2011 Hyundai Sonata Turbo Pricing released!

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    Sweet! Thanks for posting this. We've seen a lot of interest in the Forums regarding the Turbo Edition, so I hope pricing is in line with what members are expecting.


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  • bucwildbucwild Member Posts: 16
    awesome, just read it will be available at the end of this month
  • dash5dash5 Member Posts: 421
    Very solid pricing indeed. Under 25k for all that is great, and looks like under 30k MSRP for a fully loaded Limited model.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    What's the nav package cost? I got the impression a loaded Sonata Limited 2.0T would cross $30k with the nav package.
  • bmaplebmaple Member Posts: 1
    The nav package has a MSRP of $2100.00, Invoice of $1911.00. The Limited Turbo is $27045 plus freight of $720 and nav for $2100.00 and floor mats for $100 for a total MSRP of $29,965.00, invoice of $27,977.00 that was not an accident keeping it under 30k.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
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    Wow, just under. For now. With the inevitable price increases each year, we'll soon have an over-$30,000 Sonata. Or maybe we have it now, at those dealers who will tack on the "ADM" sticker on the first few Sonata turbos. ;-)
  • markleungmarkleung Member Posts: 44
    I called a couple of dealers in Toronto today and found that the Optima might be at least 6 months away (in Canada that is). We might see a pre-production model in November, but that's it.

    I need a car in the next 2 week to a month...well, the Sonata 2.0T is supposedly arriving "soon". The dealer I spoke to has even mentioned that the Hybrid might arrive before the Turbo. Oh well.

    Let me start my car research again.
  • mrhamrha Member Posts: 1
    Sonata 2.0T 0 to 60 in 6.5 sec. and still 35 mpg is just amazing.
    This is the one I want!!!!!
  • m6userm6user Member Posts: 3,181
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    It does not get 35mpg hwy, it gets 33. The standard 2.4L I4 gets 35mpg. Haven't seen a definitive speed test 0-60 but your number is probably on or very close.
  • markleungmarkleung Member Posts: 44
    I spoke to a few dealers in the GTA this weekend. One said that it will come within 2 weeks, another said 2 months, and a third said 2011.

    Then I called Hyundai Canada CS today and spoke to a Matthew. He researched a bit and confirmed that the 2.0T has begun manufacturing/shipping, and should show up in Canadian showrooms by November 9. I hope he was just giving me a bigger time frame than necessary as I hope the car will be in Toronto within 2 weeks. Keep our fingers crossed.
  • markleungmarkleung Member Posts: 44
    I sent a message to Hyundai Canada on Facebook recently about the launch date. They replied today and said that it will be November 1! Positive news all round today!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    On a whim (and having nothing better to do), I compared the price of the SE 2.0T to competitors' V6s. Looking at the closest trim levels (or in the case of the Accord, the ONLY trim level available in a V6, the EX), I saw about a $2000-3000 price advantage for the Sonata, list-price wise. There's some equipment differences, of course, e.g. the Accord EX has a standard moonroof. Of course, OTD pricing could be a different story, as I expect big discounts on the 2.0Ts to be hard to come by initially, while some competitors offer big rebates and discounts. And with the price advantage the 2.0T has over competitors' V6s, Hyundai might not have to put rebates on them to be price-competitive.
  • dash5dash5 Member Posts: 421
    0-60 a tenth slower than the 2009 Mazda 6 V6 and .4 - .9 faster than the Altima and Accord V6.

    http://www.insideline.com/hyundai/sonata/2011/2011-hyundai-sonata-se-2-0t-full-t- est-and-video.html

    "The use of a twin-scroll turbo means lag is minimal. Midrange passing power is just plain impressive, as this car's ability to get up to speed on a freeway entrance ramp is pretty shocking. There's very little intake noise either, so a casual driver might not even realize the car is turbocharged. While generally a smooth runner, the engine note does get a little thrashy at high rpm."
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
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    What caught my eye is this:

    Of note, the 2.0T sprints to 60 mph over a second faster than the normally aspirated 2.4-liter 2011 Sonata.

    About a second faster than the 2.4L. So that makes me think, do I really need the 2.0T, and the extra cost and lower fuel economy that comes with it? Or is the 2.4L plenty quick enough? And I'm reminded how many competitors have 198-200 hp in their base engines.

    And if I really needed that extra acceleration, would I be better off putting my $25-30k down on something like a slightly used G37, or even a new Genesis 3.8?
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