager on Tuesday & see if he will still budge seeing as the '09's are just around the corner & this is the 4th Honda we're buying from this dealership, although as you can see, we're getting a lot of options/accessories. BTW, he's giving us 0.9 % financing as well. Thanks for the reply.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    You can also go to Edmunds.com and click on Get a Free Price Quote and we'll broadcast your request to the dealers you want us to. And you can broaden your dealer search by changing the zip code in your search.
  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    I wouldn't suggest walking into a dealership without first sending out the emails soliciting quotes from the internet managers. that is how you'll get them competing and discounting their cars.
  • noyp28snoyp28s Member Posts: 5
    How do I do that...get quotes from internet managers?
  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    What I did was to Google list of Honda dealers in my 150 mile radius and then found out their email addresses (either their own website or Honda's) and emailed them each with details inquiry giving them the exact description of the car, model, color and options I wanted and asked for their total plus including destination and without TTL (tax, dmv, license). Some will respond with quotes and some will tease you with responses and no quotes or call you etc. But at the end you will have a good number of quotes. Then I checked their online inventory to make sure they had the car I wanted in stock and if they did I responded back to their quote and made sure there was no misunderstanding such as demo, high mileage, damaged (believe it or not that exist till you get there and they have to disclose it then). When you almost have a deal and before you go see the dealer in person make sure and ask about any added options that you did not want and make sure not to pay at all or don't pay more than the actual cost (check online) if you want the options (trunk tray, wheel locks, etc.).
  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    Thanks for the reminder, Steve. Yes, I did do that as well. The more dealers you reach out there, the better.
  • noyp28snoyp28s Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for the tips guys. I actually just did that but locally though as I live in Toronto, Canada. I e-mailed 2 dealers & just waiting for responses or calls. For some reason, even though our dollar is now slightly more in value than your dollar, our vehicle pricing isn't even close to competitive to U.S. pricing. :confuse: It really frustrates a lot of car buyers here. Again, much appreciative of all the responses.
  • rodutrodut Member Posts: 343
    That's true.

    In US they pay US$30,000, and in Canada we pay CAN$40,000 for the same vehicle.

    BUT, if you have a pretty new trade, you want to get rid of, because it's crap, the trade in price you get here in Canada is also unbelievable for the US guys. I just used this strategy.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Member Posts: 1,207
    On Honda cars import into Canada from the US -

    Better check with Canadian Honda & their dealerships. I heard that they won't honor the standard warranty if the car is imported from USA. I know there's no such problem on Toyota though.
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