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Chevy Trailblazer brake warning and fan problems

dawnechardawnechar Posts: 3
edited April 2014 in Chevrolet
2006 trailblazer after start 4 warning lights on all for brakes they will go off if blower fan is off and come back on when fan is on? what is problem


  • As the weather got cooler the problem went away? Recently the weather turned hot again (upper 80's) and more humid and the problem returned, The fan will only operate on #5 position if I turn fan to any other position 1 thru 4 the fan shuts off and numerous brake warning lights come on along with brake pressure alarm. Everything goes away if I return blower to off or #5 speed position. I'm thinking some sort of ground problem which could be affected by temp or humidity. I'm open to any suggestions!!!
  • I recently started having the same problem with the 4 brake warning lights, but have not tied it to my fan, yet. I will try that the next time I am in the car. The service center tested and found the brakes to be ok and just recalibrated the sensor lights about 2 weeks ago. However, that did not cure the problem. It started happening to me as the weather turned cooler. Have you found out anything else?
  • We have a 2007 TB piece of junk, too. I posted a warning 8/16/08 re: Stabilitrak Danger. After many, many trips to the dealer and a monitor installed it was discovered to be a loose yaw connection in a sensor located under the front passenger seat. The engineer's manual specified the location of this sensor under the driver's seat. This, however, was in error. Imagine that...GM making another bad product!
  • I have 5 lights that come on for me at certain times. ABS, emerg, stabilitrak, svc stabilitrak, and svc 4 whl drive lights. when all r on, the fan for heater won't work. When all but the svc 4 whl drive light shut off, then the fan works again. Very strange, not sure of the problem. Any suggestions?...... looks like I'm not the only one.....
  • finally broke down and took trailblazer to a good mechanic and he replaced the ignition switch yes thats right problem has never returned
  • Thanks very much for that info, I will check it out. This problem has been very annoying, and I would love for it to be fixed.
  • wjchevywjchevy Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 chevy trailblazer ext lt i recently crash my front end i repaired my truck myself but when i replaced the fan clutch, i i connected the fan with wire from harness but their is another smaller connection attached to that wire and i do not know were it goes connected to. so it makes my check engine light come on therefore i can not pass inspection. can anybody help please?..
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