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Dodge Nitro Maintenance and Repair

Need help on setting the personal setting to "unlock doors automatically on exit". (Tired of being locked in -- when seated in the back seat.)

Owners manual says this is a personal setting under customer programmable features.

But where is this "Menu" button the book talks about pressing to display the choices in the EVIC-Electronic Vehicle Information Center -- my vehicle does NOT have any Buttons on the steering wheel.


  • Seems as though this area is a little quiet. Who all owns a Nitro?

    I just got a 2007 SXT, electric blue with the appearance package..which means the fender flares are color matched instead of grey. We went with the 17" aluminum wheels, the customer preferred package and a moonroof.

    Getting an overhead DVD and my XM radio installed next week.

    Check out my carspace for photos.
  • Saw your page and truck - nice although I don't know if I could handle looking at that color all day :)

    Did you try out the manual trans? How is your Nitro to drive? I took one out for a brief test drive but in the end got a Charger. Still like the idea of an suv though.
  • Well I had the sunburst orange Caliber so the blue is nothing. ;) I didn't try the manual, didn't want one this time around. I love driving it, sitting up higher is more appealing to me and it drives great in the snow with the 4wd.
  • Hey CC It looks like I may be following your lead my trading in my Caliber for a Nitro.I am headed to the dealer tomorrow.First offer from dealer sounds promising via email 2008 4X4 SLT with Mygig and convenience pkg for $24722.I am anxious to drive one,and also curious as to what my R/T awd caliber will fetch on a trade in.
  • Good Luck with the trade. I believe they've got ours for sale now on the lot for $17,000.
  • The EVIC is an optional feature if you don't have that then you have to change the settings with the key fob.
  • The echo found in the vast open space of the Dodge forums is fitting to a company that seems destined to implode.

    I rented a car while in Kauai recently and was told to pick one out between the Nissan Rogue and the Dodge Nitro. Because we had alot of gear the Nitro was an easy choice for it's relative size. When I drove up to baggage claim, the kids were laughing at the car asking if that's the best I could do. My initial response was - hey, you're in Kauai on vacation and we've got transportation that fits us comfortably and you going to make fun of the car I chose? After a week of driving this car, my thoughts were - it's a decent rental car, fit us and all our gear comfortable and had really nice windshield wipers. But the accerleration made me think it was a 4 cylinder car while the gas milege made me realize it was a gas hungry 6.

    Me thinks Dodge should just admit, it's not much more that a decent rental car not fit for long term ownership. Consumer Reports just reported on all cars and they had nothing nice to say about the Nitro - not even the windshield wipers.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Well, the wipers got recalled in '09, so that's probably why they get dinged for them. Can't remember the last time I saw one though. I think most people tend toward the Liberty instead.

    It would be nice to hear from any owners out there.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I've been paying more attention the last few days and have spotted two Nitros in my area.
  • I have been having a lot of comlaints about this Nitro. I already have had the ABS computer replace twice under warrenty. The driver side door handle snap off. (replaced) Passenger rear window will not roll down by button. Driver side window button came off. I have to use a house key to roll up and down the window. . After the radio shuts off I hit the "Time" button key is out of the ign. Doors unlock and radio comes on. I have notice a couple of times going to my car and the car is lock but the radio is on? The top lugage rack I have replace twice. Now the ABS ESP lights are on which I already got replace. Dodge is not helping me?? I also notice that Right after lights shut off the Car feels like it wants to stall. Which was a recall that I did have fix. WTF do i do?
  • bachmanbachman Posts: 31
    edited April 2012
    Friend at work has one of these and 3 of 4 interior handles broke off.
    WOW- !!
    is this a recall or can he get $$ help on it?
    How would this not be a safety issue with mandated repairs is a mystery unless I'm missing something here. Sounds pretty common / widespread.

    If anyone has had a pleasant experience getting a dealer to help out on cost or get it covered, would like to hear about it.
    His is an 07 with 60k + on it.

    Thank you !! ~ brian
  • initiateinitiate Posts: 1
    Hi Folks,
    Have an armoire (18"D x 45.5"W x 59"H). Will it fit in the Nitro's trunk? If so, I'll rent one. Is the floor width (wheel well to wheel well) at least 47"? And, with the rear sear folded down, what is it's depth? Hoping I can somehow fit the armoire in the cargo area (with the rear sear down, obviously). Thanks!
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