2010 Elantra....transmission failed at 2600 miles!



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    Not if something wasn't tightened down enough and just now worked loose so you could hear it.

    But that's supposition. If you were William Shatner, I'd guess it could be a gremlin under the car pulling parts off and tossing them onto the street. Have you seen a man with black hair, a dark suit, and smoking a cigarette standing off to one side recently, muttering something like "Submitted for your approval..."? (Sorry, very obscure reference.)
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    Agree with Backy on this one. A lot of stuff has to be disconnected to get to the transmission. They have to drop the subframe which is what the suspension is attached to and the exhaust system, as well as unplug god knows how many electrical connections. More than likely it's something that was not put back in it's rightful place or not tightened down enough, like a heat shield.
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    Thanks for the information....both of you. I didn't think this had anything to do with it, but about 15 minutes before I started hearing the noise last night, a crow flew into my car....LOL (And two weeks after I bought the car, I ran over a bunny....my car is the devil) However, the crow hit right above the windshield on the roof of the car....so I honestly don't think this had anything to do with the noise.

    I only heard it once last night, and then the noise was gone this morning. I did take it to Hyundai again this morning before work, and when they test drove it, they could not duplicate the noise. They did look everywhere...even took the tires off but found nothing wrong with my car. *knock on wood*.....I haven't heard the noise again.
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    Probably was the remaining bits of bunny thumping off the underside of the car.
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    Ewwwww. lol
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    I've been lurking in this thread. You're right. You should have never had problems with the trans on a brand new car. I hope you get it all worked out. But when I look at hyundai and kia discussions, I can see this is not uncommon for them. An automatic transmission is not a new thing.

    It is actually a pretty simple device and building a quality one in a new car is not a challange. For yours to have trouble at 2600 miles is not normal at all. If your car was an airplane it would have fallen from the sky. I don't get why a lot of the people who responded don't get that.
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    "If your car was an airplane it would have fallen from the sky. I don't get why a lot of the people who responded don't get that."

    Parts used in an airplane are held to a much higher sampling standard than those used in cars. (units pulled from the factory line for random testing)

    She obviously had a major component failure. And even more obvious, very prematurely. But since we don't read about this being a troublesome tranny, proves this is one of an extremely low number of isolated incidents. Possibly the only one. There are some weird things happen at a factory level that sometimes get discovered, and sometimes (most) not.

    I'll never forget many years ago discovering a small carved wooden boat that was installed INSIDE the watercooling track of an old Evinrude outboard motor. The engine would overheat and no one could figure out why. Some lowlife factory worker who decided to play a prank, PUT that carving inside the motor. Had it lodged someplace else that didn't block the flow of cooling water, it might have never been discovered.
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    Hi, thanks for the post. Yeah, I really didn't understand all the negative and condescending feedback I received, but whatever. As I said, it wasn't a broken tail light or a switch on the radio that broke. It was the *transmission*. But so far, everything has been working fine, except I have noticed sometimes it still doesn't "catch" when I'm driving when it automatically shifts. I've read elsewhere that this is a problem for Elantra's.

    I guess it's a good car, but I'm still not 100% happy nor do I feel 100% safe.
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    If it's doing that you should note when it's doing it, ie when it's warm, just starting out or all the time. Then take it to the dealer and let them know. Don't accept subpar in your new car. Hyundai has had a reputation for subpar quality. I hope that's changing. But the only way we get them to change is to insist on it. You may also have lemon law protection in your state. They're there to be used if you need them.
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    Sara you should glad you're not the only one having issue with the transmission.

    I bought my 2010 elantra gls on september 2010. After putting around 12k miles on it, the trans is giving me unusual feed backs. Jerks when it upshift, shakes when slowing down, and my engine will rev 200-500 rpm even after I let go of the gas pedal.

    The car drives fine as current it's at 16k, I am hesitating to take it back to dealer I bought it from, because I heard they tend to 'break' things when they try to fix something, heard that while I was in the lounge last i took it in for service.

    I have no history of dealing with such matter, any adivise would be appreciated. Oh yea I've check the level of the ATF, it wasnt the problem.
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    My 2010 Elantra Touring transmission is failing for the second time! It was replaced at 1800 miles and now the new one is failing! What the? I should have stayed with Toyota! I have never, ever had a transmission go on any car I have ever owned and that includes a Toyota with 180,000 miles on it!

    I think this may fall under the NYS Lemon Law? Anybody know? I am do so done with Huyndai cars, and their service is below grade.

    Also, I was just informed by the dealer that I might have a problem if I choose to have my scheduled maintenance service performed by a mechanic other than Hyundai's ??? Anybody got any info on any of this, I'd appreciate it.
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    In reverse order ..

    By federal law you can have your car serviced wherever you like with no impact on your warranty. However, you do need to maintain your maintenance records in the event you need to make a warranty claim.

    The only potential problem with not using the dealer for service is if the shop you use doesn't use parts/supplies that meet OEM standards; i.e. they use the wrong transmission fluid or oil that doesn't meet the specs stated in your owner's manual.

    Lemon laws vary by state, but typically they involve three or more attempts to repair the same vehicle within a limited time period (like, say, the first year). I'm in Illinois so I can't really say what NY's requirements are.

    I feel for you with the trans problem. For a little perspective, my wife had an '01 Elantra that was almost perfectly reliable over 10 years & she recently bought a '12 Elantra to replace it. My ex-wife, BTW, had a Camry trans fail on her. No manufacturer is immune to these sorts of problems.

    I would suggest that if your local dealer isn't being as helpful as you think they should be (and from what you've said they don't sound that good), feel free to use another dealer or call Hyundai customer support (http://www.hyundaiusa.com/contact-us.aspx) & ask for their intervention.
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    I was having the same problems with my elantra that I have been reading about. Turns out I need a new tranny too. Car has only 21k miles on it. 2010 model.. I still like the car alot. Hopefully this will be the end of my problems here.
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    Well I ended up trading my 2010 one in earlier this year, and got the 2011. Hope you didn't get my 2010 lemon! LOL!!! I'm just kidding, I'm sure it'll be fine. I know it totally sucks, but Hyundai will take care of you. Since my failed on me so early on (and 21K is obviously extremely early, too) Hyundai paid two car payments for me...it was nice. After I got the new tranny, it ran very well and I never had anymore problems with it. I just REALLY wanted the 2011 model, and since the dealership knew of my tranny problem, I ended up getting a fantastic deal on the 2011.
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    Yesterday, after going to the dealership twice in the last 20,000 miles, I brought my 2010 Elantra in for the third time at 43000 miles and was told I need a new transmission ( and as an aside it was actually brought in for the check engine light ,faulty oxygen sensor). Seems like this is not an isolated problem. I too have had at least 20 new and used cars and have never had any transmission problem. OOOH What a feeling....
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    I bought a new 2010 Elantra and the transmission failed at 12K miles and again at 31K miles along with the engine computer. In addition, the vehicle has had the driver's side window regulator replaced and a door handle that the chrome peeled off. The A/C is now making a whinny noise, and the passenger side window regulator is making noise now. We have lost all confidence in this vehicle. Anyone have the same problems and what was the final solution?
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    I have a 09 Elantra with 98000 highway miles. I had the first tranny replaced at 80,000, and the second at 97,000. Both covered under warranty. The first was changed because it shift hard into 3rd gear, the second because when I drove the car more than 25 miles then shifted from drive to reverse, it took 5 seconds to engage in reverse. I sent Hyundai an email asking them to cover this tranny above the 100,000 mile warranty, and they told me to buy an extended warranty. I told them sorry no thanks, and this would be my last Hyundai. The only other issue, was the back right passenger door handle on the outside broke. Road noise is above average, but I understand its not a mercedes.
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    As a rule, any work done at a dealer & using OEM parts should carry a 1 year/12K mile warranty irrespective of the manufacturer's original warranty. So your trans ought to be covered to 110K miles or for the next year; whichever comes first. You can confirm that by reading your service receipt or calling the service department.
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    Thanks for the info. I will give them a call tomorrow.
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    I dropped my car off for a transmission issue this morning. I was just told it would need a new transmission. My car is a 2010 Elantra Touring with 32K miles. Have they corrected the problem with the replacement transmissions or should I be buying an extended warranty? I bought my car used so I only a 60k mile warranty.
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    Yep, sign me up too. I have 42,000 miles on my 2010 Elantra Touring and my issues are:
    1. Cold starts: first thing every morning when the car is not warmed up, when the tranny shifts from first to second, there is a dramatic lurch forward as though the tranny is holding back and then releases the car into second. This situation diminishes as the tranny (and fluid) get warmed up. After a recent flush of the transmission, the issue is now occuring with shifts from second to third gear
    2. Reverse delay: there have been instances when the car takes 3 seconds to engage into reverse.
    3. Rev surge: The engine revs up several hundred RPMS just before the tranny shifts from 3rd to 4th and 4th to overdrive.
    4. Manually downshifting to 2nd gear: tranny takes 3 seconds to actually engage into 2nd after manually shifting
    5. I am getting intermittant "slamming" from upshifts from 2nd to 3rd.

    Mzonnet: you posted that you had some of these same issues a year ago. Did you get them resolved at all?
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    A couple of weeks ago I went to the local Hyundai dealership here in northern Virginia to get the heat shield fixed, and they also took care of a couple of recalls. While I was waiting, I was talking to one of the technicians about my old 2010 Elantra (I created this original post about my transmission failing so early) and how the transmission died. He said he wasn't surprised, because there have been tons of issues from all over the country regarding the transmissions from the 2010 Elantra model. I wonder what exactly happened!
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    I've been having problems with my transmission as well. I have a 2010 Hyundal Elantra with 27,000 miles and the transmission needs replaced. The driver's side window motor was just replaced and so was the chrome door handle on the passenger side door. It started peeling off and both me and wife cut our fingers on it. We have owned a 2001 and a 2008 Elantra, both new, and didn't have any problems with them.
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    Did anyone find out what the basic problem is with the 2010 Elantra tranny? Also, basically I like my Hyundai, (not the seats) I'm thinking I want another Hyundai but one with a little more storage space for wen I travel; did they put this same transmission in any of their other models? Anyone know of any other major problems with 2010, 11 Hyundai? Thanks.
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    good questions. I'm still waiting for my new tranny to get shipped over.
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    You are stubborn if you think everything is perfect. ANYTHING CAN HAVE A DEFECT. You just got a defective transmission. My dad bought a brand new ford van in 1984 and the transmission crapped out at 11,000 miles. My mom bought a 2006 toyota highlander and the air conditioning broke at 35,000 miles. So that shows that anything can have a defect. You seem to think that nothing should break ever. I just bought a 2010 hyundai elantra with 30,000 miles and I love it. You dont seem to understand that anything can be defective. Its extremley rare that a car has a defect, but it can happen TO ANY CAR. I dont even expect an $80,000 car to be perfect. I guarentee that you wont have another transmission problem because that was a 1 in a million shot.
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    I'm afraid your theory is flawed. If it wasn't, then there would be no such thing as design flaws. Design flaws combined with questionable outsourced parts can and does cause very real grief, frustration and dollars to those who become unfortunate victims.

    For proof of this, here are just 3 random links of threads that describe perfect examples of what I'm talking about. I have read every post of all three links. I recommend starting at the very beginning of each. I suspect that before you get even 1/4 of the way through each one, you will become a believer. And without question you will be if you make it to the end of each one. Some stats just can not be ignored.



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    Thanks for the lecture after two years....
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    I only saw this post now because I just bought a 2010 hyundai elantra last week. What the hell is your damn problem snapping at people because you dont like to hear reality. ANYTHING CAN HAVE A DEFECT. WHAT PART OF THAT SENTENCE DONT YOU UNDERSTAND. When my dads tranny crapped out in 1 year, it WAS a defect. And it never happened again. You happened to get a defective tranny and it most likely wont happen again. I dont know if I can be any more clearer.
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    You dont always get what you pay for. A lot of times you pay for the name. Hyundai is just as good as honda and toyota. Honda and toyota are very good but overpriced. The new hyundais got a better rating than both honda and toyota. Even used hondas and toyotas are too expensive.
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    Dude, relax. Quit yelling at me for something I got upset for over TWO YEARS AGO.
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    Bought a Certified Used 2010 Hyundai Elantra in Oct of 2012 and now just 4 months latter it needs a new transmission! It only has 32K miles on it. When I went to buy this car I did extensive research and nowhere did they mention this problem. I am very disappointed with the car reviews out there. I drive 27 miles each way to work on a mountain road and need a totally reliable car. In my search for a new car I first looked at recalls and service notices, then safety, then mileage. The Hyundai Elantra was touted as a great car, better than Toyota and Honda of that year. I steered clear of Toyota because of all of their recalls and Honda was out of my price range. Why isn't there a site out there that includes 'real' reviews by owners and not just what the manufacture says.
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    There are, and it is all on this and other websites. You just need to read hundreds and hundreds of notes over a long period of time. It takes a lot of work and patience. I have posted many times on the Elantra Touring board that my 2010 ET needed a new tranny, much like others out there. I knew of the issue ahead of time by not only relying on Edmunds, but also going to i-30 websites around the world to see what my new car would bring me over time. I was prepared to push my dealer to give me a new tranny when the symptoms began. They tried to pin in on me not getting the tranny flushed at the proper interval. At 42,000 miles, I was nowhere near the interval outlined in my manual. I asked them for a discounted price on the flush, got it done, then took it back to the dealer a month later to get my new transmission and demand my money back from the unnecessary flush. I got both. Remember, most people are unaware of how a car works. They just turn the key and go. I know cars, and understand the moment something is wrong on my vehicles. Most people would not notice subtle changes and continue to rate their car as "outstanding" even though, while they may not notice it, their transmission is starting to shift funny and their fluid is turning grey very rapidly. Do people who rate plumbers and electricians really know anything about those tradecrafts? No; they just know the company swept up after themselves and did an adequate job. It is the same with cars. Most people rating their car in consumer magazines have little expertise in auto mechanics and are just content that there is air in their tires and the car gets them from point A to B.
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    I appreciated your post. You touch on some good points. As an example your electrician comment. I contract in my area and when I do an addition or whatever, often they will have me do the wiring and plumbing too. I have found kitchen outlets with neutral/hot reversed. For those that don't know the implications of that, is this: Hot/neutral reverse will still power your kettle or toaster or whatever in a way that you would never realize it was wired wrong. The toaster would toast perfectly..the kettle would boil water exactly the same as a properly wired circuit. The kicker is...plug in any normal table lamp into that same mis-wired receptacle, and when you change a light bulb, that thread aluminum portion of the bulb that a person mistakenly can easily touch when unscrewing or screwing the new one in, is actually HOT. When wired correctly, that same portion of the bulb is neutral and not as dangerous if you were to complete the circuit by standing in wet feet on the floor (as an example) resulting in a potentially fatal shock..even from just 120 volts.

    Now here's the kicker #2. That receptacle I tested in their kitchen??? they said was installed by a so-called licensed electrician...obviously one who was NOT doing anything they remembered in their school of trade to get that license. Either that or a Monday morning hangover install...either way, totally unacceptable.

    Certain repairs on cars are not much different....but you don't discover the incompetent repair till it is too late.
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    My 2010 elantra with 48500 miles on it needs a new transmission. And Hyundai tried to give a hard time replacing it.
  • tampachrissietampachrissie Member Posts: 3
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    I posted above that I had my transmission replaced a year ago. I wanted to also share all the other warranty work my 2010 has needed:
    Ignition (x2) - it locks up and gets very hot
    AC - valve replaced
    Drivers Sunshade Mirror cover - cracked mirror cover -replaced
    Shifter knob replaced - silver trim was peeling & sharp
    Driver interior door handle replaced - silver trim was peeling & sharp
    Trim under windows - cracked -being replaced
    Trim along windshield - cracked - being replaced
    Trim under roof rack - cracked - replaced

    Issues they won't repair:
    Clear coat on paint exterior door handles bubbling
    I have the upgraded cloth seats and they're complete crap - they stain when you look a them
    Trim around sun roof is cracking

    I live in Florida so I am probably seeing sun damage earlier than most. I still enjoy driving this car and it is the perfect size for me. But I'm over all the repairs. My warranty will be up in a few months. :cry: :mad:
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    Yes, a carport parking area if possible would help. As would manufacturers finding just a decent sweet spot regarding how recyclable the plastics are. It's like they are making them break down far too soon.
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    Thanks to all with the wonderful updates. I have a 2010 ET bought new in 09. At about 23K the trans would slip than shift hard between 2nd and 3rd. Took it tothe dealer and no questions asked they said HYUNDAI wanted to see the trans and they would give me a "new" one (I wonder if "new" is a refurb). Around 45K the trans started doing the hard shifts again but I thought no way, I must be hallucinating. Also I noticed the ride was real rough and the hatch squeaked when flexed/opening/closing. So today, at 52K, I brought in for warranty review, and they said trans was fine, just need flush and flash of ECM for trans (never heard of that in a trans svc before) due to fluid being very dark. I then asked if it was normal for trans fluid to be so dark after 29K. They said yes and needed to perform trans flush in the event my trans failed in the future - like they new it would be back! So I approved the flush.
    They found that clunking from front was from sway bar end links, so they replaced and car drives 100 times better. The also found hatch supports needed to be replaced, and they would under warranty.
    Today, after picking up car from completed repairs, I was driving to get my daughter. I went into her school to get her, and when I put car in reverse - reverse was nearly gone. It did a neutral-drop type shift and suprised the heck out of me. Come to find as Jettech5 says that it takes it 5-10 secs to engage - it is almost like being on a trans brake in reverse. Took car back to dealer and they will "contact me tomorrow" with an update. Any suggestions as to what to ask for in frustrations? Is there a lemon law in IL if it needs another trans?
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    Old forum, so I'm not sure what good posting here will do. In the old days (the early to late 1990s), Hyundais were infamous for being junk cars. A friend had one. Yes, they had the warranty but they didn't care how many times the consumer had to bring it in to be fixed for the same problem.

    A transmission dying at under 3k miles is not just a part not working. It's a major repair and I would be outraged. It's now 2014 and this is the problem about which I am concerned and Consumer Reports needs to follow this (they rated it on a drive test just under the Subaru in their 2013 CR car mag). The parts I've seen - battery, tires, spare - and the unseen parts (they're called unknown risks - are cheap and the rest are likely cheap (like my dealership where the guys don't know how to operate the computers in the car).

    Sarah, I'm definitely on your side. I have not experienced it but understand your anger and frustration. I haven't had anything like this happen to me but I've seen the cheap. I've mainly been dealing with dopes at the dealership. They're the face of the company and since they've proven their lack of worth, why should I trust anything beyond it.

  • whatfuturewhatfuture Member Posts: 46

    @kylue73 said:
    My 2010 elantra with 48500 miles on it needs a new transmission. And Hyundai tried to give a hard time replacing it.

    Again, not surprised. I figure I'll get some reporters on the issue when problems come up. If they're enough issues and they may affect your life, attention will be placed on the manufacturer (maybe).

    I read a bunch of metric-related data on the internet. Many of you probably saw the push for Hyundai during the Super Bowl. It's the adverting/marketing that's pushing up their mark. It's also getting y'all to register on Hyundai's website so they can keep track of you and market to you (and me but I clearly told them nothing was going on their website from me and I refused to give them a VIN).

    The cars supposedly got better since I last look at the piece of junk and took two for a test drive many years ago. It feels good and I am concerned about what will go wrong because customer support at corporate is useless and I don't trust the local service at the dealership to repair the car right since I was lied to by the service manager (explained by the general manager - he was just trying to bring in business).

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