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Hyundai Tucson Acceleration Problems



  • Google (leave spelling errors) " 2008 Tucson GL, 2.0 Auto tranny, intermittent hessitation/loss of power " and there should be a link to the Hyundai forum with a detail probs of my vehicle and repair history.

    This vehicle does mostly short trips and in city, 1-5 miles on freeway occasionally. So has 40K plus of just city driving, often engine does not even get warmed up.

    O2 sensors were only error codes even after being replaced. Purge valve replaced, did not help. Catalytic converters broke...engine revved up and heard a knocking sound under vehicle. Both cats replaced and new O2 sensors. Problem still existed. Reset ECU and it ran horrid!!! Mass air flow sensor replaced.. Ran great for a month then again intermittent hesitation and died at stopped sign. Before dying, the radio/CD play totally unresponsive to any controls, volume, CD track, power switch...then car died at stop sign. Ran perfect after than and off to the dealer with it....

    The head mechanic has been in conversation with Hyundai hotline.
    They think it is a Metal Gasket by exhaust manifold that occasionally leaks which can emit vapors causing electrical issues than make the car die. The pressure leaks causes the hesitation. Vehicle is in today to have gasket replaced and the gasket has been redesigned and is not metal so a KNOWN issue.

    Tucson Engine same as Elantra according to the head tech who is assigned to work on my vehicle...his daughter has an Elantra and he says not problems ever with it!

    I must say my dealer has been fantastic trying to find out probs, given me loaner. Vehicle has been in over 20 times...often I have the oil changed and other general maintenance. They replaced a burned out headlamp free once...was charged the 2nd time for the other headlight. I drive with them on 24/7.

    If your dealer can't figure out a problem ask them to call the Hyundai Hotline and speak to them.

    There has been a recall but no mention of hessitation issues. I have had the ESC light stay on. The ESC switch was replaced a couple of years ago and that issue was solved....but twice this year had the ESC light come on...which is one of the symptoms of the recall issue affecting some other switch.

    Other than the hesitation blues probs above & ESC light issue, the vehicle has been great. Much more reliable than my Ford & Saturn...not as reliable as my B2000 Pickup that ran and ran and ran....but then again it had mostly freeway driving the 1st 100K miles.
  • freewill2freewill2 Posts: 1
    I have a tucson,2007 crdi 2.0 ,210,000 km . smoke,after- normal like nothing


    I have a tucson,2007 crdi 2.0 manual gear ,210,000 km .
    On 0606-2013 'after driving for two hours i had a low speed section and when i accelerate I suddenly had uncontrolled high pitch rpm+enormous smoke black mostly from the egzoz , i couldn't control the gas and had to shut down engine with key .
    Pulled over, tried to start again- it started normally but pressing slightly the gas caused the same .
    Shut it again , waited for 4 hours and then it started and drove as like nothing has happened.
    So far drove about 200 km more with no sign of trouble!!!
    All during the happening no check engine light apppeared !
    I had the epr unit replaced and the check engine once lighted but they said it was only un balanced reading .
    The car drive about 300 km a week in mixed areas , no terrain, some highways but rarely long distance drive.
    so far it is the first time such a thing happens.
    What is it ?
    thank you .
  • vkoolvkool Posts: 1

    O my Days! I see all your comments and I am having so much regrets that I feel like bawling! I purchased a 2013 Tucson GLS and whenever it is in low speed or the steering wheel in turning motion - it lurches and speeds off like the devil is after it! It had only done 22km when I purchased it. The lurching and speeding happens sporadically. You don't know when it is going to happen, there is no indication but as said before I notice it mainly happening in low speed or when steering is in turning motion. One day it jumped off the side off the road when going around a corner and ended up in a ditch. I called and took it to the dealers. They kept it for 9 days before it occurred with them. It was not hooked up to the diagnostic machine when it happened. They connected it to the computer afterwards and it didn't show that anything was wrong. The service technician turned up the ECU values and returned the vehicle to me. I asked him why did he do that when it is apparent that it is a computer problem. He more or less said because it was occurring at low speed it could have been some delay issues so he turned it up. Until now - I don't see the sense in that. It started happening more frequently so I returned it after a few days. This time they kept it 2 days and cleaned the throttle body and changed the air filter.
    Well, the vehicle started racing in reverse, with the jumping and speeding up continuing. I gave it back to them and they have had it for a month!
    The 2009 Elantra I believe had a similar problem. If I had seen the site before - I wouldn't have have purchased a Hyundai. The experience with the dealer has left a sour taste in the mouth.

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