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I wonder why the North American model of the Mazda lacks many of the standard accessories available on the European and Asian models. Most of these features are standard on other Domestic and Foreign cars sold here in the United States.

Some of these features include:
1) Dark Tinted Privacy Glass
2) Electric Sliding Doors with Remote Activation
3) Door Handle Garnish
4) Roof Rails
5) Overhead console with Sunglass holder
6) Dynamic Stability Control
7) Traction Control System
8) Middle Seat for Second Row (7 people total)
9) Parking Sensor

Then there a number of optional accessories I would like:
1) Bumper Corner Protector
2) Muffler Extension

If anyone knows how one could get these in the States, please make suggestions. Not sure if the Canadian version has them since I am going up there soon.


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    OK here is my take on your question, it may be disagreeable for some but it is simply my opinion and is not intended to offend anyone.

    Would one spend on average over $30k for your Mazda 5? I am betting some might but most would pass. In Europe things are built for the long term with more money spent upfront, for example Ford has a great name in Germany (The one's that are built there that is). The residential and commercial buildings there will outlast most things built here in the US by many many years. But on average in 5-6 years we pick up and move elsewhere so it may not matter as much to us? The construction practices are very reliable and practical (green) in Europe ~ you pay more upfront but keep in mind you do not usually move nearly as often or sell your car as frequently. Even the roads are superior (again Germany I can speak for), here (Ky) there are pot holes that friggin ruin your car every winter, and I have almost have never had any issues driving in Europe, again the idea is to construct something with more cost upfront but in the long run it pays for itself (sort of anyways). Lastly to complete my take on this and directly address the question at hand, compare the prices of the two Mazda's, one in the us and the other in Germany. Although you may not find the exact same model but on average you will pay 25% or more over there, and look at what you get, a lot more things that make sense (economical and practical). Generally we like things at rock bottom prices here (again I am speaking on average, not to everyone). Walmart was ran out of town in Wurzburg, and frankly I was glad to see them go, most of the crap was just that, crap from China. I served in the military and spent time overseas, and I apologize or the lengthy response, I only felt is necessary to make the point of the two Mazda's in question. If the price of the Mazda jumped 25% here the competition would probably move in Mazda would likely have to stop production on the 5....again this is just my take on it.
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    I generally agree that there is a culture difference that will affect the kind of accessories that will go into a particular car. This is not unusual with most foreign cars sold all over the world. I also agree that Mazda in US has priced their mini-minvan at such an attractive price in order draw more customers. However, that doesn't prevent Mazda from adding more to their Grand Touring line and even come up with more Luxuries Trim. In the U.K., they have 5 trim line for the Mazda 5. I am just used cars having many of the listed features I would have liked to seen. Still can't figure why they do not include Privacy Tint glass like other cars. They even have it in their product brochure pictures. I just hate seeing the kids baking in the back when the its sunny and hot especially with a black interior.
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    The reason the MZ5 do not come tinted has nothing to do with Mazda not wanting to just throw it in since all other MZ5s around the world come with it. In fact it may be costing Mazda a tad more not to do this because they are having to get a manufacturer to make them for Mazda without the privacy tint. The main reason it is not included in N.A MZs is solely because of the categorization they use here in N.A

    Since it is not marketed in the same category as an SUV or a Mini-Van/Van (which are the only vehicles that are allowed to come with privacy glass from factory) then the MZ5 cannot come with privacy glass from the factory. Call it BS or whatever you want, but these idiotic rules are set forth by politics.

    So....if your kids are "baking" in the back, I suggest you spend $200-250 and get your MZ5 tinted at a tint shop and stop complaining about it.

    Simple Fix!
  • stevel0923stevel0923 Member Posts: 4 life was only that simple. I would pay twice the amount for factory tint versus aftermarket. Maybe its my own prejudice but I am not convince that aftermarket looks that good. Besides, I am one of those purist that likes to keep a car with factory only stuff to the best of my ability.

    This thread is more of a wish list then complaint. I just think its ironic that most other minivans/crossovers/station wagon have these items already. You should see the threads from people wanting the Euro Roof Rails as a convenient way to add cargo on top versus what the NA crossbar option has to offer (no flexibility). Or the desire for Traction Control for Winter driving here in the Northeast.

    Its just ironic have these options available on European and Asian versions but not here? I understand the need to par the cost for marketability but what about providing options for people want to pay the extra cost? I am not complaining about something that doesn't exist but something that is held back from the North America customer for no logical reason. Keep the simple trim lines they have to offer but add more to the accessory catalog.
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    I've got a $200 quote for tinting a 5, all windows different shades.
    Did anybody tinted their 5? What price did you pay? How did you do it?

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    Looks like for the 2010 models, they added Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and Traction Control System (TCS) to all trim lines. However, the base price seemed to have gone up about $1K in order to pay for the extra.
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    1 k ha?
    I got a 2010 after testing an 09 a month before. Changes also include (also per Mazda press release) deleting of exterior molding (I welcome it), deletion of the fender mounted signal light (I wish they left it) and some black trim around lights (?). I noticed on my own that on the sand interiors (like mine) the rear of the vehicle is all black, now. I remember the 09 having sand colored plastic panels in the back, that is 3rd raw seats and trunk. I don't remember the inside of the rear door, which is also black on mine.
    That points to cost saving.
    There are also good things. The 09 I tested had a significant delay when shifting manual. Mine shifts very quick (maybe the tester was a bad one). Also mine (GT) is noticeable quieter then the tester (T).

    Also keep in mind, the bigger the MSRP - the bigger the discount!
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    The 2010 Mazda 5 GT only jumped $300 to $24,295 in Canada with the addition of TCS and DSC. The 2010 Mazda 5 GS remains at $20,495 because it doesn't have TCS and DSC, but the $1,295 Comfort Package (new for 2010) adds TCS, DSC, Bluetooth, 6 speakers, alarm, and leather wrapped steering wheel.

    I agree I'd rather have roof rails than the NA roof rack but oh well...
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    I've tinted my M5: all windows with 20% film except the windshield and the front side windows. Paid $230 in summer 2008 in Upstate NY.
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    I did my windows this past summer in Boston. It was $250 for regular film, $300 for this more metallic film that was more effective at stopping UV rays, and an extra $50 if you also wanted to tint the front side windows. They recommended that that because you are always sitting in the front seat. I ended up doing that, although a lesser rating for those windows. Even with that, there was a noticable different in solar heat on my arms with the window up or down.
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    Thanks! I see now what the guy was talking about - 20%. I told him that I want "factory tint".
    Since then I noticed that the side windows have a very light greenish tint, compared to the wind shield.
    I used to own a Ford Freestyle, which has the same number of windows. All windows were factory tinted (except for the windshield). The shade was light on the front ones, darker on the rear doors and darkest on the remaining 3 windows.
    That is what I wanted to do on the MZ5, but now I wonder if I should just do what you did.
    Can you see inside (looking from outside) through this 20%?
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    In Florida, I had 5 windows tinted and a windshield strip for $165 including tax. I tinted the darkest Florida allows, which is not that dark. The rear are slightly darker than the front. Because the 5 is car based and not truck based, I could not tint as dark as I wanted. The law in Florida is 15% back windows and 28% front. SUV and other Multi Purpose Vehicles can go much darker and there is a medical clause that allows even deeper if you can not tolerate sunlight. Would advise checking state laws.
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    My rear windows are 15% and you can still see through from outside. That is the darkest Florida allows or I would have went darker.
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    So I went to Med Center Mazda and I ordered the rear bumper plate, the trunk liner(soft) and the cargo net.
    The cover is vinyl with a canvas underside. It is gray and it has openings to leave hooks exposed. It works.
    The net is another story. I did not even try it. Unfortunately the instructions show to hook the top to the third row seats. SO you have to have both of them in the same position, up or down. I thought that they come with something that fit in the cargo cover guides, to form a net "wall" and not depend on the seats. I want to use the car with one seat up and the other down. I guess the net will stay under one of the seats for future use.
    The bumper plate has four long and narrow strips of double sided adhesive tape, following closely the perimeter.
    The end
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    I'll have to check on the rear bumper guard. I ordered it when I got the car this summer and they told me it was on "quality hold" and I verified that with Mazda. Now it sounds like they are available.
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    I remember that discussion. The part I received is OEM Mazda. I hope it's not part of the bad batch. LOL
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    I had my 2010 Mazda5 tinted, all windows except the driver and passenger front windows, illegal in Cali, this cost me $285. It looks nice, couple of things I need to take back to the guy for, some small lint on one window and he needs to trim some tint it's folded. Other than that I am happy with it and I think it makes my car look sportier. :) I love my 5 btw.
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