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I have an 02 town and country with the passenger power sliding door. When we go to hit the button inside or on the remote for the power sliding door it just pops out and stays there it does not slide back. When we manually slide it back and hit the button inside or on the remote the door closes fine. If we open the door again from it works fine. If we do not use it for a little while we have to repeat the process over again. Did anyone else have this problem? Any ideas on how to correct it?

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    The following link and associated posts you will find on that particular forum should point you in the right direction. I have found tons of useful info on my T&C there, including power door troubleshooting and corrective action information.

    The description of your issue sounds like the notorious "broken wire in the flexible plastic track below the door" problem. The wire gets a break in it after flexing back and forth a bajillion times over several years, and when the door hits that bad spot, it quits. If that turns out to be the problem (and it may not be, I'm just taking a guess based upon your description), it's a fairly easy fix. Basically, just a matter of cutting the bad length of wire out and slicing in a new length. The trick is doing a good job on the splice or else it may just work free again after you run the door through a few of times.

    Or it could be something else unrelated to the wiring (shrug).

    Either way, good luck.

    Edit - I'm not having any luck posting a workable hot link here so you may have to cut and paste the following URL in your browser window if the link isn't clickable -

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    I have a 2001 town and country limited have had it about 3 years. I had the same problem mine was the pass door and rear lift gate brought it to the dealer and they soaked me for over 1400.00 and all it needed was new motors in the door you can get them on Ebay sme times or the dealer but they are not hard to install...next time I will do it myself :sick:
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    the right side sliding door on my 2005 T&C has been making a 'grinding' noise when positioned manually, but not with those wonderful power switches - but today, after opening with more difficulty, it cannot be closed. The latch on the back side of the door is in the closed position, and I can't open it. I noticed there is no 'open door' signal on the dash instruments, and the interior lights don't come on. Did my wiring harness break?

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    I have a 05 town and country,and the power sliding on the right side is hard to open by hand,it works fine using the power.What i need to know is if there is a clutch in the motor to let it be opened by hand,and if so can it be fixed without replacing the motor with a new one.
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    I have a 01 gc that is doing all of the above....... The new thing is that all the power door buttons stoped working...Does anyone have a clue whats up with that???? Any help would be good.... thanks
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    I have the exact same problem with my 05 caravan. I took it to the dealer and had it checked out, they told me the motor bearings & cable are worn and should be replaced Parts for that are $590.00 plus $260.00 for labor. At that price I'll use it until it completely fails, who knows how long that may take.
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    Just my experience - 'total failure' didn't take long. I very quickly found I couldn't even shut the door. FWIW - my dealer actually covered it all, except for $100! You might ask about warranty on this item.
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    Does anyone know what is up with 2006 T&C power sliding door not working. We have brought it over 3 times to the dealer and they have replaced every part and still not working. It closes to about 1-2 inches toward the end and then kicks back and opens again. We have an extended warranty so we have not paid for the issues but still very frustrating. Any ideas what to do now?
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    My 2005 does that too sometimes for no good reason but no too often thankfully. The power sliding doors will also do that if you take off before fully closed or are not in park or neutral when you try to close them electronically.
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    I have a 2002 chrysler T&C. The drivers side window has come off the regulator and fallen into the door. It seems stuck in the bottom of the door. Any ideas on how to get it unstuck so I can, at the least get it to the closed position.
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    I have a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan that is having that problem and the magically opening on its own problem. I have tried a year now to get it fixed and after 6 months it keeps messing up. I again have it in the dealership to get to get it fixed. Have you found a fix for your van yet? If not, I will let you know if they find out what is wrong with mine. I have spent over $400 in deductables trying to get mine fixed. I have filled a complaint with chrysler customer care. Everyone who is having this problem should call and let Chrysler know that there is a problem with the sliding doors and they need to do something about it. Keep in touch, and let me know, and I will let you know if there is a fix.
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    Its well known in the industry that T&Cs and Caravans (cut off the same block) are basically a POS. There are so many things that go wrong on these vans you only find out after you buy one. The amount of $.$$ I have spent on mine I should inform the tax man its another dependant.

    T&C Dad
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    i have a 2006 T&C and i have been reading all these messages about them. I also have a problem with the sliding door. It is on the driver side. It would operate properly sometimes but sometimes it would open then stop half way through, and sometimes it doesnt open at all. i took apart the door panel and there is a total of 2 motors, 1 logic modular, an electrical switch on teh bottom right corner of the door. After checking all the parts, everything was working fine. I also checked teh on and off switch, child safety switch, and teh buttons that operatyes teh door. These were all Ok..But here is what i did find, upon taking a[part the upper console where the buttons are located to open the door, there is a computer chiop incased in a gray box. That chip has the lens mounted in it that tells you temp, fuel, etc. When i took it out, everything about the doors had to be taken out of the chip. I noticed that the inside of the corner of the digital read out lens, there is a severe burn due to an electrical short. Everything else checked out fine. that is the only problem that i have noticed.
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    What did you do and did it work to fix the door problem. I have had all the electrical changed and the passenger door works again, but now the drivers door side is not opening with the switch, and it openings all the time on its own. I think it is just a flaw in the vechicle and there is nothing else to be done. That is what the customer service told me. If there is something else that you have found that works, please let me know. I have had to fight this issue for the past 6 months. Thanks!
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    My 2002 is doing the same thing we have replaced the wiring assembly in the door track and swapped out the switch on the door. I have taken it to the dealer as well they found no codes on the computer. They think it could be the sliding door module $406 or the body control module $720 they are not willing to take parts back if it does not fix the problem so it could be expensive. I have sent a complaint to Chrysler in hope of some resolution. Dealer contacted Star and they told them a few things to do that did not work although they did not mention want it was. Does anyone have a fix or further information on what has or has not worked. Mine works fine if I drive every day and keep doors locked. If not locked door will open on it's own after 40 seconds. If not driven every day or kept unlocked it will drain battery to dead although will recharge with a trickle charger and run again.
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    It has something to do with the electrical system in the car. I had an extended warranty on my van and filed a complaint with the Dodge customer service. They fixed all the electrical on the van door passengerside and it did fix it, but now the driverside door is doing the same thing. I just have to keep it locked at all times. They told me that is all they would fix on it and if it messed up, I would have to have the rest fixed myself. It is a flaw on this van, and I believe there should be a recall on the van. I myself, am just waiting until it is paid off, and I am getting rid of it, and I will never own a Dodge vehecial again!!!! Customer Service was nice until you get a case worker, then you just have to stay on top of them and they finally did something. You might want to try to file with the customer service and see if they will try once to fix yours. It is a pain, and quite embarrassing to deal with the problem! I think everyone with the problem should complain to customer service and then they might get that there is a true problem with the van doors. Sorry, I truly feel your pain!
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    I am interested in purchasing a 2009 Grand Caravan SXT with 29,000 miles. The sticker was $31,970 which included $225 for Crimson Pearl Coat, $400 for pwr lift gate and $2,200 for Customer Preferred Pkg 25K which included the dual screen DVD entertainment system. How much should I pay for this vehicle? It appears to be in great shape. Also, should I refrain from buying it because of the reported brake issues on these vehicles or has that now been rectified? Thanks.
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    Left rear door on '08 Town and Country will not open or close when using keyless entry, button on driver's overhead controls, or button just inside the door. The window to that left rear door will not roll down and if the door is open, that is not indicated on the dashboard. Any information on what could be causing this or helpful tips as to a remedy would be greatly appreciated!
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    2006 T&C sliding door on drivers side wont unlock either with the remote or manually, so how do I get it to unlock ???
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    This is a very common and widely known issue with Dodge Grand Caravans. I have had mine repaired twice and now neither door can open and is not even able to be opened up on the inside. This is a major safety concern that should have been recalled a long time ago. I feel that a law firm should get a hold of this and file a Class Action Lawsuit against Dodge. Inoperable doors that open automatically or cannot be opened from the inside is a significant known flaw and major safety issue. I will never buy a Dodge after owning this Caravan. They also have major issues with brake wear, power steering issues, and other unacceptable engineering issues. But the doors should be considered a safety recall and Class Action Lawsuit.
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    I am glad to say that I traded in my Dodge Caravan!!! I too will never have a Dodge vehicle again! It took me several tries to get my van doors fixed, and it only worked for three months! The customer Service told me that they did all they could do to try to fix it!!I keep it until it got payed off, then traded it for a new non Dodge vehicle. Had troubles with brakes pedal and windows too! I too think that the doors are the main safety issue. Most diffently needs to have a recall on the doors! I feel for anyone you has to deal with the Dodge Customer Service. They are not easy to deal with! :( I almost forgot. I have had two other friends have problems with their Dodge van doors, and they have traded their vans in too!
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    have 08 T & c touring and the fuel modular went out. any other people having this problem? also i noticed that there a lot of brake issues. any recommended parts that I can buy?????
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    I am sorry for all the problems expressed above. My 2003 T & C is doing well, so far, in the areas discussed. However, I have a problem that it seems has happened only to my van. The "drive cable" broke into. i parked on an incline, set the door in motion to open, and the cable just snapped into. Must have already been frayed, and the extra weight popped it, I suppose. My problem is, how to install the new cable. If anyone has done so, and can provide info as to how to get to the channels and route the cable--a schematic would be nice--and, warning about any pitfalls or difficulties, I would greatly appreciate it.
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