Mercury Cougar Dash and Instrumentation Questions

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I have a 1968 cougar, and I cannot get my brand new autometer gas guage to work. I have been told that I need a resistor, but I don't know what I need. Can anyone tell me the resistance reading on a 1968 cougar xr7 fuel guage? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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    The instrument cluster on my sons 2000 Cougar is acting strange. When he gets in and turns the key to start the car, the MPH and RPM gauge go all the way to the right and then come back down to 0. Also his clock will not stay on time. Is this due to a bad relay, if so which one? I have checked all of the fuses, none of them were blown. Is there a relay for the instrument cluster? Where? Any and all suggestions are welcome, to help me cure this problem.

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  • lmoreno3lmoreno3 Member Posts: 21
    I heard that it might be a bad ground, not making good contact. Does anyone know where I can get a diagram of the back of the cluster that shows where the grounds might be, or should I just remove the cluster and reinstall it?
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    i have a 99 cougar and mine does the same thing.... did u ever find out what was wrong?
  • lmoreno3lmoreno3 Member Posts: 21
    Never did find out what was wrong, had the cluster replaced, with one from the local car yard, but it did not fix the problem, am still working on this issue. Any help will be appreciated.

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    OMG, my car is doing the same thing and it is driving me nuts! Did you ever confirm what was causing the problem? I am currently having this problem and also now I am having trouble with my fuel pump disengaging and my boyfriend has a strong feeling they are both related. I would greatly appreciate any information you may have on this problem.
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    Have you checked to see if there is a bare wire touching metal some where
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