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2009 Toyota Avalon



  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    The price you've been quoted is outragous; & Toyota already has a 7 year rust warranty on the car. I wouldn't do it; but, if you really want the car undercoated take it to an independent shop.
  • jwboothjwbooth Posts: 27
    I see tons of posts with major complaints thru the 08 Avalons, and then there are almost no posts beginning in 09.

    Did Toyota change/upgrade the Nav system including the voice recognition?

    Just test drove an 09 Avalon Limited with nav and loved it, but now considering passing if the Nav system is still a piece of junk.

    09 owners - are you happy with it?
  • My wife just called and says her '09 Avalon has a red light in shape of a car with black line thru it. Only on when car is Off! It's in upper RH corner of instrument panel.
    Anyone know what this is? Said she checked owners manual but did not find it.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 594
    Not sure what page the info might be on in the manual as mine is an '07 but the light is probably the same... The red outline is a car, yes, and the black line is a key. If the light stays on it means the car is locked. If the light is blinking, the car is UNlocked. It does not light up at all if the engine is running. Hope this helps.
  • That's it! She has had the car for 3 mo's and calls me from the Mall in a panic. I have asked her to sit and read her manual but you how that goes. Thankk you!

    BTW: I called the dealer and their answer was, "If it's not on while the engine is running - drive the car".
  • I wondered if anyone has replaced their foglights with the "HID" foglight kits that you can buy on Ebay. My '09 Limited has the HID headlights but "regular" foglights
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Only FOOLS looking for more BLING would bother.
  • I'm not looking for more "bling" but rather a fog light that matches the very bright white shade of light that the HID headlights emit. So NOW you know.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Use of fog lights along with main beams will be detrimental to your night distance vision at roadspeeds that require the use of the main beams.

    Most state laws REQUIRE the use of main beams for the hours 30 mintes after sunset until 30 prior to sunrise.

    Leaving the only LOGICAL use of fog lights being daytime foggy/low light conditions.

    "...light that matches..."

    So, who's to notice..?? Only those oncoming drivers who you will mostly NEVER know or meet. Unless one of them gets pissed off enough to chase you down.

    Fog lights are much more functional in conditions of need if that have a slight amber tint.
  • I just got a used 2009 avalon and it has some scratches on the silver plastic area around the shifter prolly from the previous owner wearing jewlery etc..Is there any product that is easy to use to fill these or can it be removed and repainted or will toyota cover this issue?

    [email protected]
  • My mechanic said the avalon i have needs a font hub assembly. It is not causing me any problems. He noticed it on inspection. What is this part and what should this repair cost?

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