Honda Accord Crosstour Real World MPG

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The dealer said that although the Crosstour is rated for 25 mpg (AWD) highway, because it has that fancy 3 cyl, 4 cyl, 6 cyl thing, it can do much better on the highway.


I would say 70% of my driving is city, so I'm also interested in your overall experience (not just highway)

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  • edubfromktownedubfromktown Member Posts: 1

    I have just over 1500 miles on my EX-L 4WD and the combined mileage is 21.4. I took it on a ~700 mile trip and averaged 27+. I have no complaints about the car whatsoever.
  • keyboard21088keyboard21088 Member Posts: 20
    How do you know exact numbers? When their is no trip computer in the car? Unless you have nav?
  • propwash49propwash49 Member Posts: 38
    You don't need nav or a computer to figure your mileage. Reset the trip odometer to 000 when you fill up with gas. The next time you fill up, note the mileage on the trip odometer and divide that by the number of gallons you purchased. Reset the trip odometer to zero again, and you'll be ready to calculate your mileage again at your next fill-up.
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    Man even 1990's Caddy's had simple LED trip computers with millage usage and how many miles left ect. We are now 20 years latter.

    That Radio screen would of been perfect for a small trip computer.

    That is the one thing about Honda. They seem to e cheap on some things. Like why only 4 way seats on passenger side? Should be 6 way like drivers. Seems cheap to me.

    Do you have ot by an acura to get 6 way passenger seats?
  • mario_escobedomario_escobedo Member Posts: 1
    I am currently getting about 280-300 miles per tank. Is this normal?
  • rasmaxwellrasmaxwell Member Posts: 6
    I have 12k miles on my 2011 Crosstour EX-L 4WD, so I can offer a good perspective on mpg. Driving in stop-and-go in heavy city traffic, I get about 18 mpg. I usually get 20-21 mpg in driving around town. Highway driving around 70mph, I get in the range of 27-29 mpg, depending upon weather and road conditions. I am very satisfied with the operation of the VCM at highway speeds - almost seamless; and when I step into it for passing, it is spirited.
    Keep in mind that the car with driver aboard and a full tank of fuel runs about 4,000 lbs - it's no light weight. I can also speak to the very good all weather capabilities of this vehicle.
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