Chrysler Town & Country loses Power Steering in rain

kikilalamamakikilalamama Member Posts: 6
I have a 2005 Chrysler T&C Touring, what is the shield called that would prevent splashing from puddles to disrupt the steering belt causing the power steering to go out?

Ive had the belt checked as well as the idler pulley, etc, which are all fine, same with the drainage tube from the wipers, nada, so its coming from the undercarriage getting wet from puddles when we have the heavy downpours here in Florida. I know I can order via Chrysler but would like to price the part before I do so!! Thanks!


  • polarelmopolarelmo Member Posts: 1
    We have a 2001 that is doing the same thing. Did you ever resolve the issue with yours?
  • kikilalamamakikilalamama Member Posts: 6
    We havent yet however my mechanic did tell me that the Chrysler T&C factory splash guards did not protect against splash ups and that he would look into if they corrected this......havent heard since, so im guessing thats a big fat no:/ I try to avoid the big puddles and driving in heavy downpours now just to be safe and am looking into trading it in, just not safe with kids in the car!
  • 2001awd_tc2001awd_tc Member Posts: 1
    This happened to me and my wife 3 years back during a torrential downpour and I am glad I was driving or we would have wrapped the car around a telephone poll with my three-kids in it.

    The problem as I see it, is there is no under-carriage splash-up that keeps the Universal belt from getting coated with water, which under load, is essentially a lubricant until heat melts it away, more or less.

    I've played with putting different materials and "making" my own under-carriage tray that exists on both my German engineered cars (essentially a plastic tray), however I haven't found a way to make one that will not cause my transmission to heat up or the engine to operate slighly higher. I think this is because Chrysler has the undercarriage and front meant to "scoop up" air from underneath the car and spread it over the oil-pan, transaxle cover, etc. The problem with this, is water flows like are and will also "scoop up" under load, speed and just a few inches of water.

    I am surprised no one has a solution to this in the after market world (I've looked, if anyone find one, it'd be great) of right now...driving this thing in the rain can get scarey if you go through some standing water (unexpectedly) and lose power-steering and are not very strong.
  • talxietalxie Member Posts: 1
    My car has done this 2x now. Once was today, driving over a 3-4 in puddle doing about 10 mph. I have a '06 Town and Country. Any updates on how to fix?
  • nell4nell4 Member Posts: 1
    there is a ( GATES DRIVE BELT KIT- to fix this problem ) . They can be found on EBAY or ROCK

    AUTO ) . I haven't done much research but they may have them in local auto parts stores.

    I almost crashed a few times because of that so now i don't drive with my family in the rain

    anymore until i fix their safety issue !!!!! I HOPE THIS HELPS !
  • sweetevesweeteve Member Posts: 1
    We bought a 2005 T&C in August this year. We have the same problem when going through puddles and the power steering goes out and it's almost impossible to turn. I called our Chrysler dealer in town and the mechanic said they have a fix for this now. Something about a new design for the pulley and also a different guard I think. We've yet to take our van in to be fixed, so not sure of the cost. I was hoping to find that it was a recall and we wouldn't have to pay for it. :)
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