2010 Tiguan Turbo

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I just purchased the Tiguan, but am finding that it does not shift smoothly out of 1st gear. Is this typical or normal for this car?
Also, would you recommend purchasing the 70,000 mile extended warranty?


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    Hello, i just got my 2010 Tiguan Wolfsburg Edition. It came with hands free blutooth connectivity kit. However, almost everyone i talked to complained that they either can't hear me well (like i am far away) or i sound like i am talking from insite a tin can. I tried two different phones with the same result. Did anyone experience isses with the bluetooth system? I am trying to figure out if it is a faulty microphone or something else.

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    I don't think it is typical. We went for a test drive in 3 different Tiguans and finally purchased one (a different one) and all of them were shifting smoothly. Also, I am planning on keeping my 2010 Tiguan for as long as it runs, so in my opinion extended warranty is important. I bought 7y/100K miles on my last car and never regreted it. Doesn't matter how reliable the car is many things could go wrong, in my case, the sunroof broke and repair costs ended up being amlost what i paid for the warranty, so i was pretty happy that i bought it.
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    Perhaps, we will see deals on the 2010 models? The 2011 will soon arrive! I am seriously thinking about getting one. But, only if it drives and feels like a car. I have not driven one. It would be so nice to have with my nephew and family getting in and out of my car all the time. Plus, I am sure it drives more fun than other cars in this segment!

    But, I have noticed the leases on this model are quite steep!! I can get other more expensive cars for cheaper lease deals.

    Anyone know of a special VW is going to run?
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