Sienna Wiper arm problems

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My toyota Sienna CE 2001 driver wiper arm started rubbing against the windshield and has started to produce scratches. It is actually the very lower metal in the wiper arm that is causing and it should be noted the wiper & its metal is not in contact (and the wiper is in good condition) with the windshield , rather it is the wiper arm's very lower metal comes into contact. What should be done to fix it?


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    I wouldn't take chances - replace the whole thing ASAP. A windshield costs a lot more than a wiper.

    Try one of the new seamless rubber "blade" style wipers. There's nothing on them that could cause scratching, so you'll never have that problem again. They cost more, but they look really cool.
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    Added to that when I refer to wiper arm's lower part , it is the J connector arm of the wiper and its lower part is the spring coil which scratches the windshield. Can someone help me on it?

    Thx. I tried different wiper blades from Michelin, Rainx etc and it is not the wiper blade problem, rather the spring is scratching it.
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    I wonder if it is mis-shaped? Perhaps compare to another Sienna, the angle of that arm.
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    thx. i figured otu. the guys at the body shop probably switched the sides of the j-ram which resulted on it. ie they put the passenger j-arm to the driver side and viceversa.once i switched it , it was fine.
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    Good job figuring that out!
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