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Volkswagen Eurovan Engine Questions

fbrawsr0fbrawsr0 Posts: 16
edited August 2014 in Volkswagen
I have a 2003 VW Eurovan, every morning when I start it up the temp guage red light comes on and gives 3 short beeps, a 1/2 mile down the road it goes off and sometimes comes back on, so I stop,shut the engine off and restart which works fine for a while, I have checked the fluid levels and there are no indication of any problems. Any suggestions as to what may be wrong and why this is happening.


  • fbrawsr0fbrawsr0 Posts: 16
    Try Jiffy Lube, if you are in CA. They usually charge me extra for a top-up.
  • fbrawsr0fbrawsr0 Posts: 16
    Is there on-line site where I could buy a remote entry key for VW eurovan other than the dealer?
  • my 2001 Eurovan is doing the same exact thing. I suspect that it is the thermostat.
    have you replaced yours in the last 50k miles?
    might want to check that.
    $20. item that could save your engine.
    good luck and blessings,
  • Probably a little late here... but it turns out the temp gauge light will go on when your coolant level is low and the level switch is VERY finicky. If your fluid level is close to the "MIN" line, then the light will trigger. When you start your car, the coolant warms up and expands and the reservoir fills up ever so slightly and the light goes off.

    I "fixed" this problem by adding just about a cup of water to reservoir.

    If that doesn't do it, there are about 4 temp sensors on this vehicle, read more at the Yahoo ev_update group.

    Good luck
  • cac2cac2 Posts: 1
    recently purchased one of these, and was promply told to get rid of it because it "would suck me dry" money wise. Is this a bad engine or what? Any suggestions would be welcome.
  • I have 2 eurovans and, yes, they can be problematic. However, EV owners really like the utility, etc. I get e-mail updates from a yahoo group site for EV's and many of the people posting questions and answers there are really sharp! Try this site and ask them. Much depends upon how able you are to do some of the maintenance and repairs as the VW dealers are not regarded too kindly among the groups. Many independent shops are knowledgeable about the eurovans but you willhave to ask and hunt them out to find the good ones who won't blow smoke up your ___ and charge to do it. The site is http// Hope this helps, Bryan
  • I know I'm chiming in late, but just came across this post. I have a 1993 EV and, yes, it has its problems, but I thought I heard that the 5-cyl. engine with the 5-spd manual transmission was the "bulletproof" one-two punch. Is it Eurovans in general that you were told to get rid of, or specifically a Eurovan with the 5-cyl. engine? If you still have the vehicle, I may have a few tricks I've learned in the near-five years I've owned mine. I've got 125,000 miles and still going! :-) I look forward to hearing from you. -Jack
  • Do not use anything other than G-12 in any Volkswagen built after 1996. And NEVER mix other coolants with G-12 as it will turn into a sludgy brown goo that will block and corrode your system.

    G-12 is specifically meant for your Volkswagen - Do NOT use anything other than G-12.

    Did I mention not to use anything other than G-12 in your Volkswagen....?
  • 2 cents worth... I just bought a 92 Eurovan and the only bad part about these vehicles is the automatic transmission which are shite. What you need to do - right now before you get stuck somewhere - is comb your local paper or on-line sites and look for a cheap Eurovan or Transporter with a manual gearbox and do a conversion. Honestly, that's the only way to get piece of mind with this vehicle. Volkswagen seems to have great products and crap products and the Eurovan is a great product but the automatic transmission is the latter.
  • dancydancy Posts: 1
    93 Eurovan 5 cyl. engine I recently got this van and it wont start. My question is how do I get flash code from the black and white OBD connectors using diode test tool? Can't remember how to get into flash mode with my tool and jumper wire
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