2011 Toyota Venza

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Has anyone seen any information at all on the timing of the new 2011 Venza? Will it have any of the latest updates from the newly released 2011 Avalon?

Will the new Venza be offerred with memory seats?


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    I would like to know anything about the 2011 Venza. My lease expires in Feb 2011 and I have my eye on this crossover. Would like to see mirror turn signals, seems even Kia is including them on their newest. Cooling seats would also be a welcome additon. Any information out there?
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    WE just picked up our 2010 Venza the other day and my wife asked about the mirror turn signals for the Venza, the salesman told us that Toyota's position is they will only offer mirrored turn signals in the bigger SUV's,
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    If you want mirror turn signals and ventilated/heated seats, look at the 2011 Sienna Limited model. 2011 Sienna looks very similar to Venza.
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    Hi, everyone

    Does anybody tried replacing their stock wheels with after market? If so what size works great for our Venza is it 20" or 22" and what size tires are good without modifying the suspension.

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    Your tire sidewall height is part and parcel of the factory's overall suspension "equation".
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    I just bought a 11 Venza last week. Over all I am very happy with it.
    I do have a few questions, I am hoping I could get some answers (some of the questions even confused my salesperson, so they are useless, pretty much)

    1. Power back door: normally, I open/close it manaually, one day, I pressed the botton in the car, it beeped twice, did not open. Manual says the door needs to be opened/closed by hand first. Didnt work. I had to press the remote control then it worked. Is this normal?

    2. I always put the light on "auto", during the day, the lights will go on when the parking brake is off. But at night, once the engine starts, the full lights go on even if parking brake is on, is this normal? Very annoying.

    3. "Recirculation button" (this is the question confused salesperson left and right): I know when it is set on "auto", Venza controls entire system. But
    a. when the "auto" is off, it still goes off by itself, does it have something to do with the outside temp?
    b. when entire AC/FAN is off, sometimes (it does not happen everytime), the Recirculation button is off when I start the engine. (I left it on before I shut it)
    c. Recirculation button goes off when I am driving

    I heard Toyota can change it, but the salesperson doesnt even know what I am talking about (via phone)

    a lot questions, thank you in advanced.
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    Answer 1:
    You can use the button in the car to open the trunck or back door only and only if the car is totally unlock, meaning you have to unlock the door by pressing the unlock button in the car or in the remote. If the door is unlocked only at the drivers side (drivers door) it will not open. but using the remote it will open regardless if the car is locked or unlocked.

    Answer 2:
    If you put the light on "auto" the light sensor is controlling the lights based on the light outside let say cloudy day, sunny day or at night time. Usually if you set on "auto" the light is on during the day or night time, the only difference was during the day, the light is on but not bright and during the night the lights turn bright as you can see light indicator on your dash board. (I notice that too).

    Answer 3:
    "Auto" setting has nothing to do with outside temperature, it has two separate sensor basically one for outside and one for inside. outside temp is merely reading the temp outside, "auto" setting cannot control outside temp.

    "Auto" is set by default, that's why if you left the setting into "auto" when you start the engine the "auto" still on. Anything manually set on AC/FAN will be activated only after you set, but after shutting the engine and start it again, it will be off or turn to "auto" setting. Configuring the setting means re-programing the system.

    Hope that will help.
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