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A salesman told me that the heated seats on the Forester and Outback only heat the bottom cushion and not the back cushion. He pointed to the little marks coming off the bottom cushion of the icon on the switch as proof. Other cars have heat in both the back and the bottom. Is it true that Subaru only heats the bottom cushion? I want heat in the back cushion as well, but don't want to rule out the Subaru if that salesman is wrong.


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    Not sure. I think my '09 WRX heats the seat back? If it doesn't, it's never been a problem.

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    Maybe depends on the year, but '08+ is both seat and back.
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    Thanks, I went back to the dealer and found out that the backs heat 1/3 of the way up. Fortunately, the first salesman was wrong about the backs not having heat.
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    09 Forester also seat and back, but you know that by now. :shades:
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