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Mazda Protege Rust Problems



  • cskicski West Springfield, VAPosts: 1,536
    I have noticed rust on Mazda's in my families Mazda dealership. My moth-in-law is part owner of a local dealership.

    I had a 2003 Mazda Protege' and loved the click-click of all the controls and it was very nicely done inside and out. I had no complaints that summer.

    However, I drove with a lead foot and wore out my tires by fall. I ended up hydroplaning and slammed into a jersey wall full speed.

    I thought it had all season radials. WRONG!

    I thought it had all season radials too. WRONG!

    I really thought that all cars had both of the aforementioned "features" and was sure at least that it had all season radial tires. So, my mistake, my insurance claim.

    Chris Skalski: Network Engineer 2012 Kia Optima EX

  • We sold ours about 3 mos ago. We did get $5500 US for it. Only had 62k miles on it. Was in grand shape save the rust around one wheel well. I liked most things about the car, but the rust and Mazda's refusal to fix it left a bad taste. Never another. Leased a 13 Volt & I am smitten. Think it will be plug in hybrid/electric from this point on. Feel a lot better about using less gas and polluting a whole lot less.
  • The factory tires for 2002 and 2003 Protege5 were terrible in the wet.
    I am running a summer set that is forgiving in the wet, and a winter set on separate wheels.
    I put the car with original tires in a snowdrift up to my windows on all sides,
    after spinning out on a curbless street and coming to rest by the side of the road, perpendicular to the road. I had serious snow tires mounted with a couple of weeks.
  • horridohorrido Posts: 1
    edited August 2014

    Well, at this point, Mazda should pay me to keep my Protege5 rust bucket off the road. This car has less than 100K miles, and is a junker due to rust problems. It's white, and the seal coat completely failed within 5 years. Rust began around both rear wheel wells at year 6. You don't see ANY P5 around here without rust in the same area. You see lots of other older cars without rust. I will buy those brands from now on.

    I love everything about this car, except the rust. And yes, it lived in the garage, was washed/waxed regularly, never been in an accident (or even dinged), and I'm the original owner - bought from dealer. The year after we bought the P5, we bought a Pontiac Vibe (for the wife). Now, 11 years later, put those two cars side by side - one looks almost as good as a new car, the other looks like a junker. One car you can work on, the other - every time you try to turn a bolt it snaps off due to rust.

    At another site, in a article titled TOP 10 BEST & WORST RUST-RESISTANT CARS, Mazda 3/5 took the top worst position, with the only 'very weak rust resistance' rating given. The ratings were based on data 'collected over 15 years by the APA (Automobile Protection Association)'

    This point cannot be stressed enough. Mazda has the worst rusting cars of ANY car manufactured.

    I will NEVER ever buy another Mazda. I will tell all of my friends and acquaintances to stay away from Mazda. If I ever hear of anyone considering buying a Mazda, I will ask them to google 'Mazda rust'. There is no excuse. Modern cars should last at least 200k miles, with 300k being easily achievable with care.

  • 02mazda02mazda Posts: 34
    We just got back from sunny CA. Saw a few 02 and 03 Protégé 5s. Guess what? They did NOT have rust, which reinforces my belief that Mazda sold a car in certain regions of the country, and Canada, that it was not built for! They appear to be able to withstand warmer, more mild climes, but rust like the dickens in the salt belt in harsh winters. They never took ownership of that fact and that mistake. Which is why I shall never, ever buy another Mazda.
  • My Mazda protege 2002 is rusting badly but 1999 protégé has less body rust even though both were used in the same NE USA area. I think it is related to the FORD management, cost cutting to cover the Mazda purchase capital.
    On my past 40 years of US Car experiences I have decided not to buy GM or FORD. Now I have added Mazda on my "Do Not Buy" list. According to my experience with GM and FORD cars and service/support are poor.
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