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When will 2011 Corolla will show up?



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,911
    edited November 2010
    Agreed. Much less than I expected based on hints on the refresh. Just a nose job, tail tweak, and a few updates inside (although the dash looks pretty much the same from what I could tell from the photos). It means I think the Corolla will have a tough time against some very tough, new competition in 2011: Focus and Festiva, Cruze, and Elantra are all-new designs, with significantly higher FE than the Corolla (yet with more power), and more advanced powertrains e.g. 6-speed automatics.
  • The 2011 version of the Corolla is a disappointment in more ways than one, speaking for myself. The only reasons I would even consider purchasing this machine (the S version) would be its reputation as being "bullet proof" as far as reliability/dependability is concerned but I find its shape boring, as it's almost invisible, so to speak, when so many are seen driving them about. There's nothing truly distinguishable about its shape. NOTHING! Yet it continues to be a sales leader. Why? Some folks want a machine that runs without problems down the line of ownership. I can understand it being such a sales leader for that reason alone.
    I only wish Toyota gave the Corolla more of an edge in the marketplace by giving it an OnStar or Sync type feature. I'm pretty sure said feature would set it apart from the other Asian brands. The Focus and new Cruze have Sync and OnStar respectively and as much as I like this safety feature I'm really not interested in either machine to own. Toyota is making so many mistakes lately, IMHO. The brand is no longer the leader it once was. A pity.
    Peace!<-AladdinSane-<- :shades: -
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    Interesting, you speak of the Toyota(Corolla) as "still being the sales leader" but then you contradict yourself and say it's "not being the leader it once was". By your own admission you say you see so many of them around. Well who's buying them then? Those that want an economical "bullet proof" car as far as reliability/dependability with great gas mileage and a good safety record to boot, that's who. I think if you want more of a performer you would choose another "brand". I don't think equipping it with OnStar or some Sync type feature would really change it's "boring shape" or make it more "invisible" as you put it, do you?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,911
    From an article on October's sales leaders:

    In fact, the only major automaker to see a dip was Toyota, down 0.9% from October 2009. Why? It was mainly due to a sales dip among the Toyota brand and uber-popular models like the Corolla, which was down 25% compared with the same month last year. .html#more

    Still selling well, yes. That's what a great long-term reputation does for you. But slipping. Badly. Which means others are gaining. Of the four new designs I mentioned, the Festiva and Cruze just went on sale a few weeks ago and the Focus and Elantra haven't arrived yet. But they will soon. (BTW, the Jetta is new for 2011 also and aimed squarely at competitors like the Corolla.) Meaning more strong competition for the nearly-unchanged Corolla in 2011. The article above noted the Civic dropped off the Top 10 list in October. It hasn't had a redesign since late 2005. It's still a good car--economical, reliable--sounds a lot like the Corolla, yes? But the competition is getting newer, and better, while Toyota and Honda stand pat. I don't think it bodes well for Corolla sales (or Civic) in 2011.
  • aladdinsanealaddinsane Posts: 182
    edited November 2010
    Toyota IS a sales leader, only it isn't as strong a sales leader as it once was.
    Who buys the Corolla?
    Drivers who want to get from point A to B without a hassle.
    The Corolla IS an appliance, much like a toaster or refrigerator.
    It runs, and runs well...but it's BORING.
    To those who purchase this vehicle, most don't care much about driving...they just want something reliable to get from A to B.
    It IS bullet proof, as an automobile should be.
    As a performer, as you state?
    It's NOT.
    If I did go with the S I would do so because I don't want headaches upon owning it.
    I certainly would tweak its looks, pimp it out in a certain way.
    But that's my way of thinking.
    Yes, OnStar and/or a Sync feature would help for those wanting more peace of mind with an automobile that has been recalled for malfunctions.
    You are offensive, and VERY much mistaken.
    Sarcasm at its worst.
    U have your opinion?
    But don't put down another's point of view.
    Peace!<-AladdinSane-<- :shades: -
    I will NOT reply to any further posts by you.
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    edited November 2010
    "...Interesting, you speak of the Toyota (Corolla) as "still being the sales leader" but then you contradict yourself and say it's "not being the leader it once was..."

    True, it may still be the "sales" leader, since most (uneducated?) people still believe that Toyota makes the best cars, and, as mentioned above, that's what great long-term reputation does for you. And the main reason is, the competitors are just coming out. The Cruze was just recently released, Focus & Elantra are coming soon. It remains to be seen if Toyota will still be the "sales" leader.

    But what he (probably) meant with "not being the leader it once was", is in terms of innovation, design, features, hi-tech, quality, and more... Toyota Corolla may soon be the lowest rated scompact sedan :cry:
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    edited November 2010
    The link over there shows the CLOCK still at the bottom of the center stack! The center stack still looks the same as the pre-2011, except for a newer stereo!

    And I hate those steering wheels which are straightened out at the bottom!

    And still no word about any change in the steering! I can't believe it.

    I also can't understand what took them soooo long to come up with the "long awaited" 2011 model.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    edited November 2010
    "True, it may still be the "sales" leader, since most (uneducated?) people still believe that Toyota makes the best cars"

    I don't know what "education" has to do with someones experience with their own vehicles. I consider myself highly educated and I just love the Corolla and still think they are, and will continue to be the safest most reliable cars made. In fact in another thread you boast yourself about the Toyota Sienna's "elegance". I'm sure you don't consider yourself "uneducated" do you? I'd pick a proven winner, Toyota, over a first tear edition, unproven vehicle like the "Cruze" anyday.
  • I have been a Toyota fan for a long time. Everytime Toyota knocked someone out of position heading towards #1, I said nothing. I just knew they made the best cars and that is that. I am saddened though that when papa Toyoda died and his grandson figured "let's get to #1 faster", it meant cutting corners. If Mattel wanted to build a car, we would let them, (it would still be better than ford, chrysler or GM), but that's just another brand to compete with. Toyota should and I think will realize it's not just them anymore on the playing field and go back to the wrecking machine it once was. Not to mention, these quality issues are all over the place, it isn't just Toyota, AND look at someone like Chrysler, God, I wouldn't buy a sled for my kid made from them. But you won't here about their mistakes, and alot of this has to do with them being domestic and the trouble the US automakers were/are in. God forbid we print soemthing "negative" about them. I owned American cars. They are no better today than they were 10 years ago. I will only buy Japanese, preferably a Toyota.
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    From "the car connection" (.com) first drive review of the 2011 Hyundai Elantra:

    "The Elantra isn't perfect. And it isn't quite the game-changer that the Sonata is. But 40 mpg; a sleek, sophisticated look; and even more value for the money confirm that this little sedan has officially left the Corolla in the dust..."
  • joeyrabjoeyrab Posts: 65
    edited December 2010
    And how will that car be in 3 yrs 6months? I just havent seen or even heard that Hyundai's hang in there like toyota and honda....and I dont mean elantras that went 160,000 miles after putting in $3,000...
  • Where's Papa Toyoda when you need him? Oh yah, he died. Maybe his grandson should have stayed in Japan for his college years instead of getting corrupted by our "carefree and lax" way of I'm not saying your lazy, but the work ethic in Japan smokes ours, and apparently something made grandson Toyoda worship the buck, (American way), and not the quality his papa set out to do.
  • Well, I have about 300,000 miles on my 2006 Corolla and only casually looked to see what is coming. Maybe they don't make Corollas like they used to in Fremont, California, but things change. Mine went through bad mountain roads from mountains to deserts to lava beds, in snow, mud, sand, and weeds. Also goes fast from the Bay Area to Sacramento on I-80 and on narrow valley roads all the time. CHP often thinks I drive too fast but mostly just asks me to drive the limit, as a 'favor'. Oh yeah and a license plate bulb went out around midnight on the Avenue of the Giants and they had to check that out in pot season, but no ticket. It must bore them a lot to see me driving fast compared to all the SUV's I pass. Every once in a while I replace the pins that hold the cardboard undergarments in place, but the ground clearance works nicely with some judicial routefinding. Lots of power with the 5 speed at 32 mpg or better if I ever slowed down. Who cares about the family history of this huge company? Figure about 500,000 miles and I might look for a new one. Have to go change the wiper blades, bye.
  • I am so glad you said that. Toyota is my favorite automobile manufacturer. When they were bumping off everybody I was quietly "giggling" inside. I have been burned by every American auto maker and nothing but Toyota's have done my family right. Our 2001 Corolla has about 200,000 miles on it. I think I have been listening to others on the site...someone made a comment about Toyota's engines "blowing up before 100,000 miles on them", something to do with this guy, K Wantanabe. Some japanese Toyota leader....some don't like him...I don't know the story why, but I can't see Toyota laying down when the chips are down. They'll be back on top rockin everyones rearend again. And when I drive my new corolla in the next year or so, (maybe Yaris S), I can feel good I made the right decision..which I still feel they are the best car on the road.....even now...
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    2011 is around the corner. When will the models show up?
  • Does anyone know if the automatic on/off headlights are still standard on the 2011 Corolla? I know they come with daytime running lights that turn on automatically regardless of whether it's light out or not. For 2010 Corollas and earlier years dating back to 2003, there used to be a small black light sensor located on the dashboard next to the vent for the defroster. I was looking at the 2011s earlier today and did not see the sensor. There is a housing for the sensor, but no sensor seems to be visible. When I had my 2004 Corolla, I used to love not having to touch the light switch as the lights would automatically go on & off as needed by the sensor. It would be a shame if Toyota took this neat little feature away. If anyone knows for sure, can you please confirm?
  • dchevdchev Posts: 38
    2011 Toyota Corolla S does not have auto on/off headlights. LE might have them....but I doubt it.
    I agree with you that they should have them not only on Corolla, but also on all other Toyotas....
    If this makes you happy, the 2010-11 Prius does not have them either....
  • Thank you for your reply. You're right, auto on/off headlights have been eliminated across the Corolla lineup. But yet the housing for the sensor is fitted on the dashboards. Toyota's marketing division must have decided last minute to save money and eliminate this feature to save them "big" money! I really don't know what Toyota is thinking these days. Just a continuous pattern of them cutting costs (eliminating once standard equipment) yet they continue to raise prices (MSRPs) every model year across their vehicle lineup. This is a huge disappointment and the entire company is getting to be a huge disappointment. I'll admit that I am a big fan of Toyota as they build reliable cars. However, when the cost cutting is so obvious and the company isn't investing money in cars they build, you have to ask yourself, "What are they thinking?"

    IF I were to purchase a 2011 Corolla, the auto on/off headlights would have been a selling point for me in determining to purchase. I would not consider the Corolla at this point and I think many others would agree as the competition is really strong in the compact class. A real shame as Corolla was once the class leader.
  • dchevdchev Posts: 38
    I just purchased 2011 Corolla S and I love it so far! Yes, there is no auto on/off headlights; however, there are so many more things that Toyota has upgraded to 2011. For instance:
    -power steering is EPS rack and pinion, so it is pleasure to drive it.
    -cabin is very quiet.
    -ride is excellent.
    -auto transmission is smooth (it is still 4 speed; however, it is smooth and gas millage is great so far, and this is February).
    -seats are comfortable.
    -upgraded stereo is worth the money with BT connection and nicer speakers.
    -large trunk space (changed a little bit for 2011).
    -front and back of the car is more attractive (this is subjective). It looks something between new Avalon face, combined with previous generation Mazda 6 and something else that is totally Toyota (conservative exterior, but still bold and probably looking not dated for more years to come...
    -Wheels are nice.
    -Good view from inside/out.
    -Engine auto power on/off-part of STAR system.
    -Engine is very potent.
    -Nice auto-dimming mirror (if you add it to the car).
    -Dash board illumination at night is nice.
    -back seats go flat.
    -engine uses 0W20 oil, which is synthetic.
    -2 years complimentary oil changes, ballancing and rotating of your tires!

    I can go on and on, but I also do not like some things such as:
    -hard plastic across the whole interior. It is not that bad; but they could have changed it with some softer material and charge us additionally some $200 dollars. I would have agree to pay this amount, but I will be more satisfied with vehicle...
    -no auto on/off head lights, but as I said in my previous post, even Prius does not have them and this is $30,000 car????

    I like the exterior and interior of new Elantra, but I still believe that the Corolla is a better value car! You will love it more or less, not to mention that it is reliable transportation.
    It is not a race car, but it has a comfortable ride, good space, and good gas millage. The engine might be "only" 132hp, but the car is not that heavy and moves fast.

    I still would go and test drive the S model at least along with any other car you have considered to research and maybe purchase.
    Good Luck!:)
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