Chevy Blazer Transmission interchangeably

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Can some one tell me an easy way to tell if a 97 blazer transmission will fit my son's 1998, both trucks are 4x4. Thanks in advance


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    Should work. I cannot think of any changes that were made in that model year transition that would affect the use of one over the other.
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    As far as i know thet are directly interchangable, however, the best option is to rebuild the transmiison that in in the vehicle. I know at least one transmission shop that recomends doing that if possible.

    If you are going to obtain a good used 1997 Blazer transmission for less than $500 or $600 , and want to install it in a 1998 Blazer, I feel like it is worth the gamble.
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    Ok, thanks. I had been told that there was a change made, but the person that told me, could not remember if it was 96 or 97 when the change was made. I would have it rebuilt, but if I can change it myself, and get this transmission for $500, I figure I'm saving around $900. Thanks again.
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    One clue to the interchangability of the 1997 and 1998 Blazer transmissions it that the rebuild kits have the same part number....GM-24247300 which costs $356.93.
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    Ok , thanks. Never thought to look up part numbers. That makes sense..
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